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John Feffer: The Worst of All Possible Worlds

Did Market Leninism Win the Cold War?

Noam Chomsky: The Roots of American Racism

The hideous slave labor camps of the new “empire of liberty” were a primary source for the wealth and privilege of American society

Elizabeth Schulte: Hillary Clinton: Capital’s Plan A

Hillary Clinton isn’t the candidate of people’s hope and dreams, she is the one shooting those dreams out of the sky

David Bacon: 3 thoughts on “Justice for Janitors: A Misunderstood Success”

A response to Justice for Janitors: A Misunderstood Success

Guerrilla Translation: Municipal Recipes

Since the 15M movement, Spain has seen the rise of a democratic revolution from the bottom up

Alfredo Serrano Mancilla: Venezuela: The Economic Battle

Interview on the devaluation of the local currency and falling oil prices that have marked the Venezuelan economy in recent years

Noam Chomsky: U.S. Power and the Godfather Principle

This is the fifth in a series of interviews concentrating mostly on questions gathered from young folks

Paul Street: Theater of the Absurd

Elected in the brand name of peace, Barack Obama has joked to his White House staff that he is “good at killing people”

David Swanson: Is Al Jazeera Trying to Be CNN or Fox?

“Your plan is to compete with Meet the Depressed and such shows by imitating them?”

Dean Baker: Bernie Sanders Takes It to Wall Street

Sanders proposes a financial transactions tax

Brian Terrell: President Obama and the Fog of War

Taking Responsibility for Drone Killings

Joe Emersberger: US Prosecutors are Good Imperial Soldiers

Prosecutors who target Venezuelan officials are giving their bosses ammunition they can use to try to discredit and isolate the Venezuelan government

Bruno Jäntti: Is Breaking the Silence Superior to Palestinian Human Rights Organizations?

The recent report, Breaking the Silence, received extensive coverage but Palestinian sources rarely attract media attention

Paul Mason: Shudders in Europe’s Political Foundations

In Spain, the radical left, campaigning under various regional brand-names linked to the new Podemos party, caused a political shock, winning the city of Barcelona

Norman Finkelstein: Israel’s Iron Dome and Palestinian Armed Resistance

Analyzing Hamas rocket attacks and Israel’s claims of self defense

Yanis Varoufakis: Austerity Is the Only Deal-Breaker

Our creditors’ demand for more austerity has nothing to do with concerns about genuine reform or moving Greece onto a sustainable fiscal path

Marina Sitrin: Do we know our power in the US?

In reflecting on the question of collective power in the United States I have begun to think that power is not so much in the knowing but in the doing.

Michael Albert: Why Militarism?

If U.S. military spending was merely returned to 2001 levels, it would free up $213 billion per year for social spending

Stephen F. Cohen: Why We Must Return to the US-Russian Parity Principle

We are in a new Cold War with Russia today, specifically over the Ukrainian confrontation, largely because Washington nullified the parity principle

Bill Quigley: Praying for Peace While Waging Permanent War?

Only when we work for the day when the U.S. is no longer the world leader in war will we have the right to pray for peace on Memorial Day

Nadia Prupis: Protests Sweep City Following Cleveland Acquittal

Protests against racism and police brutality spread throughout the city as activists called for justice

Charlea T. Massion: Another Invented Disease Brought to You by Pharma

Rx for Change — Binge-Eating Disorder

Dilia Puerta: Beyond the Ballot Box: Apoyo Mutuo in Spain

Frustrated with the empty plazas and Podemos’ electoral politics, a new social movement has emerged seeking a return to the popular horizontalism of 15-M

Pablo Iglesias: Spain at a Crossroads

Discussing the upcoming Spanish elections and the tasks and challenges Podemos faces

John Kiriakou: Obama’s War on Whistleblowers Claims Its Latest Victim

Jeffrey Sterling learned the hard way that the feds will throw the book at anyone who embarrasses them

Samantha Winslow: Stolen Election?

Reformers in Hawaii Fight to Take Office

Deirdre Fulton: ‘We Will Win’

McDonald’s Worker Protests

Joris Leverink: Water Politics in the Land of Two Rivers

Source of life, cause for conflict

David Swanson: If U.S. Military Spending Returned to 2001 Level

Military spending is now 54% of U.S. federal discretionary spending

Taylan Tosun: Turkey: Attacks on Pro-Kurdish Party Offices Prior to Elections

Violent attacks against HDP could continue until election day

Michael Yates: Honor the Vietnamese, Not Those Who Killed Them

Instead of the accumulation of money capital as the motor force of the system, substitute the accumulation of dead enemy bodies

Marta Harnecker: The challenges of advancing toward socialism via the institutional road

From Allende’s Chile to Chávez’s Venezuela

Juan Cole: Daesh/ ISIL blows up Shiite Mosque in Saudi Arabia

Seeking Sectarian Civil War

H. Patricia Hynes: Memorial Day: Let Us Remember the Forgotten War Dead

Let us not forget those who died from the nightmares of war – at their own hand

Tom Gallagher: Only in America?

The only way a movement grows is by doing more. And any grown-up left asks not whether to participate in elections, but how

Jeremy Scahill: The Purge

How Somalia’s Al Shabaab Turned Against Its Own Foreign Fighters

Charles Glass: Who’s Supporting Assad?

Interview on America’s uncertain foreign policy in the region and the underlying forces propping up Assad’s government

Nikos Raptis: An Earthquake is not an Academic Subject

Although quakes cannot be prevented, they can be rendered not deadly

Jérôme Roos: Why does Greece not simply default?

History has shown that countries that refuse to pay their debts fall harder but recover faster than those that do not. So why does Greece’s left-led government not simply get it over with?

Preeti Kaur: Going Backwards

Calling Obama Out on Climate Change

Isaiah Poole: Unprecedented Coalition Leads To Progressive Wins In Philadelphia

Get ready to add the name Jim Kenney to a growing list of progressive populist mayors who seek to put their cities in the vanguard of economic change for working people

Glenn Greenwald: GCHQ’S Rainbow Lights

Exploiting Social Issues for Militarism and Imperialism

David Bacon: Streets of New York – The Subway

A love letter to the subway

Deane Marchbein: The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Threat To Global Health?

The public health repercussions of this deal could be massive

Laura Flanders: From Belfast to Baltimore Bad Police Tactics Spread. So can Justice.

Like a bad movie, bad police tactics spread the globe

Tere García Alcaraz: Rebuilding the divided city of Caracas

Tactical urbanism gives the impulse cities like Caracas need

Matt Taibbi: Baltimore, Freddie Gray and How Legal System Covers Up Police Violence

New cellphone video sheds light on Freddie Gray’s fatal journey in a Baltimore police van

Jack Rasmus: Exit Stage Right (Brexit) and Left (Grexit)

The Troika will not let go, and will continue to squeeze Greece until it returns its economy back to the austerity driven depression condition it was in before the January 2015 elections and Syriza’s assuming the government

Vincent Emanuele: Reflections on Activism

It’s important for people to think for themselves, and to use their inherent creative abilities to approach topics in new, hopefully interesting and effective ways

Paul Street: No Respect for the Poor, Working or Not

Respect for workers will only be won from the bottom up, through collective and militant action

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