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Jonathan Rosenblum: ‘Solidarity Forever’ Written 100 Years Ago, Today

On a windblown, gray Chicago day 100 years ago, January 17, 1915, Ralph Chaplin left his home on the South Side for a raucous, poor person’s rally at the city’s famous women’s center, Hull House

Raul Zibechi: The “Citizen’s Revolution” vs Social Movements

The intent of Rafael Correa’s government to evict the principal indigenous organization from its building shows the contradictions of the “citizen’s revolution”

Alexis Tsipras: A Historic Opportunity

With victory in sight, Alexis Tsipras discusses Europe’s political landscape and the formation of a left government in Greece

Norman Finkelstein: Norman Finkelstein: Charlie Hebdo is sadism, not satire

“But when somebody is down and out, desperate, destitute, when you mock them, when you mock a homeless person, that is not satire”

Jack Rasmus: Republicans Change Rules; Democrats Change Stripes

As Republicans in Congress successfully change the rules, Obama and Democrats will try to change their stripes

Noam Chomsky: Paris attacks show hypocrisy of West’s outrage

Contrary to the eloquent pronouncements, it is not the case that “Terrorism is terrorism. There’s no two ways about it.” There definitely are two ways about it: theirs versus ours

Kathy Kelly: Inside the Uniform, Under the Hood, Longing for Change

“A true revolution of values will lay hands on the world order and say of war, ‘This way of settling differences is not just’”

Eric Mann: Martin Luther King and the Black Revolutionary Tradition

As we celebrate the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr. the system, “the white power structure” as we used and still should call it, continues its character and political assassination of his work

Bécquer Seguín: Can Podemos Win in Spain?

Just a year after its founding, it’s the country’s leading party

Lee Sustar: The Evolution of Dr. King

By the end of his life, Martin Luther King Jr was an avowed socialist

Tithi Bhattacharya: Rewinding the Battle of Algiers in the Shadow of the Attack on Charlie Hebdo

The only way forward is to fight against the realities of Islamophobia by fighting for the realization of a new Arab Spring

Deirdre Fulton: ‘Free Trade’ Fallacies

In their speeches and commentary, the administration, corporate interests and GOP leadership disregard the real, detrimental impacts that previous fast tracked trade deals…have had on America’s middle class

John Timmer: Climate denial is everywhere

The recent elections returned Republicans to control of the Senate, which means all the committees within the chamber will see their leadership change

Russell Brand: How To Buy a Politician

Discussing the corruption of politics with Russell Brand

Angela Davis: ‘There is an unbroken line of police violence in the US that takes us all the way back to the days of slavery’

The “prison industrial complex” is a tawdry if tacit alliance between capitalism and a structurally racist state

Yesenia Barragan: Cultural Production in the Age of Austerity

The physical geography of austerity

Maya Schenwar: Your Home Is Your Prison

How to Lock Down Your Neighborhood, Your Country, and You

Özgür Amed: Unfolding Revolution in Rojava

The differences that this system presents is more clearly understood when one understands the reasons behind the revolution’s emergence and why it was necessary

Tom Athanasiou: Climate Crossroads

Toward a Just Deal in Paris

George Monbiot: How Whales Change Climate

The astonishing story of how whales keep the oceans alive – and alter the composition of the atmosphere

Beverly Bell: Five Years after the Earthquake in Haiti

Some things never change. In Haiti, no matter the century or decade in question, one can be certain that: the state and elite are trouncing the rights and needs of the majority, the population is protesting to demand land and justice, and the international community is taking the wrong side. Five years after the earthquake Read more…

David Swanson: Nuclear Madness and Resistance

The Jeffrey Sterling trial is a bit disheartening for anyone who’d rather humanity paid a bit of attention to avoiding nuclear apocalypse

Jon Queally: Global Cyberwar

Surveillance Is Just First Phase

Ray McGovern: Crime and CIA Embarrassments

A cruelly different standard applies to Jeffrey Sterling, who is alleged to have let the American people in on the secret of a reckless covert action

Flint Taylor: The Racist History of Modern Police Unions

In truth, police unions further the-all-too-accurate conception that the police are an occupying force in poor communities of color

Mark Evans: Outlawing Institutionalised Classism

What follows is a first sketch of a campaign proposal that is designed to bring to an end a form of discrimination referred to here as institutionalised classism

Ben Dangl: Why the US is the Biggest Threat to World Peace

Washington’s torture, war crimes and military industrial complex are consistently propped up by the concept of U.S. exceptionalism

Medea Benjamin: ‘Flogging for Blogging’ Official Saudi Policy

Raif Badawi was sentenced by a Saudi court to 1,000 floggings, as well as ten years in prison and a fine of $266,000. Badawi’s crime? Blogging.

Robert H. Frank: Why have weddings and houses gotten so ridiculously expensive? Blame inequality

The encouraging news is that the profoundly wasteful spending patterns caused by rising income inequality could easily be changed. But that’s unlikely to happen until our political conversation begins to focus on inequality’s practical consequences

Jeffrey Mittman: Why is a Ferguson grand juror being silenced?

Interview with the executive director of the Missouri ACLU

Tomasz Konicz: The Origin of the Pegida Movement

Pegida started around 13 Weeks ago with marches of several thousand people, but these marches grew very quickly

Uri Avnery: Reflections on the recent Paris Massacre and Zionism

After a crime, the first question is “cui bono”, who benefits?

Paul Street: The Chicago Blackhawks and the American Empire

The legacy of past US ethnic cleansing and asymmetric conquest is evident in deep poverty and despair that is shamefully mocked by the “proud” Indian names and logos deployed by US sports teams and the military at home and abroad

Immanuel Wallerstein: Our Multipolar World: It is Painful to Live Amidst Chaos

The world-system is in serious trouble and it is causing pain to the vast majority of the world’s population

Ken Jones: White Silence = State Violence

The parallels between the African American prisoners caught in the U.S. injustice system and the Muslim prisoners in Guantánamo (all of them are and always have been Muslim) are clear: racism & Islamophobia

Various Contributors: Joint statement of the academic delegation to Rojava

Last December, an international delegation of scholars visited Rojava to learn about the revolution, gender liberation and democratic self-government

Norman Finkelstein: The Making of Norman Finkelstein

Writing the “Holocaust Industry” changed his life, isolating him academically and making him a target – but he felt he had to take on the subject to defend the legacy of his holocaust survivor parents

Seth Ackerman: Community Standards

The Right is trying to essentialize Muslims. The Left should not fall into the same trap

Lauren McCauley: France Arrests 54 People for Offensive Speech

Observers warn that government reaction in wake of Charlie Hebdo killings reminiscent of post-9/11 fear campaign

Frank Fried Family: Frank Fried, 1927-­2015, Presente!

Franklin Fried devoted more than 70 years to supporting and fighting for freedom, justice, equality, and liberation for working and oppressed people in the U.S. and around the world

Auset Marian Lewis: Je Suis Hungry

What are you going to do?

Peter Van Buren: America Is Open for Business in Iraq

Even as the Obama administration stumbles and bumbles along in search of a magical political strategy in Iraq that would make sense of everything, American weapons-makers can expect a bountiful future

Norman Solomon: Race, Leaks and Prosecution at the CIA

Condoleezza Rice made headlines when she testified Thursday at the leak trial of former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling

David Swanson: CIA on Trial in Virginia for Planting Nuke Evidence in Iran

Why give Iran flawed plans for a key part of a nuclear weapon? You can tell the truth about Iran having what you so desperately want Iran to appear to have

Badri Raina: Chronicles of Truth

Thus is history unmade and made, And goodsense brought to the knees

Norman Solomon: The Revenge of the CIA

Scapegoating Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling

Vijay Prashad: Policy shaped by power in world burdened by grief

The French Assembly decided to use the attack on Charlie Hebdo to expand its military operations against “jihadism and radical Islamism”

Dave Zirin: The irreplaceable Mike Marqusee

Rest in Power, Mike. You have earned the rest, but we will need your power to move forward in your absence

Nicmer Evans: Economic Solutions: Two Perspectives from the Bolivarian Left

Recent shortages have highlighted Venezuela’s weakness as an oil exporting country that relies heavily on imports

John Feffer: Europe’s Coming Battle

The real battle is over the soul of Europe. And the far right is rallying like it’s 1099

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