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Daoud Kuttab: Israeli Restrictions on Movement Strangle Palestinian Life

I was told that if one has a foreign passport with an Israeli stamp, one is allowed in as long as the person is not of Palestinian origin

Linda Gordon: Immigrant Women and Violence

U.S. policy toward undocumented immigrants damages women in many ways—by separating them from children, by leaving them without support, by making it harder for them to earn for their families

Kevin Zeese: With The Climate March Behind Us, What Do We Do Now?

The climate action weekend built around the People’s Climate March proved that the climate movement has broad popular support and millions are ready to mobilize.

Seth Sandronsky: Reading Samir Amin

The two books under review study the economy within the parameters of social change.

Ramzy Baroud: Another Failed War to Rearrange the Middle East

The logic for intervention that preceded the latest U.S. bombing campaign of IS targets is similar to what took place in Libya over three years ago.

Alex Andreou: The Scottish Independence Vote: A Significant Legacy

With an unprecedented voter turnout of 85 percent and a political mobilization that shook the foundations of the United Kingdom, much was accomplished…

Various Contributors: Bureaucracy Consumes One-Quarter of U.S. Hospital Benefits

Health Affairs study says single-payer reform could save $150 billion annually on hospital overhead….

Alexandra Bradbury: Alarming Trends in Package Delivery

Their employer is the U.S. Postal Service, but a few unlucky Bay Area letter carriers were hired only to find out their job is actually delivering groceries for Amazon…

Bill Berkowitz: Meet Dr. Willie Parker, Christian Abortion Provider

Parker had what some might call a second “come to Jesus” moment, deciding “to give up his fancy career to become an abortion provider”—for the poorest of the poor and the most needy…

Laura Finley: Sexual Assault is Men’s Problem

Given that 78 American colleges and universities are now being investigated by the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, it is clear that the same-old strategies that focus on women’s behavior are not effective

Martha Woodall: Philadelphia Students Strike to Support Teachers

On Monday, the SRC voted to cast aside the expired Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT) contract and require teachers to begin contributing to the cost of their health insurance premiums on December 15

Barbara Garson: Fifty Years Later, Who Really Won the Battle of Berkeley?

the people we beat in Berkeley also had a vision for America. It can be roughly summarized as, “More for me: less for you.” In the decades that followed, they learned to pressure regulators, legislatures, and Presidents far more effectively than they pressured our university Administration.

Marcello Musto: Labor’s Battle Against Exploitation By Capital, 150 Years Ago

On September 28, 1864, the International Working Men’s Association was founded in London. It became the prototype of all organizations of the Labor movement, which both reformists and revolutionaries subsequently took to be their point of reference.

Owen Mccormack: Columbus Day and the Sanitization of History

Upon arrival, the sheer magnitude of gold, which was readily available, set into motion a relentless wave of murder, rape, pillaging, and slavery that would forever alter the course of human history.

Roshan Bliss: A Battle Rages At FSU

“The corporate/political influence on Bense’s PSAC is blatant and unapologetic,” say members of the FSU Progress Coalition, a bloc of students, faculty, and campus organizations opposed to Thrasher’s candidacy and the current search process

William Boardman: Stupid Stuff on Steroids

American hysteria is a wondrous thing to behold. Our hysteria is usually obvious in retrospect, whether the freak-out is over witches, labor unions, or communists. Hysteria is not always so easy to perceive as it happens or, in this case, as it is happening right now with ISIS-centric Islamophobia running rampant

Jeremy Kuzmarov: Celebrating the Life of Peace Hero Fred Branfman

The noted peace activist Fred Branfman passed away on September 24 after suffering the effects of ALS (Lou Gherig’s disease). In 2002, while researching the history of the Vietnam War, I came across Fred’s Voices from the Plain of Jars, in the Brandeis library and the book had an immediate effect on me.

Cynthia Peters: Research This!

Housing justice work doesn’t only provide a solidarity model for keeping people in their homes. It also helps people heal from the trauma of facing the unjust eviction.

Jack Rasmus: The USA Labor Party Initiative, 1993-2007

Interview on strategies and tactics for initiating independent political action

Michael Yates: Order-Givers and Order-Takers

Most struggles by working people to improve their lives have accepted the employer’s right to rule and have limited their demands to wages, hours, and conditions of employment

Bruno Jäntti: Rebuilding Camps in Occupied Palestine

The Israeli direct action and human rights group Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions organizes an annual rebuilding camp in the occupied Palestinian territories

Alex Nunns: London Policing

Parliament Square has been the venue for some ridiculous policing since the Occupy movement arrived

TeleSUR English: Wikileaks’s Assange Accuses Google of ‘Back Channel Diplomacy’ for US

“This is its business model — being a private, lawful version of the National Security Agency”

Ilan Pappe: Ethnic Cleansing By All Means

The real Israeli “peace” policy

Fernando Vegas: What is Socialism Nowadays (III)

A brief review of real socialism that steps out from books to the real world

Elena Sokova: Obama Promised a “World Without Nuclear Weapons,” But May Now Spend $1 Trillion on Upgrades

More than 150 countries at the United Nations signed a joint statement calling on nuclear powers to attend the third major conference on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons scheduled this December in Vienna

Nikos Raptis: Societies: Synodic or Monodic?

Society based on meetings versus society based on domination by a powerful individual

Paul Street: You and What Army? Reflections on Parenti, Vision and Organization

It’s participatory socialism or barbarism if we’re lucky at this stage of capitalist and state-sponsored ecocide.

Shane Burley: Spokes on the anti-austerity wheel: moving beyond reform

If we want to envision an anti-austerity movement that can genuinely empower people, we will have to create one that moves beyond austerity altogether

Milan Rai: Arkhipov Day: Celebrate the Man Who Saved the World

A soviet navy officer refused orders that would have started nuclear war between the USSR and the US.

Conner Gorry: Cuba calling: what this small island can teach the world about disease control

West Africa needs what Cuba has: a well-trained, coordinated healthcare system. Anything less and Ebola wins

Noam Chomsky: The Dimming Prospects for Human Survival

The achievements of those who have struggled for centuries for greater freedom and justice leave a legacy that can be taken up and carried forward

Steve Early: Kaiser Runs Aground in Hawaii

The only obstacle to Kaiser’s divide-and-conquer plan is the continuing resistance of Local 5 rank-and-filers in Hawaii, 4,000 like-minded Kaiser workers in California represented by NUHW, and hopefully the 18,000 Kaiser members of the CNA

Peter Hart: The Big Problem With Time’s Teacher-Bashing Cover Story

The wealthy interests who claim they have found a system for measuring teacher quality may in fact have no such system at all

Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater Execs Remain Free as Guards Convicted for Killing 14 Iraqis in Massacre

This is an extremely important verdict, because we’re talking about a mercenary industry, a war industry, that has largely operated in a Wild West atmosphere

Juan Cole: Deadlier Than Ebola

The odd hysteria about ebola is being driven more by a media frenzy than the actual public health risks

Rozina Ali: Drone Strikes: The numbers don’t lie, except when they do

Only 12% of those Killed are Known Militants

William Boardman: Police Go Nuts Over Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Remote Speech in Vermont

In the end, this breakdown in civil society resulted in nothing worse than hundreds of police-instigated threats of violence to the Goddard community

Paul Street: They Rule: It All Circles Back to The 1%

“The 1%” and its class system is killing us

Cal Winslow: CalTrans v. the Mendocino Muck-raker

Support Will Parrish

Marina Sitrin: Sustainability, Organization and Anti-Capitalism: Talkin’ Occupy around the US

People around the US often no longer feel it is their fault that they are loosing their homes or jobs – and instead feel a new sense of power

Michael Albert: Science and the Left 2: The Society Connection

A parallel personal motive for science is benefit not from the implications of the knowledge itself, but instead from remuneration offered for scientific labors or achievements

Joe Gordon: Comics: Sean Michael Wilson On An Anarchic Approach

Since the artistic and entertainment value of comic books is widely recognised by enough people, then in an anarchist system FAR MORE of our comic book ideas would be given the go ahead

Pete Dolack: The Medicine of the Trans-Pacific Partnership as Bitter as Ever

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is as dangerous as ever

Eva María: The challenges ahead in Venezuela

Interview on the revolutionary process and the social conflicts that will shape the country’s future

Shamus Cooke: Why Obama Rejected Peace With Iran

A war-shredded region remains on the bloody path to a potentially even wider war

Steve Early: Andrew Young Redux: Prophet of Urban Renewal or Big Oil’s Reverend for Rent?

Young’s appearance showcased his own re-incarnation as a skilled, if not uncontroversial, friend of private enterprise

Giran Ozcan: Emerging Kurdistan: socialist or capitalist?

With a population of over 40 million spread across four countries in the region, the Kurds have been referred to as “the largest nation in the World without a state”

Belen Fernandez: Cuba’s war on Ebola

With free universal health care, Cuba has already racked up impressive medical achievements – why not take on the globe?

Bob Fitrakis: George Will Confirms Nixon’s Vietnam Treason

Richard Nixon was a traitor

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