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Badri Raina: Remain, Remain

There was a time to leave The Holy Roman Empire; Capital was pressing, And the John of Gaunt was Full-throated in praise Of the “sceptered Isle.” Drake and Raleigh ruled The seas, and the East India Company inaugurated Britannia and the Empire. The fruits of separation from Europe were real and lasting. Alas, that sun Read more…

Kathy Kelly: Why go to Russia?

Ordinary people everywhere should do all that we can to demand that all international disputes be resolved by non-military means

Renaud Lambert: French President Threatens to Outlaw Protests Against Labor Reforms

There are plenty of things happening on the political front. But this struggle against the law now is mainly led by trade unions

Robin D.G. Kelley: Cedric J. Robinson: the Making of a Black Radical Intellectual

Cedric J. Robinson spent a lifetime believing and demonstrating that we could invent, manufacture, conspire, and organize way beyond the possibilities

Max Zahn: Anti-Israeli occupation group struggles to reconcile movement building and allyship

IfNotNow’s strategy is simple: force American Jewish institutions to oppose Israel’s occupation by turning public opinion against them

Robert Fisk: Why our nuclear deal with Iran is turning to dust

Many of Europe’s largest banks won’t do business with Iran for fear of breaching other US sanctions, which have nothing to do with the nuclear agreement – but a lot to do with US agencies and prosecutors

Alex Gourevitch: From Strike to Shop Floor

From resisting new management attacks to organizing wireless employees, Verizon workers still have a lot to mobilize for

Derek Rosenfeld: The Drug War Started 45 Years Ago Today—Here’s How to End It For Good

No matter how much money we spend and how many people get arrested, drugs have been around for thousands of years and they always will be

Asoka Bandarage: Change The System – Not The Climate

We are seeing the realities of climate change: rising temperatures, declining Arctic sea ice, extreme weather events, heatwaves, wildfires, floods, droughts, stronger storms and hurricanes and so on. According to UN estimates, there will be 1 billion ‘climate refugees’, i.e. victims of disasters induced by climate change in the world by 2050. India is now Read more…

Bernie Sanders: The Political Revolution Continues

Election days come and go. But political and social revolutions that attempt to transform our society never end

Noam Chomsky: An Eight Point Brief for LEV (Lesser Evil Voting)

Among the elements of the weak form of democracy enshrined in the constitution, presidential elections continue to pose a dilemma for the left

David Swanson: Orlando Killer’s Secret Shared by Other Terrorists

As with becoming a whistleblower or an activist or an artist there must be numerous reasons why any individual becomes a terrorist — whether military, contract, or independent. Various irrational hatreds and fears (and promises of paradise after death) and the ready availability of weaponry certainly play roles. But did you know that every single Read more…

Ross Domoney: Clashes at general strike in Paris

Heavy clashes occur between protesters and police as hundreds of thousands take to the streets to oppose a proposed change in France’s labor law

Various Contributors: Beyond Extreme Energy Responds to Sen. Barrasso’s Attack

These McCarthyite, fear-mongering tactics are uncalled for and a pose a threat to constitutionally protected free speech

Sonia Shah: From Zika to Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs: Welcome to the New Age of Contagions

Today’s deadly new pathogens aren’t just a scientific challenge, they’re a political one

John Feffer: Orlando and the Future of Terrorism

It’s tempting to use a harsh epithet like “terrorism” to describe the actions in Orlando. Perhaps “mass hate crime” would be more accurate

Vijay Prashad: Tens of Thousands of Child Refugees Are Missing in Europe, and Many More Are Suffering a Plight Beyond Imagination

Only a deeper look at the problem and a serious international effort to address questions of poverty and war can provide the path out of the current madness

Sam Ben-Meir: Is Trump a New Kind of Fascist?

The new fascism we are witnessing today should not be confused with the fascism of yesteryear. But perhaps it is no less dangerous in the long run

Stephen F. Cohen: Why Is The Western Media Ignoring The New Cold War?

Interview on Russia, NATO, and our mainstream media’s refusal to report on the New Cold War

Marjorie Cohn: New York Governor’s Unconstitutional Order Enables Israeli Occupation

BDS should be embraced as a nonviolent strategy to challenge the Israeli occupation

Andrew Cockburn: The Pentagon’s Real $trategy

Keeping the Money Flowing

Samantha Winslow: Teachers Take On Student Discipline

Teachers and students meet to discuss the behavior and the root problems that might cause students to act out—such as stress, anxiety, or problems at home

Kate Aronoff: It’s Not Over

The Sanders campaign isn’t the end of the line. We can use its momentum to unite movements and build broad support

Miguel Urbán Crespo: When France moves, all of Europe shakes

In order to change the world, we need friends in many countries

Ramzy Baroud: Gaza: Resistance Through Poetry

Gaza remains a place of poets, artists, dabka dancers and untamable spirits of utterly resilient and refreshingly stubborn people

Timothy Braatz: The Confessions of Brock Turner and a Culture of Punishment

To understand the influence of the culture of punishment, imagine a culture obsessed with rehabilitation instead

George Monbiot: Money’s Reach

The European Union looks thoroughly rotten – until you compare it to the alternatives

Dan Grazier: Senators Vote to Keep Bomber Price Secret

The committee members voted 19 to 7 to prevent the American people from knowing how much of their money will be sunk in this latest questionable weapons project

Suzanne Goldenberg: Biggest US Coal Company Funded Dozens of Groups Questioning Climate Change

The funding spanned trade associations, corporate lobby groups, and industry front groups as well as conservative thinktanks and was exposed in court filings last month

Roxanne Dunbar-ortiz: Yes, Native Americans Were the Victims of Genocide

This paper, written under the title, “U.S. Settler-Colonialism and Genocide Policies,” was delivered at the Organization of American Historians 2015 Annual Meeting in St. Louis, MO on April 18, 2015. US policies and actions related to Indigenous peoples, though often termed “racist” or “discriminatory,” are rarely depicted as what they are: classic cases of imperialism Read more…

Soraya Chemaly: When It Comes to Orlando Massacre, Domestic Violence is the Red Flag We Aren’t Talking About

In a new article for Rolling Stone, journalist Soraya Chemaly writes, “The Washington Post reported Monday that ‘although family members said [Omar] Mateen had expressed anger about homosexuality, the shooter had no record of previous hate crimes.’ But that depends on how you categorize domestic violence.” Mateen’s ex-wife, Sitora Yusufiy, has come forward to describe Read more…

Dick Nichols: Spain: Can the Left’s economic plan turn back austerity?

The left-wing coalition Unidos Podemos (United We Can), is currently polling over 25% and looks set to surpass the vote of the social-democratic Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE)

Cornel West: Why the US Empire Is More Ripe for Right-Wing Revolution Than from the Left

Interview on Bernie Sanders’ neopopulism and Donald Trump’s neofascism

Phyllis Bennis: Before Orlando, Omar Mateen Worked for Human Rights Abusers

G4S, where Omar Mateen worked as a security guard, profits from both U.S. border militarization and the Israeli occupation

David Swanson: ISIS and U.S. Weaponry: At Home and Abroad

When someone commits mass murder in the United States and is tied, however significantly, to a foreign terrorist group, there remains a section of the U.S. population willing to recognize and point out that no ideology, fit of hatred, or mental derangement can do the same damage without high-tech weaponry that it does with it. Read more…

Patrick Cockburn: Distortions over Isis involvement in Orlando play into the hands of the jihadists

Western states are refusing to confront their Sunni allies in the Middle East whose well-funded ideology creates the conditions in which terrorism flourishes

Kali Holloway: The Twins of Fascism: The New, Frightening President of the Philippines and the Donald Have Much in Common

The Philippine President Duterte, like the GOP nominee, bullies the media when they do their job and threatens violence

Michael Albert: Lesser Evilism

As a first step, can we transcend the perspective that says beating Trump by having Clinton elected is one option, and fighting for real and lasting change and even for a new society, is another?

Conn Hallinan: Spanish Elections: EU Watershed?

For the past quarter of a century there have been few watershed moments in Spanish political history. Like a well-choreographed pas de deux, the center-left Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) and right-wing Popular Party (PP) have taken turns governing the country. But the 2015 election changed all that. Upstart parties on the right and left crashed Read more…

Noam Chomsky: The Breakdown of American Society and a World in Transition

The US is facing uncertain times. While it remains the only global superpower, it is no longer able to influence events and outcomes to its liking, at least not for the most part. Frustration and worry about the risk of upcoming disasters seem to far outweigh US voters’ hopes for a more rational and just Read more…

Ann Jones: The Tyranny of Trump

Millions of Women See Through Him, Even If the Media Don’t

Amira Hass: Israel’s Right to Sweep Away Palestinians

Expelling Palestinians is a paradigm that’s alive and well

Hannah Willard: Orlando Massacre Comes After Lawmakers in U.S. Filed More Than 200 Anti-LGBT Bills

Interview with Hannah Willard of Equality Florida

Gary Olson: Senator Reverses Position​, Now Welcomes Refugees with Only a Few Conditions

“Those model refugees who accumulate sufficient points will be eligible for citizenship. Those who choose not to ​will be deported. That’s the American Way!”

Kara Moses: 2016 is the year of climate disobedience

A season of record-breaking milestones in the fight against climate change

Nicole Colson: Don’t turn homophobia into Islamophobia

A report on the outpouring of solidarity for the victims of a horrific mass shooting–and the need to challenge the tide of racist scapegoating of Muslims

Robert Schwartz: Permanent Replacements? Not So Fast, Labor Board Says

A game-changing interpretation from the Obama-appointed National Labor Relations Board

Alice Speri: A Year After Cops Fired 44 Rounds at Keith Davis, His Case Still Raises Questions About Justice in Baltimore

Prosecutors chasing convictions at all costs, often with weak cases, have only contributed to the animosity against the city’s justice apparatus

Noam Chomsky: The Doomsday Clock

Nuclear Weapons, Climate Change, and the Prospects for Survival

Steve Early: Advice From Seattle: On Citizen Activism After The Sanders Campaign

Municipal government changes for the better only when progressives have “an outside and inside game…people on the inside and people protesting on the outside to provide insiders with backbone”

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