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Neve Gordon: Israel votes Apartheid

The claim that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East will exposed for what it is: a half truth. While Israel is a democracy for Jews it is a repressive regime for Palestinians

Ramzy Baroud: ‘Islamic State’ as a Western Phenomenon?

There is no question that while the battle is raging on in the Middle East region, the discourse itself is growingly being manipulated and is becoming a western one

Joe Emersberger: When Our Monsters Speak, TV Journalists Go Deaf

A morally bankrupt alliance – one that also places westerners at risk – is passed over in silence. For lavishly paid TV journalists, the price is well worth it

Richard Falk: Diplomacy, War, and (In)Security in the Nuclear Age

Overall, this opportunistic treatment of Iran’s nuclear program is less indicative of a commitment to nonproliferation than it is a shortsighted expression of geopolitical priorities

Medea Benjamin: US Activists Mark War Anniversaries with Spring Rising

March 19 marks two gloomy anniversaries: the 12th anniversary of US invasion of Iraq and the 5th anniversary of the NATO intervention in Libya

Ben Norton: Pro-Democratic Party ‘left’ targets Kshama Sawant

A look at why a liberal civil rights organization has decided to challenge the most left-wing member of the City Council

Mitchell Plitnick: Netanyahu’s Victory Is Just as Bad as It Looks

If things looked hopeless before for any kind of diplomacy, they’re absolutely dismal now

Dean Baker: Scott Walker Ends Freedom of Contract in Wisconsin

This is a bill about taking away workers’ freedom of contract in a way that will weaken their bargaining. It is a lie to gloss over this fact and pretend there is some issue of individual rights at stake. There isn’t

Kathy Kelly: Crosscurrents

What we let our state impose on those walled beyond our borders we will tend to inflict on more and more people walled up within them

George Monbiot: Hard Graft

The power of global finance and the immense wealth of the global elite are founded on corruption, and the beneficiaries have an interest in framing the question to excuse themselves

Mozhgan Savabieasfahani: Iraq’s US-caused Public Health Catastrophe

The Iraqi people, once the envy of the Arab world for their outstanding educational and health-care systems, have been reduced to a nation of refugees, flung across the Middle East

Nicole Aschoff: The Smartphone Society

We have the power to contest and deny capital’s gains, and we should. Perhaps our phones will come in handy along the way

Nicolas Maduro: Letter to the People of the United States: Venezuela is not a threat

We are the people of Simon Bolívar, our people believe in peace and respect for all nations

Walden Bello: The U.S. Military Just Plunged Philippine Politics into Crisis

American fingerprints are all over a botched commando raid in the southern Philippines that left dozens dead and shocked the country

Fernando Vegas: The White House’s National Security Strategy and Latin America

President Obama’s National Security Strategy is a threat to Latin America and the world

Conn Hallinan: Greece: Memory and Debt

According to the Syriza government, the 115 million marks Germany paid in 1960 were only in compensation for Greek victims of Nazism, not the physical damage to the country, the destruction of the economy, or the forced loans

Michael Albert: Writer’s Block

What do writers write? And in particular, what do left, progressive, and revolutionary writers write?

Nan Levinson: The Big Dick School of American Patriotism

The eternal emphasis on militarism, even when it’s portrayed as triumphalism, has the effect of ratcheting up anxiety

Gideon Levy: Netanyahu deserves the Israeli people, and they deserve him

If after everything, the Israeli phoenix succeeded in rising from the ashes and getting reelected, something is truly broken, possibly beyond repair

Chris Hedges: The Most Dangerous Woman in America

The corporate powers, from Seattle’s mayor to the Chamber of Commerce and the area’s Democratic Party, are determined Kshama Sawant be defeated

Ben Dangl: Bolivia: A Country That Dared to Exist

This movement toward decolonization in the Andes is as old as colonialism itself

Joris Leverink: Dangerous Jokes and Back-Door Censorship in Turkey

Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu attended a Paris march to defend free speech, but had the dubious honour of being the leader of a country that frequently jails journalists

Juan Cole: Apartheid Forever

Israel’s Netanyahu rules out Palestinian Citizenship Rights

Shepherd Bliss: Sour Grapes in ‘Wine Country’

Intense Challenges to Wineries Erupt

Dahr Jamail: Domestic Military Expansion Spreads Through the US, Ignites Dissent

The US Navy, along with the Air Force and Army, are currently engaged in and expanding their warfare-training exercises across the United States

Chelsea Manning: The CIA’s torturers and the leaders who approved their actions must face the law

Even the most junior level intelligence officers know that torture is both unethical and illegal. So why didn’t our political leaders?

Yesenia Barragan: The Dangers of Vintage Racism

The SAE anthem is the ugly veneer of the kind of institutional racism that led to the fact that over the past two years, the black residents of Ferguson accounted for 85% of all traffic stops

Kevin Young: War By Other Means In El Salvador

Resistance inside and outside of government has forced a U.S. retreat on the seeds issue, protected water from privatization, helped compel a mining moratorium, and enabled policy changes like the Medicines Law and tax reform

Johannes Hautaviita: On NATO Chief Stoltenberg’s Speech in Munich

The message is simple enough: Putin is dangerous, if not clinically insane, and NATO – the “guardian of the international order” (Stoltenberg) – is needed to defend Europe and ‘Western values’

Kevin Zeese: Stop The Fast Track To A Future Of Global Corporate Rule

Multinational empowerment grows…

Joe Uehlein: A Climate Protection Guide to Organized Labor

The path to future growth for organized labor lies in its ability to become a central player in the movement to build a sustainable future for the planet and its people

Patrick Cockburn: Life under Isis

“I left them because I was afraid and deeply troubled by this horrible situation. The justice they were calling for when they first arrived in Fallujah turned out to be only words”

John Ikerd: The Failure of Modern Industrial Agriculture

Americans are being subjected to an ongoing multimillion-dollar propaganda campaign designed to “increase confidence and trust in today’s agriculture”

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: The Podemos wave

Podemos is the end result of a learning process originated in the Global South which eventually made it possible to creatively channel the outrage that ran through the streets of Spain

William deBuys: The Politics of Extinction

An Introduction to the Most Beautiful Animal You’ll Never See

David Swanson: The Washington Post Will Kill Us All

When you’re starting wars on the grounds that if you don’t start a war now someone else could theoretically start one later, you have set up a logic of Armageddon

Robert Fisk: Which superpower will win the battle of hypocrisy?

The 125,000 civilian casualties of the two Chechen wars elicited far less passion in the West than the fatalities in Syria

Gareth Porter: The real story behind the Republicans’ Iran letter

The real story is how enforcers of Likudist policy on Iran used a young Republican politician to try to provoke a breakdown in nuclear talks

Glenn Greenwald: The Orwellian Re-Branding of “Mass Surveillance” as Merely “Bulk Collection”

There is a clearly coordinated theme that has arisen in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand as the last defense against the Snowden revelations

Adam Fishwick: Latin America goes bottom up

Latin American development has, over the last decades, been defined by its experimentation

Paul Street: The IS Shock, the ‘New Cold War,’ and the Unmentionable History of US Empire

The United States’ complicity, along with its satellites and allies, in the rise of ISIS, goes back at least to the late Cold War era

Joe Emersberger: Francisco Toro and the NYT

Trying to “Win Ugly” in Venezuela since 2002

Bruno Jäntti: ‘Radicalization’ – A Buzzword Singling out Muslims?

Traveling from the EU or the US to Middle Eastern countries to willingly and knowingly take part in illegal military operations. Radicalisation? God forbid, no! Unless we are talking about Muslims, of course

Leonidas Oikonomakis: Europe’s pink tide? Heeding the Latin American experience

The rise of Syriza and Podemos closely mirrors the experience of the Latin American left. Can grassroots movement in Europe avoid the same pitfalls?

Chris Spannos: Assange on Asylum

Julian Assange talks about why he chose Ecuador for asylum and the ongoing U.S. investigation into WikiLeaks

Pete Dolack: The Art of Becoming Human

That 22 veterans commit suicide per day is a grim reminder not only of the harsh demands of military life but that the Pentagon effectively throws away its veterans after using them

Salinas Duda: Black Lives Matter marches on streets of Madison

The murder of Tony Robinson shows once again that violence against people of color is a function — not a quirk — of the US law enforcement system

Kim Scipes: Chuy Comes to Logan Square, Is Greeted by Excited Crowd: “The Coalition of Chicago is Back!”

There’s a movement building to elect Chuy Garcia mayor—and it looks like it will not only get the job done, but will make sure he keeps moving forward after the election

Immanuel Wallerstein: Combating the Islamic State: The Real Options

The Islamic State is pursuing its clearly stated objective of a greatly expanded caliphate by using extreme brutality deliberately

Pankaj Mehta: Big Data’s Radical Potential

Today, big data is used to boost profits and spy on civilians. But what if it was harnessed for the social good?

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