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Sam Pizzigati: The Death Gap

The richest Americans now live 10-15 years longer than the poorest

Mohammad Badrul Ahsan: Panorama of Perfidy in the Panama Papers

Capitalism and hypocrisy are intimately built on each other. That relationship persists because we’re hopelessly reluctant to tell the face from the façade

David Miranda: Brazil’s Elite and the Drive to Impeach President Dilma Rousseff

Ultimately, Brazil’s elite political and media classes are toying with the mechanics of democracy

Sue Sturgis: Democracy Movement Making Gains

More than 1,400 people were arrested during protests in Washington, D.C., over the past week as part of Democracy Awakening and Democracy Spring, a grassroots movement calling for an end to money’s chokehold on U.S. politics and for restoration of voting rights. The protests represented one of the biggest acts of civil disobedience in recent U.S. history. Read more…

Shane Burley: Tenants Fight Mass Displacement

The human context of housing policy and practices…

Roberto Savio: Destruction of Our Planet

The environment and the future – economic misdirection…

Nikolay Savov: The Klinika squat: revitalizing anti-capitalism in Prague

An autonomous social center in Prague that revitalized the city’s anti-capitalist politics and culture has come under attack from the establishment

Baher Kamal: Climate: Africa’s Human Existence Is at Severe Risk

“No continent will be struck as severely by the impacts of climate change as Africa”

Robert Fisk: Obama knows 9/11 was linked to Saudi Arabia – its massive oil reserves are behind his official visit

Saudi Arabia’s million barrel a day output, plus its strategic location in the Middle East, means the West must pay obeisance to the regional head-choppers

Jon Queally: Death to America: Suicide Surge Parallels Era of Economic Woes

Across nearly all demographics, thirty-year trend shows increasing numbers of people living in the United States would rather not live at all

Salim Lamrani: How does US pursue ‘regime change’ in Cuba through ‘normalization’?

US-Cuba relations and how these relations are the continuation of the past painful US policies against Cuba

Badri Raina: Sheikh Peer of the Twenty Third

You died the day you were born. And immortalized The day you died

Sue Sturgis: After years of rollbacks, democracy movement making gains in the states

More than 1,400 people were arrested during protests in Washington, D.C., over the past week as part of Democracy Awakening and Democracy Spring, a grassroots movement calling for an end to money’s chokehold on U.S. politics and for restoration of voting rights. The protests represented one of the biggest acts of civil disobedience in recent Read more…

Alexandra Bradbury: Can Teamsters Save the Right to Retire?

Over 2,000 retirees and Teamsters from 20 states rallied in front of the U.S. Capitol April 14, calling on the Treasury Department to stop their pensions from being slashed by 50 to 70 percent

Jack Rasmus: The IMF and Troika Have Greece in Their Crosshairs — Again!

WikiLeaks reveals new austerity measures are planned for the southern European nation.

Medea Benjamin: President Obama Can Help Save Saudi Youth Facing Beheading

One concrete outcome that President Obama could pursue on his visit to Saudi Arabia is saving the lives of three Shia youth sentenced to be executed

Vijay Prashad: Why the U.S. and Saudi Arabia Are Suddenly Involved in a Tense Geopolitical Drama

There’s a reason we’re suddenly talking about 9/11 all over again

Adam Johnson: When ‘Both Sides’ Are Covered in Verizon Strike, Bosses’ Side Is Heard More

In labor disputes, massive multinationals have the ability to spend millions of dollars on PR, while those representing the workers don’t.

Robert Fisk: Finally, Israel and Palestine is a US election issue

The ‘last taboo’ is not broken, but it’s splintering

Ben Dangl: The Right Rises Up as Latin American Left Faces Setbacks

The entire premise of 1990s neoliberalism was corruption and a war on the poor

Paul Street: Kagame Goes to Harvard

A recent event at the pinnacle of “liberal” academia offers a depressing epitome of the cold moral obliviousness and imperial complicity that marks U.S. higher education

Various Contributors: The Leap Manifesto: A Call for a Canada Based on Caring for the Earth and One Another

We start from the premise that Canada is facing the deepest crisis in recent memory

D.D. Guttenplan: Bernie Sanders Is Doing Something More Than Just Running for President

As the senator barnstorms New York state, he’s staging a modern-day, secular revival

Pratap Chatterjee: Drone Whistleblowers Step Out of the Shadows

In Washington’s Drone Wars, Collateral Damage Comes Home

Ana Saggioro Garcia: The impeachment crisis shaking Brazil

The carnival of reaction on display by conservative Congressional deputies during the vote only demonstrates the contempt in which Brazil’s elite hold the vast majority of the population

Kshama Sawant: The (un)Democratic Primary: Why We Need a New Party of the 99%

Despite a decisive victory Tuesday providing further confirmation of her likely nomination, in many respects Hillary Clinton emerges from the New York primary more damaged, her party more divided, than she entered it. What came to be called The Battle of New York has served only to further expose what millions of people in the Read more…

Various Contributors: What is to be Done with the Banks? Radical Proposals for Radical Changes

Immediate measures for moving towards socialisation By John Weeks , Eric Toussaint , Stavros Tombazos , Pritam Singh , Benjamin Selwyn , Alfredo Saad Filho , Patrick Saurin , Sabri Öncü , Susan Pashkoff , Ozlem Onaran , Thomas Marois , Philippe Marlière , Francisco Louça , Stathis Kouvelakis , Andy Kilmister , Michel Husson Read more…

D.D. Guttenplan: Election 2016 Bernie Sanders Is Not Going to Be President of the United States—He Should Keep Running Anyway

In the coming weeks, Sanders and his supporters will need to make clear exactly what he’s fighting for, both inside the Democratic Party and beyond

Ramzy Baroud: At 80, Failed Abbas is Probed, Derided and Scapegoated

Abbas’ statement on life and death does not, in the least, address the context of oppression, the humiliation of military occupation and the prevailing sense of despair

Greg Palast: New York voting fiasco just the warm-up for the November game

In Brooklyn alone, over 125,000 names were quietly scrubbed from the voter rolls in the five months leading up to the primary

Erica Chenoweth: Did the Vatican Just Throw Out Its Just War Doctrine?

Among the arguments Pope Francis used to encourage the conference participants was the dramatic rise in the effectiveness of nonviolent resistance over the past century

Pete Dolack: Military spending is the capitalist world’s fuel

The entire history of capitalism is built on violence, and violence has been used to both impose and maintain the system from its earliest days

Glenn Greenwald: After Vote to Remove Brazil’s President, Key Opposition Figure Holds Meetings in Washington

BRAZIL’S LOWER HOUSE of Congress on Sunday voted to impeach the country’s president, Dilma Rousseff, sending the removal process to the Senate. In an act of unintended though rich symbolism, the House member who pushed impeachment over the 342-vote threshold was Dep. Bruno Araújo, himself implicated by a document indicating he may have received illegal funds from the construction giant at Read more…

Rob Hager: High Corruption: Hillary Clinton in the Hindu Kush

The American voter is beginning a revolt against the corrupt politics of catch-me-if-you-can operators like the Clintons

Robin Lloyd: Women and the War on Drugs

The War on Drugs condones a form of macho violence

Koide Hiroaki: “The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster is a Serious Crime”

Interview with an influential voice and a central figure in the anti-nuclear movement since the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi of March 11, 2011

Pepe Escobar: Hybrid War Hyenas Tear Brazil Apart

Wall Street, US Big Oil and the proverbial “American interests” win this round at the circus

Immanuel Wallerstein: The Left Loses the Election in Peru

The story of each country has its particularities. But Peru’s history seems to embody the difficulties for the Latin American left

Michael Roberts: Let Them Eat Profit

Governments have turned a blind eye to tax havens in order to protect corporate profitability

Greg Grandin: A Voter’s Guide to Hillary Clinton’s Policies in Latin America

There’s no violence caused by over-militarization that more militarization can’t solve. There’s no poverty caused by “free trade” that more “free trade” can’t solve

Denis Godard: France: Reflections on ‘Nuit Debout’

After years of apparent apathy and advance of all the reactionary tendencies in French society, something has changed which renews hope

Eric Draitser: Venezuela’s Opposition: Attacking Its Own People

The corporate media would have you believe that Venezuela is a dictatorship on the verge of political and economic collapse. But that is not the case

Sean O'Kane: Verizon workers take over midtown Manhattan in the second week of their strike

Thousands of Verizon workers are in the middle of a strike across the northeast United States, and today members of two unions — the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) — took to midtown Manhattan to keep the work stoppage going. The striking workers chanted, whistled, and used noisemakers Read more…

Marjorie Cohn: Sanders and Clinton: Palestinian Defender vs. Israel Apologist

There is a vast difference between Sanders and Clinton on Israel

Karen J. Greenberg: Still in the Bush Embrace

What Really Stands in the Way of Closing Guantánamo

Kshama Sawant: Hillary Was Nowhere to Be Seen in the Fight for 15—I Should Know

It was inspiring to see the call for a $15 minimum wage take center stage at last week’s presidential debate in New York. And arguably, to become the most contentious part of it, each candidate jockeying to prove their support for what was once considered a politically impractical dream. Our movement has come a long Read more…

David McReynolds: Edgeleft: After the Brooklyn Debate

Those of us who watched the Democratic debate last Thursday saw a sharp exchange between Clinton and Sanders. I felt that, on foreign policy, Hillary Clinton put herself well to the “right” of President Obama, and I’ll take that up in a moment. I do want, first, to take up the “gun issue” where I Read more…

Ray McGovern: Is Hillary Clinton Above the Law?

Secretary of State Clinton was harsh on subordinates who were careless with classified information, but those rules apparently weren’t for her, a troubling double standard

Sean Purdy: Hypocrisy Wins the Day

The vote to impeach Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff wasn’t about corruption — it was about the Right’s bid for power

Patrick Cockburn: The First Draft of History: Dispatches From the Frontline of War

Eyewitness accounts of the battles for Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and beyond with an explanation of what these conflicts have in common – and how they were reported or misreported at the tim

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