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Glenn Greenwald: Brazil’s Democracy to Suffer Grievous Blow as Unelectable, Corrupt Neoliberal is Installed

In 2002, Brazil’s left-of-center Workers Party (PT) ascended to the presidency when Lula da Silva won in a landslide over the candidate of the center-right party PSDB (throughout 2002, “markets” were indignant at the mere prospect of PT’s victory). The PT remained in power when Lula, in 2006, was re-elected in another landslide against a different PSDB candidate. Read more…

Gary Olson: C.I.A. Seeks to “Keep Fear Alive”

According to C.I.A. director John Brennan, the quota for creating new ISIS recruits is falling behind, and “this threatens an ominous and even crippling ’enemy vacuum’ for the United States.” Even though U.S. drone strikes continue to kill scores of innocent people, not enough of their relatives are seeking revenge by becoming suicide bombers, hence Read more…

Sonia Singh: L.A. Car Wash Workers Turn Up Pressure

In Juan Hernandez’s first car wash job, he and his co-workers used to put in nine-hour days for $40 in cash. Workers would often arrive at 8 a.m.—but have to wait three or four hours to start working, with no fixed schedule. “When I began to work in this industry, there was practically no control Read more…

Robert W. Mcchesney: Capitalism Is a Bad Fit for a Technological Revolution

In this interview, Robert McChesney, author with John Nichols of People Get Ready, discusses their new book, its challenge to the idea that technological advances always benefit humans and a framework to envision a digital age that will benefit workers over the super-rich. Mark Karlin: Let me start with the grand question raised by your book Read more…

Phyllis Bennis: Remembering Michael Ratner: Radical Lawyer, Global Activist, Loyal Friend

Beyond his passion for justice and his powerful insistence on standing up to oppression and oppressors, Michael was a funny and incredibly loyal friend

Peyman Jafari: Iran After the Elections

Iran’s radical left must build on the space opened by reformists in recent elections

Ben Norton: Nominating Clinton risks “disaster simply to protect the status quo” Sanders campaign says

The Sanders campaign insists Bernie is “best positioned to beat Trump,” and is preparing for a contested convention

Robert Fisk: Europe’s Catholic leaders are undoing the good work of Pope Francis over the migrant crisis

Cardinal Dominik Jaruslav Duka, the Archbishop of Prague, demeans Muslims and claims the Pope’s efforts are ‘just a gesture’

Salar Mohandesi: The Afterbern

With such exceptionally high stakes, the far left, usually so minuscule and ineffectual in this country, needs to devise a shared, coherent organizational strategy

Glenn Greenwald: Goal of Rousseff Impeachment is to Boost Neoliberals & Protect Corruption

The real goal is to protect corruption

David Morris: What’s the Best Move Bernie Sanders Can Make Right Now to Strengthen the Progressive Movement?

What should Bernie do? That seems to be the question of the month. Permit me to weigh in. Here’s what we know at this point in the campaign. For Sanders to have any chance of winning the support of superdelegates, he must arrive at the convention with more elected delegates than Hillary. To do that, Read more…

George Katsiaficas: Thank You Barack Obama for Showing Us That Peace is War

In this upside-down world, Obama is seen as a man of peace, while the Black Panthers are remembered as violent

Richard Falk: Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Daniel Berrigan

Dan was an exceptional human being, transparent in moral and spiritual coherence, mindful in his attentiveness to the suffering and wellbeing of others, a powerful and unforgettably vivid and loving presence, a challenge to our daily complacency

Vijay Prashad: Despair and Unrest

The statistics explain the anger. Seven women are killed every day in Mexico. Over the past three decades, over 45,000 women have been killed

Steve Early: Toxic Entanglements: Big Oil’s Democratic Primary Favorite in California

Chevron’s history of social irresponsibility and political-influence buying reveals much about the policy outcomes it could obtain with an old friend in the White House

Pete Dolack: We all pay for low wages

The relentless scramble to survive competition eventually closed the brief window when rising wages were tolerated and government investment encouraged

Tom Engelhardt: Washington’s Military Addiction

And The Ruins Still to Come

Patrick Cockburn: How close is Isis to losing the war?

The real test over the coming months will be the extent to which the US and Russia have the desire and capability to enforce a ceasefire

Helena Smith: ‘Everyone’s outraged’: angry Greeks foresee Grexit and drachma’s revival

Greece faces its toughest austerity measures yet, with €5.4bn of budget cuts backed by the leftist government of Alexis Tsipras

Alice Speri: Striking Prisoners In Alabama Accuse Officials Of Using Food As Weapon

“We just refuse to be the components in the institution of slavery”

Jeffrey R. Webber: Life After Dilma

Brazil’s left must prepare itself for a post-impeachment landscape

Ebony Slaughter-Johnson: Mother’s Day is Another Day to Struggle for Justice When Your Child is Behind Bars

An emerging grassroots, family-based movement, sustained by the love of mothers across the nation, reminds us that mothers are leaders as well as nurturers, teachers as well as advocates

Don Fitz: Historic Preservation Wins Big in U City

Prop H does more than change politicians. It empowers citizens to have veto power over a type of decision that politicians can make

Noam Chomsky: US Military Presence in Europe & the Case of Edward Snowden

Snowden, it’s important to recall, performed an enormous service, a patriotic service in fact, to the people of the United States and the world

Steve Early: A Tale of Two Teamsters: Building a Community-Minded Union in Mid-Century St. Louis

A look at Fighting For Total Person Unionism: Harold Gibbons, Ernest Calloway, and Working Class Citizenship, by Bob Bussel

David Swanson: Seymour Hersh Erases Public’s Role on Syria

We once again owe the great reporter Seymour Hersh a serious debt for his reporting, in this case for his London Review of Books articles on President Barack Obama’s war making, now published as a book called The Killing of Osama bin Laden. Despite the title, three of the four articles are about Syria. But Read more…

Mark Weisbrot: Has the Left Run Its Course in Latin America?

Hardly. Despite recent setbacks, it has led the region’s “second independence,” benefiting hundreds of millions

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: The Most Honest Politician in Latin America Will Be Removed By the Most Corrupt

Brazil’s Supreme Court is able to intervene on procedural grounds in Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment, not on the merits of the case

John Litchfield: French Government Forced to Use Emergency Powers to Push Through Labour Law Changes

Hard line union federations say the changes would, in effect, end the principle of a single nationwide body of legal protections for workers

David Frum: The Great Republican Revolt

What happens to an elite whose followers withdraw their assent? Does it self-examine? Or does it take refuge in denial?

Fran Quigley: From Cancer Patient to Medicines Activist

It is Hannah Lyon’s first-ever experience with public speaking, but she clears her throat, clutches her notes, and plunges in. “Hello. My name is Hannah, and while I might not look like it, I am a cancer patient.” Lyon’s audience was gathered in front of her on a Washington, DC sidewalk to commemorate World Cancer Read more…

RT.com: ‘Nuit Debout’ goes global: France’s youth-led movement urges worldwide protests on May 15

The French protest movement “Nuit Debout” (Up All Night) plans to go international, urging people around Europe and the world to take to the streets to protest austerity, among many other grievances, on May 15. In the photo: A woman faces French anti riot policemen as they block the access to the Place de la Republique Read more…

Marco Teruggi: Venezuela On Fire

Something is going to give in Venezuela. It’s a feeling that can be perceived in the air, in talks, on the streets, in public transport, in the people…

Noam Chomsky: The Costs of Violence

Masters of Mankind (Part 2)

Juan Cole: Sadiq Khan and Trump: Why KKK Donald’s values are Unacceptable

The charismatic young mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is calling out Donald Trump for his bigotry toward Muslims. He says he plans to visit the United States this fall before the presidential election, because in case Trump wins, he won’t be able to. He had told Time magazine earlier, “If Donald Trump becomes the president Read more…

Jill Stein: Thinking and voting outside the two-party box

Dr. Jill Stein is a leading member of the Green Party and its likely presidential candidate in 2016. A longtime activist, including around issues of health care reform and ecological justice, Stein ran for several offices as a Green in Massachusetts, before becoming the party’s presidential nomination in 2012, where she won 456,169 votes. She Read more…

Max Elbaum: Trump, Racism and the Left in 2016

The perilous consequences of a Trump presidency should be a wake-up call for the left

Howie Hawkins: Safe States, Inside-Outside, and Other Liberal Illusions

There is no shortcut through the Democratic Party to building a mass party on the left. That shortcut is a dead end

Roberto Savio: Islamophobia is a Political Tool

The rising tide of nationalism, populism and now Islamophobia, which has paralyzed the traditional political system, is not only the decline of democracy. It is also a path to insecurity

Leo Panitch: Corbyn and Sanders Reigniting Democratic Socialism

Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn are laying the groundwork for economic democracy and a breakthrough into socialism

Robert Hunziker: The Ugly Truth Behind The Greek Bailout

Christine Lagarde, the Queen of Troika and the Head Honcho of the IMF, on May 6th, threatened to pull the IMF out of the Greek rescue plan, with a straight face, calling it a “rescue plan.” Oh, please! Yet, it is extremely doubtful the IMF would ever entirely pull out since the plan really bails Read more…

Sue Sturgis: N.C. produces flawed study to dismiss cancer-cluster fears near Duke Energy coal plants

Is it surprising that people living near these plants report unusual patterns of illness?

Noam Chomsky: American Power Under Challenge

Masters of Mankind (Part 1)

Paul Street: Break Free or Burn in Hell: a Message From Canada

We cannot depend on the carbon-caked corporate and financial powers that be

Juan Cole: London’s Muslim Mayor is nothing New

1300 yrs of Muslims who Ran Major European Cities

Kali Holloway: Compared to Rest of World Americans are Delusional, Prudish, Selfish Religious Nuts: Study

More than any European country, Americans, at 57 percent, said they disagreed with the idea that “success in life is pretty much determined by forces outside our control”

Dilar Dirik: Challenging privilege: on solidarity and self-reflection

Solidarity fundamentally means to empathize and respect each others’ struggle and to understand ourselves as fighting on the same side

Lourdes Huanca Atencio: Peru: In Defense of Land, Culture and the Female Body

Rooted in an ancestral cosmovision of their indigenous communities, a central struggle has been the fight for their subsistence, in maintaining land, water and seed sovereignty

Jack Rasmus: Is Donald Trump at War with the Republican Party?

One of the several things that are unique in this 2016 electoral cycle is that a majority, if not a big plurality, of American voters are becoming increasingly fed up with the two party system

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