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David Swanson: Environmentalist Writer Claims Military Saves Lives

If militaries were made green in terms of their operations, they would lose one of their main reasons for war

Noam Chomsky: The Nuclear Deal

The nuclear deal reached between Iran and P5+1 was greeted with relief and optimism throughout the world, with striking exceptions: the US and its closest regional allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia

Stathis Kouvelakis: Introducing Popular Unity

Syriza’s left wing has split from the party, becoming the third largest group in the Greek Parliament

Andrew Anthony: Yanis Varoufakis: ‘If I’m convicted of high treason, it would be interesting’

Varoufakis has been a longtime and consistent critic of Greek politics, its ruling oligarchy, its widespread tax evasion and endemic corruption

Laurie Penny: Europe shouldn’t worry about migrants. It should worry about creeping fascism

The greatest threat to our “way of life” is not migration. It is that we will swallow the lie that some human lives matter less than others

Joris Leverink: US shows its real face in choosing Turkey over the Kurds

In its choice of allies in the battle against IS, the US is showing that defeating the jihadists might in fact not be its number one priority

Roberto Savio: Misinformation Hides Real Dimension of Greek “Bailout”

The purpose of Greece’s third bailout is clear – all but seven percent of the 86 billion euros will go to pay debt with the other European governments, recapitalize Greek banks, pay interest on Greece’s debt and pay the debt of the state with Greek enterprises, while the country’s citizens will see none of it

Sophia Tesfaye: Private prisons get Bern-ed: Sanders proposes abolishing for-profit facilities

The Independent Vermont senator plans to bolster his criminal justice reform record with new bill next month

Adam Talbot: Rio’s Olympic preparations under the spotlight

In the run-up to the Rio Olympics people have been forced from their homes and killed in the streets, while the environment has been permanently damaged

Dilar Dirik: From Genocide to Resistance: Yazidi Women Fight Back

Having suffered a traumatic genocide, Yazidi women on Mount Sinjar mobilize their autonomous armed and political resistance with the PKK’s philosophy

Eva Golinger: The Secret Agenda Behind the Venezuela-Guyana Conflict

What appears to be a centuries-old struggle for control over a sliver of land in Northeastern South America is actually a front for regime change

Jérôme Roos: Puerto Rico: a US debt colony hounded by hedge funds

Why was Puerto Rico allowed to default while Greece was not? Just follow the money: the default was on the poor, while US hedge funds profit once more

Vincent Emanuele: River of Souls: Colonialism’s Toxic Legacy

“The more things change, the more they remain the same.” — Jean-Baptise Alphonse Karr Recently, a contractor working for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the Mountain West state of Colorado unintentionally released 3 million gallons of toxic mine waste into the Animas River. Right now, people in the US are debating the efficacy of the Read more…

Mehmet Ali Dogan: Communes, Counter-Hegemony, and the Kurdish Fight for the Middle Eastern Patria Grande

Interview on a variety of topics including the relation between the Venezuelan “communal state” and the democratic confederalist model being constructed in the autonomous region of northern Syria known as Rojava

Henry A. Giroux: The Plague of American Authoritarianism

Totalitarianism was as much about the production of thoughtlessness as it was about the imposition of brute force, gaping inequality, corporatism, and the spectacle of violence

Ted Glick: Bernie Can Win in November 2016

Turning on those who, for good reason, have turned off to the US political system, getting them to register and getting those registered to turn out on election, or caucus, day is critical for the Sanders campaign

David Swanson: When $8.5 Trillion is Chump Change

Military spending diverts public funds into increasingly privatized industries through the least accountable public enterprise

George Monbiot: Tory lobbying against air pollution laws smells of political corruption

The UK government’s bid to weaken EU laws to limit toxic pollution wouldn’t appear in any manifesto. It reveals a party working in the interests of corporate coal rather than the public

Kate Aronoff:  How to Add Politics to Our Protest

 The case for a new, open-source party of unified progressive movements

Bernie Sanders: From Greece to Puerto Rico, the Financial Rules Are Rigged to Favor the 1%

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders recently convened a panel of economists in Washington to discuss the debt crisis in Greece and throughout the world

Jack Rasmus: China vs. the IMF

Behind the IMF’s decision to refuse China’s currency reserve status is U.S. commitment to protect its hegemonic role in the global economy

Hilary Wainwright: From Greece to Brazil: the challenge of forging a socialist alternative

A debate on the fate of Brazil’s Workers’ Party draws some parallels with today’s Syriza

David Swanson: Most Disgusting Game Ever

Tossing lives around on playing cards and making more points the more you murder is a well-established path to empathy

Immanuel Wallerstein: Free-Trade Treaties are Anti-Free Trade

So-called free-trade treaties are about managing the protectionist interests of the various parties to these treaties

Cornel West: The Fire of a New Generation

This is the 15th in a series of interviews on race that I am conducting for The Stone. This week’s discussion is with Cornel West, one of the most prominent and provocative intellectuals in public life. He is a professor of philosophy and Christian practice at Union Theological Seminary and professor emeritus at Princeton University. Read more…

Harvey Wasserman: Grassroots Pressure Escalates to Shut Down Diablo Canyon Nuke Plant

The two reactors at Diablo Canyon are the last ones still operating in California. And the grassroots pressure to shut them down is escalating

Juan Cole: Defying Saudis, Iran: Muslim thinkers call for Action on Climate Change at Istanbul Conference

Attendees at the International Islamic Climate Change Symposium in Istanbul from 20 countries produced, and 60 of them signed, a declaration warning of the dangers of climate change and urging urgent action

Karla Peña: The Struggle for Land Reforms and Food Sovereignty in Ecuador

Over 6,000 individuals and 500 organizations have participated in consultas on the land law with Ecuador’s government

Robin D.G. Kelley: Watts: Remember what they built, not what they burned

The desire for a functional, free, even beautiful community existed well before the first Molotov cocktail was thrown and continued long after the last arrest

Dave Johnson: Bernie Sanders Proposes To Boost Worker-Ownership Of Companies

Sanders proposed to get the government involved in starting and maintaining worker cooperatives and creating a bank to fund worker ownership

Ray McGovern: Propaganda, Intelligence and MH-17

During a recent interview, I was asked to express my conclusions about the July 17, 2014 shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine, prompting me to take another hard look at Official Washington’s dubious claims – pointing the finger of blame at eastern Ukrainian rebels and Moscow – based on shaky evidence regarding who Read more…

Jonah Birch: The Many Lives of François Mitterrand

Before Alexis Tsipras, Europe battered François Mitterrand’s reformist ambitions into a sweeping neoliberal program

Noam Chomsky: “The Iranian Threat”

Who Is the Gravest Danger to World Peace?

Carl Finamore: Property Investors Buying, Evicting & Profiting Banks Displacing People

There is no question that activism was having an impact on the First Republic Bank

Marjorie Cohn: From Japan to Vietnam, Radiation and Agent Orange Survivors Deserve Justice From the US

We must hold our leaders accountable for their crimes in Japan and Vietnam, and ensure that such atrocities never happen again

Yesenia Barragan: From Black August to Black Lives Matter

Black August, a month of political prisoner activism and commemoration, can help remind us of the nation’s exponentially expanding racist prison system

Richard D. Wolff: Déjà Vu: Germany Tightens Its Economic Power Over Europe

German capitalism in its way replicates the fundamental mistake of capitalists elsewhere. It does not know how or when to stop overstepping the limits of what the rest of society will endure and allow

Milan Rai: The real meaning of V-J Day: still lying about Hiroshima

Despite Western propaganda, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not a ‘last resort’ to end the Second World War in the Pacific.

Lissa Johnson: Truth Hurts: The Science Behind Why People Don’t Care About The Death Of Our Planet And Democracy

System justification correlates with political conservatism or right leaning political ideology and other inequality-justifying beliefs

David Horsey: Amazon’s brutal workplace is an indicator of an inhumane economy

Is Amazon just a grueling 21st century sweatshop or the model for tomorrow’s high-powered workplace? And is there any difference between the two?

George Monbiot: The curator of the future

So great has the damage been to a party lost for 21 years in Tony Blair’s Bermuda triangulation that it might take many years until it becomes electable again

John Feffer: Trump Takes on the World

Donald Trump’s not-so-veiled racism, crude economic populism, and male bravado make him the closest thing the U.S. has to an authentic European-style fascist

Black Labor Collaborative: Black Trade Union Leaders Speak Out on The Future of the Labor Movement in New Report

A new 35-page white paper, “A Future for Workers: A Contribution From Black Labor,” was released this week by the Black Labor Collaborative

Kathy Kelly: Replanting

Our shared future requires faith that whatever lays ahead, small gestures undertaken now – a folded message, a careful planting – are not lost

Bill Fletcher: Why We Cannot Speak Of Economic Injustice Alone, Or, Why Race Matters

The ruling elites, for several centuries, have appreciated that race is the trip wire of US politics and social movements. When will progressives arrive at the same conclusion?

William J. Astore: Seventy Years of Military Mediocrity

The Shared Failings of America’s Military Academies and Senior Officers

Preeti Kaur: Making and moving: the politics of neoliberalism and migration

The struggle for migrants’ rights is inherently linked to the struggle for economic and social justice

Michelle Chen: Prison Education Reduces Recidivism by Over 40 Percent. Why Aren’t We Funding More of It?

Giving prisoners access to financial aid for college tuition is the first step towards “de-carceration”

Ali Abunimah: Are Israel and Hamas really talking about ending Gaza siege?

More than 2,200 Palestinians, including 551 children, were killed in Gaza last summer and more than 100,000 people remain in need of permanent shelter due to the lack of reconstruction since then

Amit Singh: Politicians & media’s anti-Corbyn pact dispels myth of free press & democracy

In Britain elites and newspapers tell us how to vote and how not to vote whilst lecturing foreign governments on ideas of democracy and free political expression

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