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Richard Falk: When a Terrorist Is Not a Terrorist

I find it deeply disturbing that while the Chapel Hill tragedy is given marginal media attention except among groups previously worried about Islamophobia and racism

Nicola Nasser: UN peace coordinator unwelcome by Palestinians

PLO negotiators continue to wait for a breakthrough by “peace” envoys that are imposed on them and appointed by the US and the UN

Rachael Boothroyd: Venezuelan Opposition Mayor, Alias “The Vampire,” Arrested for Role in Blue Coup Plot

Although details surrounding Ledezma’s exact role in the recently discovered “Blue” coup plot are still unclear, it appears that the opposition politician is implicated beyond his call for a transitional government

Carlton Reeves: Resurrecting the Nightmarish Specter of Lynchings in Mississippi

In his remarks from the bench, Reeves gave a unflinching account of the state’s violent past: “Mississippi has expressed its savagery in a number of ways throughout its history — slavery being the cruelest example, but a close second being Mississippi’s infatuation with lynchings.”

Bill Fletcher: Draft Of An Eight-Point Platform For Making A Major Breakthrough On ‘Left Unity’

Wouldn’t this campaign be better served if we worked together in a planned way to draw in and skillfully deploy even more forces?

Mark Weisbrot: The Coercion of Greece

Who’s Extorting Whom?

Staughton Lynd: American Exceptionalism, Working-Class Wars, and Working-Class Peace Movements

Review of American Reckoning: The Vietnam War and Our National Identity, by Christian Appy

Peter Van Buren: War Porn

Hollywood and War from World War II to American Sniper

Mariame Kaba: ‘We Must Love Each Other:’ Lessons in Struggle and Justice from Chicago

In Chicago, many have used the energy and opening created by these ongoing protests to re-animate existing long-term anti-police violence campaigns

Pete Dolack: Federal Reserve Says Your Wages Are Too High

Our need to sell our labor, the resulting reduction of human beings’ labor power to a commodity, and the endless competitive pressures on capitalists to boost profits underlie the present economic difficulties

Vijay Prashad: The night is long

LARGE, CORRUGATED IRON FENCES BLOCK the road to Tahrir Square in Cairo. The fences are painted with the Egyptian flag. There are, of course, ways to get into the square, but these are few. On the eve of the fourth anniversary of the January 25 Revolution, the mood in Egypt was mixed. Many wanted to Read more…

Yvo Fitzherbert: Rebuilding Kobani

A call for help from a city in ruins

Dave Zirin: Gentrification Is the Real Scandal Surrounding Jackie Robinson West

The public funds for the infrastructure that baseball demands simply do not exist, but the land required for diamonds are the crown jewels of urban real estate

Dave Maass: Hundreds of South Carolina Inmates Sent to Solitary Confinement Over Facebook

In the South Carolina prison system, accessing Facebook is an offense on par with murder, rape, rioting, escape and hostage-taking

Abby Martin: How Words Absolve Pillaging and Mass Murder

In today’s cutthroat capitalist world overrun by neoliberal doctrine, there’s a language of dehumanization employed towards everything

Jim Hightower: An Exciting Democracy Movement Arises in Chicago

“Reclaim Chicago” has a bold progressive plan to reclaim the Windy City from the one percent.

Jérôme Roos: Syriza Will Have to Choose between Scylla and Charybdis

Greece’s leftist government will soon have to confront a critical question: will it accept its creditors’ demands, or will it take unilateral action?

Marina Sitrin: Education as Commons: Bachilleratos Populares in Argentina

Participants reflect that the self organized nature of the schools is directly connected to the horizontal and assembly based movements that came out of the popular rebellion of December 2001

Marjorie Cohn: Obama to Congress: Rubber-Stamp My Perpetual War

We cannot rely on Congress or the president to reverse the course of rampant US militarism. It is up to us to make our voices heard

Pablo Iglesias: The Next Syriza?

As Greece Rejects Austerity, Meet the Activist Who Could Become Spain’s New PM

Vijay Prashad: When New Atheism meets Islam

There is little acknowledgement that what has destroyed the cultural basis of northern Europe and part of the US heartland is not “Islam”, but the predatory nature of advanced capitalism

George Monbiot: Hope Among the Ruins

An astonishing money creation scheme from the 1930s that could help to save the Greek economy

Stathis Kouvelakis: Syriza Holds Its Ground

Syriza has been able to stand up to eurozone finance ministers because of the popular movement behind the party

Marwan Bishara: Obama’s short memory

Obama said nothing about how proxy and other western wars have created the fertile grounds for the type of extremism that has been evolving and spreading in the Arab and Muslim world

Paul Mason: Rejecting Austerity, Greece Squares Off with Its Creditors & Risks Future in Eurozone

Less than a month after the anti-austerity Syriza party swept to victory in Greece, a major dispute has broken out between Greece’s new leaders and European finance ministers

Marietta Simegiatou: Golden Dawn’s Consolidation and its Reluctant Prosecution

With its leaders in prison, Golden Dawn still managed to consolidate its electoral base. Where did the party come from and what are the latest developments?

Tom Vouloumanos: Understanding Syriza

Interviewed by Albert, Vouloumanos reports on Syriza history, program, and prospects…

Patrick Bond: Keep South Africa’s Lights on with Renewable Energy – or Irradiate a Darkened Nation?

After an explosive start to his State of the Nation Address last week, South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma turned to nuclear, coal, fracking and offshore drilling projects – but what about the country’s free sunshine, wind and tides?

Ben Dangl: Decolonizing Bolivia’s History of Indigenous Resistance

Interview on the role of historical memory in the country’s radical politics, and the importance of decolonizing Bolivia’s history of indigenous resistance

C. Douglas Lummis: Okinawa: State of Emergency

Outside the gate of the US Marine Corp’s Camp Schwab at Henoko in northern Okinawa a sign announced that this was the 220th day of the sit-in there

Tom Engelhardt: In Whose America?

Machine Guns, MRAPs, Surveillance, Drones, Permanent War, and a Permanent Election Campaign

Lauren McCauley: NSA-Linked Spyware Found in Hard Drives Worldwide

“The NSA has multiple ways of obtaining source code from tech companies, including asking directly and posing as a software developer”

Vijay Prashad: A Somalia on the Mediterranean

The Islamic State in Libya is not merely a Libyan problem but a regional one

Allie Yee: South’s unique immigration trends shape region’s response to deportation relief

As growing immigrant communities integrate into cities, the stage could be set for potential clashes between states and localities over immigration issues

Kara Z. Dellacioppa: Remembering the Watts Rebellion

Operation Chaos and the Infectious Logic of National Security

Eva Golinger: The Media War on Venezuela

Venezuela has been in the eye of a constant media storm. That storm is intensifying as a new opposition coup plot was thwarted

Michael Albert: Whispering Venezuela?

Venezuela has sought a libertarian, non violent, and even participatory path more so then any other large scale project in the world

Eva Golinger: Which Way Venezuela?

The Venezuelan opposition is led by an elite, super-rich class that ruled the country for decades, and accumulated much of their wealth through corrupt business practices and siphoning oil industry profits

Tamara Pearson: Venezuelan Guarimbas: 11 Things the Media Didn’t Tell You

A look from the ground as the unrest evolved, speaking to ordinary Venezuelans and getting the real story from the streets

Lucas Koerner: Venezuelan Officials Allege Blackwater, U.S. and Canadian Links to Thwarted Coup

The four-stage plan included economic war, an international media offensive against the Venezuelan government, political destabilization fomenting ungovernability, and finally the use of a Super Tucano aircraft to strike “tactical targets” in the capital

Kathy Kelly: The Front Page Rule

As drone warfare proliferates, as the stings of the drone become more lethal and terrifying, the peace activists hold a newsworthy message

Richard Falk: On the North Carolina Killings

An interview on how to interpret the ghastly murder of three young Muslims living in the North Carolina university town of Chapel Hill

Chris Hedges: ‘Pornography Is What the End of the World Looks Like’

The abuse inherent in pornography goes unquestioned in large part by both men and women

Badri Raina: Revolt of the Disenchanted: How the Mighty are Pulverised

Movements cannot be replicated mechanically; but all movements carry lessons that may be adopted and modulated to similar ends

David Sirota: As Public Pensions Shift to Risky Wall Street, Local Politicians Rake in Political Cash

Many of the investments are being done in secret while politically connected Wall Streets firms — including Blackstone, the Carlyle Group and Elliott Management — earn millions in investment fees from taxpayers

Dean Baker: The Sharing Economy Must Share a Level Playing Field

The idea that Uber should be able to operate by its own rules may be the dream of its top executives and holders of Uber stock, but it is not sound public policy

John Pilger: Support Venezuela

Washington wants to get rid of the Venezuelan government because it is independent of US designs for the region and because Venezuela has the greatest proven oil reserves in the world and uses its oil revenue to improve the quality of ordinary lives

Gloria La Riva: Coup plot foiled in Venezuela

More than ever, it is vital that international solidarity be mobilized to demand an end to U.S. machinations in Venezuela and all Latin America

Nikos Raptis: What Is Going on in the World

Could an international tribunal hold war criminals accountable?

Leo Panitch: The Historic Victory of Greek Left: What Now?

Presentation by Leo Panitch, Canada Research Chair in Comparative Political Economy at York University, Toronto

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