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William Blum: Cold War 2.0

f I were still the jingoistic nationalist I was raised to be I think I would feel somewhat embarrassed now by the blatant obviousness of it all

Michael Albert: What’s Free?

The odd situation that gargantuan operations make it look like “free” is sensible – Google, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. You don’t pay for them, or don’t think you pay, anyhow – so why pay for anything else – especially coming from the left?

Florian Zollmann: The Scourge of Militarism

The vast military machine needs to be dismantled. This can only be achieved by the concerted and peaceful efforts of an international grass roots movement

Joe Emersberger: Nice about Katharine Viner, but Ads keeps the Guardian’s Lights On

We urgently need a mass media that does not chase after ad revenue or well-off subscribers

Shamus Cooke: Fight “Right to Work” in Oregon With “$15 and a Union”

Right to Work is not inevitable in Oregon. There is still time to go on the offensive

Julian Assange: ‘I still enjoy crushing bastards’

There is not any pretense anymore that there is equality before the law

Lee Fang: How Big Business Is Helping Expand NSA Surveillance, Snowden Be Damned

American spy agencies have been pushing laws to encourage corporations to share more customer information

Nora Barrows-friedman: Defying college’s threats, California students build mock Israeli wall

Student activists at Pitzer College in southern California are risking administration sanctions this week to bring attention to Israel’s violations of the rights of Palestinians

Steve Fraser: Plutocracy The First Time Around

Revisiting the Great Upheaval and the First Gilded Age

Vijay Prashad: The Geopolitics of Iran’s Nuclear Program

The Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs held a lecture entitled:
The Geopolitics of Iran’s Nuclear Program with Vijay Prashad

Cynthia Peters: Liberation and Mental Health

A Review of “Social Justice in Clinical Practice”

Noam Chomsky: On Institutional Stupidity

It’s a kind of stupidity that’s entirely rational within the framework within which it operates: but the framework itself ranges from grotesque to virtual insanity

Paul Street: Name That System and/or Work to Overthrow It

Movement-building would seem the major order of the day

Ben Dangl: Bolivia’s Contested Process of Change: Views from a Regional Election

Following the election, new checks and balances to MAS party power may continue to open up spaces of dissent, debate and contestation that will deepen Bolivia’s wider process of change

Arun Gupta: Why Promoting Healthy Food like Junk Food Won’t Work

What does threaten junk food are stringent federal nutrition standards, soda taxes, limits on advertising to children, banning toy giveaways with fast-food meals, healthier school lunches, subsidizing the purchase of fresh foods by food-stamp recipients

Vijay Prashad: Party of paranoia

The nuclear deal, built on compromise, is an essential first step towards a bargain for the region. It is precisely what the party of paranoia opposes

Pepe Escobar: Howling in Donetsk

I saw whole families holed up in fully decorated Soviet-era bomb shelters too afraid to go out even by daylight, traumatized by the bombings orchestrated by Kiev’s “anti-terrorist operations”

Robert H Wade: The Ukraine crisis is not what it seems

The tortured history of the present conflict began before the overthrow of President Yanukovich

FREBIN: Letter from Bolivarian Researchers

For the victory of 99%, let’s fight together! as we already did in Pensacola, Ocumare and Amelia Island. Let America be Our America

George Monbiot: ‘Wealth creators’ are robbing our most productive people

There is an inverse relationship between utility and reward. The most lucrative, prestigious jobs tend to cause the greatest harm. The most useful workers tend to be paid least and treated worst

Medea Benjamin: Menendez Downfall Could Be Diplomacy’s Windfall

Menendez not only plays loose with favors for Dr. Melgen; he plays loose with issues of war and peace. The people of New Jersey, and the rest of the country, deserve better

Henry A. Giroux: Terrorism, Violence, and the Culture of Madness

The war on terrorism has morphed into a new form of authoritarianism and its real enemy is no longer limited to potential terrorists, but includes democracy itself

Dilip Hiro: The Great Game in Afghanistan (Twenty-First-Century Update)

And the U.S. Is Losing Ou

Walden Bello: Washington Frets as Beijing Steps Up Multilateral Initiatives

With the institutions it controls having such dismal records in managing the global economy and promoting development, the US should have expected that at some point, the world would begin looking elsewhere for institutions that could deliver

Mark Evans: Talking to Dominic (and you) about Class Power

The design of these institutions can either create a class system within the economy or it can create classlessness

Rachael Boothroyd: Democracy Behind Bars in Venezuela? A Reply to the UK Guardian

One wonders how many mistakes, glaring omissions and biased statements can one fit in just two paragraphs of just 88 words. When it comes to Venezuela, the answer is, a lot

Occupy KCL: ‘Free, accessible and compassionate education system’

Occupying King’s College London

Oskar Lafontaine: A Better Europe is Possible

Interview on “anti-systemic” parties and how to forge a democratic Europe

Philip Weiss: The Jewish establishment has banned these four valiant Jews. Why?

Four American Jews on a national campus tour have been banned from speaking at Hillel, the Jewish campus organization, because they have come out in favor of Palestinian human rights

Bruce Schneier: Data and Goliath: Bruce Schneier on the Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World

On the Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World

zak: Zak-Attack

Why I Care About the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Marina Sitrin: Pregnancy and Fashion – Don’t “Look Like Me”

Pregnancy has been the one area that remained generally untouched by superficial beauty and fashion judgments

Giles Tremlett: The Podemos Revolution

How a small group of radical academics changed European politics

Ted Glick: Reasons to Be Hopeful This Spring

Spring brings with it major mobilizations of people into the streets for mass demonstrations around war and peace, justice, climate or other issues

Michael Albert: Time Is Not On Our Side Yet

Movements could fight for a shorter workday and work week as a valuable aid

Mark Weisbrot: Destroying the Greek economy in order to save it

European authorities are using dirty tactics to bring Greece to heel

Patrick Cockburn: Saudi Arabia’s airstrikes in Yemen are fuelling the Gulf’s fire

Foreign states that go to war in Yemen usually come to regret it

Sonali Kolhatkar: Why Mexico’s Farmworkers Who Harvest Our Food Are on Strike

Poor treatment of the workers who pick our produce is no accident. It is a predictable outcome of a system designed to have a bottleneck controlled by fewer and fewer corporations

Sandy Boyer: A 1,000-foot middle finger to affordable housing

A $1 billion-a-year real estate racket–and asks why Mayor Bill de Blasio isn’t trying to end it

Trita Parsi: Iran Nuclear Talks Near Deadline Amid “Air of Inevitability Combined with Tremendous Uncertainty”

Talks over a nuclear deal with Iran are in their final stages

Justin Podur: York strikers show the way — now let’s build a truly public university

How could we have a totally seamless relationship with the non-university public, in which the university becomes a source of knowledge and not a place where knowledge is locked up to be accessed only by those who pay to be within its walls?

Richard Falk: The Mistakes of the Global Imperial State and the Mistakes of Others

The United States operates globally in all regions to solidify its status as the only global imperial state, indeed the first such state in the history of the world

Pete Dolack: Providing low-cost banking by saving the post office

Struggles for reform will be fought again and again, becoming more difficult to sustain, as long as economic systems stress private profit rather than public good

Marina Prentoulis: After Syriza: What’s next for Spain?

The significance of Syriza’s electoral victory for anti-austerity parties and politics across Europe is slowly, but steadily sinking in

Lauren McCauley: Students and Parents Rally Against Cuomo’s Billionaire-Backed Education Scheme

Students, parents, and teachers protest New York governor’s plan to tie standardized tests to teacher evaluations

A.M. "Marty" Stroud III: Prosecutor Apologizes for Sending Innocent Man to Death Row

Glenn Ford should be completely compensated to every extent possible because of the flaws of a system that effectively destroyed his life

Freddie Allen: Record Number of Former Workers Without Benefits

With no federal unemployment insurance and rapidly disappearing state coverage, the percentage of people benefiting from unemployment insurance is at its lowest level in more than three decades, according to a report by According to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), a Washington, D.C.-based think tank focused on low- and middle-income families. EPI said the unemployment Read more…

Stephen Greenberg: Grabbing Africa’s seeds

USAID, EU and Gates Foundation back agribusiness seed takeover

Jack Rasmus: China’s Bank & Waning USA Hegemony

The USA’s dominance of the IMF and World Bank since 1945 has provided Washington with great leverage in influencing both political events and economic directions in emerging market economies

Jérôme Roos: Monster bubbles: the delayed crisis of casino capitalism resurfaces

While the rest of us linger in “secular stagnation,” the speculators at Wall Street are having a field day

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