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George Monbiot: The Zombie Doctrine

Crisis after crisis is being caused by a failed ideology. But it cannot be stopped without a coherent alternative

Alex Kotch: Southerners flock to Washington for Democracy Spring protests

When Philip Hesslup heard that Republican senators blocked legislation providing medical care for 9/11 first responders last year, that was the last straw. Hesslup, a 29-year-old web designer from Jacksonville, Florida, had been following money in politics for some time, and he’d signed petitions for various causes he cared about. “But that broke my heart,” Read more…

Dimitris Konstantakopoulos: Greece, Cyprus, Sanders and Dignity

Time and again in our history, we witness the abyss between the Greek people and its supposed leaders and “elites”

Bernie Sanders: The Speech Bernie Sanders Gave at the Vatican

Here is a transcript of Bernie Sanders’s prepared remarks. I am honored to be with you today and was pleased to receive your invitation to speak to this conference of The Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. Today we celebrate the encyclical Centesimus Annus and reflect on its meaning for our world a quarter-century after it Read more…

Marisa Holmes: The Spirit of Occupy Lives on in France’s Emerging Direct Democracy Movement

With each experiment lessons are learned, but they need to be shared. This work will not be easy. There will be repression. However, it must be done

Gerald Epstein: Paul Krugman Crosses the Line

In his recent New York Times opinion column, “Sanders Over the Edge” (4/8/16), economist Paul Krugman offers his readers a basketful of misinformation on important economic matters about which he should – and probably does – know better. The column contains a large number of snipes and a great deal of innuendo against Bernie Sanders Read more…

Kristian Laubjerg: Combating HIV/AIDS in Africa – The Hypocrisy Approach

According to the most recent data released by UNAIDS, 36.9 million people globally were living with HIV in 2014, with 70 % of them living in sub-Saharan Africa

Sonali Kolhatkar: Two Weeks Into a Major Uprising, French Activists Still Staying ‘Up All Night’

Perhaps these explosive uprisings ought to be seen as a natural expression of the mass frustration people feel about their increased subservience to corporate power and political elites

Alyssa Davis: Closing the pay gap and beyond

A comprehensive strategy for improving economic security for women and families

Vijay Prashad: A Chill Wind From the North: the US Returns to Latin America

MST leader Joäo Pedro Stédile suggests that the progressive forces across Latin America will not be weakened by the defeats of their governments or by the aggression of the old elites

Henry A. Giroux: Authoritarian Politics in the Age of Civic Illiteracy

The dark times that haunt the current age are epitomized in the monsters that have come to rule the United States and who now dominate the major political parties and other commanding political and economic institutions. Their nightmarish reign of misery, violence, and disposability is also evident in their dominance of a formative culture and Read more…

Rick Shenkman: Why Are Trump Voters Not Bothered by His Lies?

Once we have made up our mind about something contrary information disturbs our feeling of well-being and we do whatever we can to ignore it or explain it away

Juan Cole: The Bernie Sanders Miracle: American Crowd in Brooklyn Cheers Palestinian Dignity

It has been clear for some years that the far-right Likud government’s policies are unacceptable to most Americans

Bernie Sanders: Bernie Sanders Slams Ted Cruz for His “New York Values” Talk

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders brings the hammer down on Ted Cruz in response to the GOP candidate’s negative remarks about “New York values.”

Badri Raina: Guru Gram

Those who decree that Guru Drona be handed back his Assets do not, however, intend One bit to disown Vodafone That, along with a full rash of Fortune 500 marauders Lord over the earth that might Have been the Acharya’s home And hearth. They are more than Content to have Cyber City full Of western zing and capital splash But with a caption that Read more…

Dan DiMaggio: Verizon Workers On the Line

The company is pushing to offshore more call-center jobs, outsource more line work to low-wage contractors, and force workers to accept assignments away from home for up to two months at a time—all while it’s making $1.8 billion in profit a month

Paul Blest: The Myth of the Progressive Capitalist

The same companies that oppose North Carolina’s bathroom bill bankroll the politicians who passed it

Bill Fletcher: Why Progressives Need a National Electoral Strategy—and Fast

We face a potential right-wing populist threat

Ted Glick: This Is An Uprising

Review of This Is An Uprising: How Nonviolent Revolt Is Shaping The Twenty-First Century, by Mark and Paul Engler

Pete Dolack: There’s no place for clean water under ‘free trade’

That last ruling provides the essence of “free trade” agreements — the accumulation of corporate power to override all democratic controls over health, safety, environmental or labor safeguards

Ramzy Baroud: The Logic of Murder in Israel: A Culture of Impunity in Full View of the Entire World

The danger of impunity is not merely the lack of legal accountability, but the fact that it is the very foundation of most violent crimes against humanity, including genocide

William Astore: What’s the Meaning of Failure?

A Dictionary of Euphemisms for Imperial Decline

William Black: “Liberal” Economists Cheered the New Democrats’ Deregulation of Finance

It is important to understand the intersection of the economic and political contexts in spring 1999 in the United States

Jonah Walters: Ortega’s Betrayal

Today’s Sandinista leaders are a far cry from the revolutionaries that once inspired the international left

Mackenzie Baris: Five Reasons to Care About the Verizon Strike

As the teams of working people at Verizon stand together, it’s important that we have their backs

Danny Katch: Standing up to Verizon’s war on unions

Why almost 40,000 Verizon workers are on strike — and need your solidarity

Conor Lynch: Bernie Sanders vs. the plutocracy: Why General Electric’s CEO is lashing out at the democratic socialist

Sanders has taken GE to task for its anti-middle class machinations. His message is too important to ignore

Kshama Sawant: On Trump, Bernie and Building Socialism in the US

Interview on building socialism in a capitalist country, her critical support for the Sanders campaign, and why she believes change will ultimately have to come from outside the Democratic party

Lauren McCauley: ‘Just the Beginning’

400 Arrested on Capitol Steps Protesting Big Money in Politics

Dave Lindorff: The Story about Democratic Convention Pledged Delegates that Nobody Talks About

Clinton’s only ahead of Sanders thanks to 6 Deep South states irrelevant in November

Daniel Rivero: This is the scariest sentence you will ever read about the internet

Our generation has told ourselves that the value and beauty of social media is that it offers authentic, real-time perspectives from real people

Juan Cole: Arab Youth view ISIL as major Mideast Obstacle, want less Religion

Overwhelming majorities of youth want their national leaders to expand personal freedom and human rights for women

Robert Hunziker: Greece Loses its Soul

The streets of Greece recurrently experience rioting, which has now morphed into the Necktie Movement, as lawyers, notaries, insurers, and engineers join in street protests

David Bacon: Vietnam’s Labor Newspaper

Lao Dong belongs to the official union federation, but it maintains an independent critical voice

John Hanrahan: As in Libya, Avaaz Campaigns for Syria No-Fly Zone That Even Top Generals Oppose

“I worry sometimes that, when people say ‘impose a no-fly zone,’ there is this almost antiseptic view that this is an easily accomplished military task. It’s extraordinarily difficult. Having overseen imposing a no-fly zone in Libya, a force that is vastly inferior in air forces and air defenses to that which exists in Syria, it’s Read more…

Kai Newkirk: Democracy Spring: Over 400 Arrested at U.S. Capitol Protesting Corruption & Money in Politics

The protest brought together activists from about 140 organizations

UCLA Labor Center: Get to Work or Go To Jail

The criminal justice system can lock workers on probation, parole, facing court-ordered debt, or child support debt into bad jobs

Don Fitz: Cuba’s Medical Mission

The Ebola experience is one of many covered in John Kirk’s new book Health Care without Borders: Understanding Cuban Medical Internationalism

Benjamin Sourice: #NuitDebout: a convergence of struggles takes shape in France

The #NuitDebout movement took root from a simple question: “how do we scare them?” The answer was obvious: by spending the night on our feet!

Ilan Pappe: “This situation is not temporary, it is the future”

Interview on the unilateral policy favoured by the Netanyahu government, which is committed to retaining control of historical Palestine in its entirety and approves of the restoration of authoritarian Arab regimes

Ted Fertik: Outsmarting Governor 1%

New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s minimum-wage and paid-leave concessions are signs he feels threatened from the left

Gary Olson: The Zika Virus: A No-Brainer, Moneymaker?

Alert: This is a satire. [Note: The World Health Organization has declared the Zika virus an international public health emergency and some four million people may be infected this year. Zika may cause brain damage and unusually small heads in newborns—called microcephaly. Women who become infected while pregnant are at especially high risk.] Eli Lilly, Read more…

Joseph Gerson: Cambridge City Council Divests From Nuclear Weapons Production

Encouraging news from the disarmament movement

Yanis Varoufakis: Why we must save the EU

The European Union is disintegrating – but leaving is not the answer

Meryl Nass: White House Makes a Big Deal of New Heroin Efforts

But Says Nothing about Stemming the Flow or Why We’re Still at War in Narco-State Afghanistan

Victor Grossman: The Left and Right in Germany

Following German state elections three weeks ago the politicians are still sorting things out and pasting new coalitions together

Patrick Cockburn: How the corruption revealed in the Panama Papers opened the door to Isis and al Qaeda

Local elites which hide their stolen wealth in offshore financial centers destroy their own credibility and power

Bill Fletcher: What Wins

Looking into the future, the benefits of attaining inspiring program will make each new hour applied to seeking change far more effective

John Pilger: Starvation in Australia: Utopia’s dirty secret

It is as if the enduring existence of a people who have survived and resisted more than two colonial centuries of massacre and theft remains a spectre on white Australia

William D. Hartung: How Not to Audit the Pentagon

Five Decades Later, the Military Waste Machine Is Running Full Speed Ahead

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