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Kathy Kelly: Let It Shine

This little light of mine, I’m gonna’ let it shine! This past summer, collaborating with Wisconsin activists, we decided to feature this refrain on signs and announcements for a 90-mile walk campaigning to end targeted drone assassinations abroad, and the similarly racist impunity granted to an increasingly militarized police force

Carl Finamore: Banks Displacing People

we know making money often means subverting the general good as in displacing thousands of poor seniors and moderate-income families from their homes. And that, we must insist, makes it our business.

John M. Laforge: Mass Destruction for the Whole Family

These nuclear war theme parks are part of a deliberate attempt to trivialize nuclear weapons and to dumb down popular understanding of their environmental and human health legacy

Edward S. Herman: After All We Did For Them in Fallujah!

any sensible person should recognize that a U.S. leadership that stands firmly with Saudi Arabia, and had earlier supported Saddam Hussein when he was attacking Iran, couldn’t be expending resources for any democratic objective

Paul Street: Posing as the Great Emancipator

What’s behind Obama’s supposed late-presidency epiphany on the evil of racially biased mass imprisonment? What drove the president’s “sudden desire to look like the Great Emancipator” (Margaret Kimberly)—this even while he offers close to nothing in the way of actual liberation

Eva Golinger: The Secret Agenda Behind the Venezuela-Guyana Conflict

It all began in 1835 when the British Empire sent a German-born naturalist and explorer to conduct geographical research in the South American territory it had colonized and named British Guiana. In the course of his explorations, a map was drawn that well-exceeded the original western boundary first occupied by the Dutch and later passed to British control.

Jeph Bennett: Forget Big Oil; Big Food Aims for the Gut

Introducing Big Food: giant corporations that steal land from the world’s poor to profit from current massive corrupt farming subsidies and future global drought

Ramzy Baroud: Islamic Pretense and Upcoming Wars in Libya

Libya is currently split, politically, between two governments and, geographically, among many armies, militias, tribes and mercenaries. It is a failed state par excellence, although such a designation does not do justice to the complexity of the Libyan case, together with the root causes of that failure.

Pete Dolack: Dump the Kid And Get Back To Work

The presidential campaign season is well underway in the United States, and never in human history will more money be spent to say less. And only 16 more months to go. A perennial favorite of the worst electoral system money can buy is the race among the candidates to be the most in favor of motherhood and apple pie

David Swanson: Pope Tells World’s Top Arms Dealers to End Arms Trade

Weapons of war encourage, initiate, escalate, elongate, and exacerbate wars for profit

Nick Turse: U.S. Special Ops Forces Deployed in 135 Nations

2015 Proves to Be Record-Breaking Year for the Military’s Secret Military

Steve Ellner: It is Necessary to Contextualize the Pragmatic and Populist Policies of the Chavista Government

Steve Ellner is a well-known analyst of Venezuelan and Latin American politics and is a retired professor at the Universidad de Oriente. He has published scores of journal articles and over a dozen books, his last being the edited Latin America’s Radical Left: Challenges and Complexities of Political Power in the Twenty First Century, published Read more…

Noam Chomsky: History Doesn’t Go In a Straight Line

Interview on Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn, and the potential for ordinary people to make radical change

Peter Bohmer: Undermining U.S. Power

The increasing consciousness of the huge inequality of income and wealth in the US is a legacy of Occupy Wall Street

Ramzy Baroud: Subduing al-Quds: Israel’s High-stake Game in al-Aqsa and Why Netanyahu May Prevail

The fact that plans to conquer even the remaining symbols of Palestinian nationhood and spirituality have finally reached al-Aqsa is particularly alarming

Milan Rai: Iraq war questions Chilcot won’t ask, let alone answer

The untold story of the UN weapons inspectors’ crucial ‘work plan’, and how it was undermined and finally buried by Bush and Blair

David Swanson: Does the Pope Know a Boy Is About to Be Crucified?

No other institution does more to destroy the habitability of the planet for future generations.

Maria Hengeveld: How Nike’s Neoliberal Feminism Came to Rule the Global South

The exploitative essence of Nike’s feminism hasn’t changed all that much the past twenty years

Robert Fisk: ISIL, the Syrian Refugees and a Changing Canada

Robert Fisk has covered the Middle East for close to 40 years, from the Lebanese Civil War to the emergence of ISIL and beyond, and has won more British and international journalism awards than any other foreign correspondent. With British newspaper The Independent since 1988, Fisk is probably the only journalist to have interviewed Osama Read more…

Juan Cole: Top Signs Pope Francis is an Honest Conservative

The positioning of Jorge Bergoglio, Pope Francis, as a “liberal” or “progressive” in American politics is incorrect and indeed a little bizarre. The Pope is a conservative. In fact, he has railed against “adolescent progressivism” and against secularism, which he calls “the devil.” Pope Francis opposes contraception, including the homely condom, as well as abortion Read more…

Richard Falk: Jeopardizing Japanese ‘Abnormality’: Rejoining the War System

Japanese abnormality remains a most precious reality, a beacon pointing toward the kind of ‘new realism’ that the 21st century urgently requires

Caroline Donnelly: Belgian Privacy Commission accuses Facebook of using NSA tactics to spy on users

The BPC said it hoped the lawsuit will compel Facebook to amend its privacy policies, and overhaul how the firm handles users’ data

Saree Makdisi: Cowardly brutality exposed: The viral video that should change the Israel/Palestine debate forever

A stun grenade flipped into faces of a child and his family. We should never discuss this debate the same way again

Jenna McLaughlin: China Pressures U.S. Companies to Buckle on Strong Encryption and Surveillance

Chinese President executives press U.S. tech companies to comply with suppressive Internet policies

Sarah Kliff: A drug company raised a pill’s price 5,500 percent because, in America, it can

If you want to be angry about the drug price, Shkreli isn’t the most sensible target — he’s taking advantage of a system that allows drug makers to name their price

Noam Chomsky: “We Should Recognize the Other Candidates are Not That Different”

It’s a radical insurgency; it’s not a political party

Pervez Hoodbhoy: Pakistan’s Donald Trump

Charismatic narcissists are much hot air but very little substance. Unfortunately, they can be very dangerous

Tariq Ali: Bloody Sunday: the Combined Attack on Jeremy Corbyn

It’s the Labour Right and their allies that are refusing to accept the decision of the Labour Party voters. Its the media who are backing them

Richard Seymour: Our feral, lying, good-for-nothing media

I know we call them ‘the bourgeois media’, but not even the most crass, petty-minded Stalinist apparatchik could have produced a caricature as venomous and despicable as our lot

Marjorie Cohn: The U.S. Has a Duty to the ‘Tempest-Tost’ Syrians

The U.S. invasion of Iraq created 4 million refugees, about one-sixth of Iraq’s population

Mark Evans: Mark’s Story

I would like to see this network of critical mental health nurses making an important contribution towards the development of more humane ways of promoting mental health

Jack Rasmus: Global Corporate Cash Piles Exceed $15 Trillion

The global economy is slowing – from China to Brazil to South Africa and beyond. Currency wars initiated in 2013 by Japan’s introducing a ‘quantitative easing’ (QE) monetary policy, intensified in 2015 by Europe introducing its own ‘QE’, and exacerbated still further by Saudi Arabia initiating a global oil price war to bankrupt U.S. shale Read more…

Michael Parenti: A Long Time For Killing

A study of police brutality in three major cities—conducted just about half a century ago in 1967—found that all the victims had one thing in common: they were from low-income groups

Panagiotis Sotiris: First Thoughts on the Greek Election

Syriza won handily in Sunday’s Greek election. What lessons are to be drawn from the results?

George Monbiot: Smoke and Mirrors

Volkswagen is not the only company poisoning the air. Yet still our government blocks effective legislation

Richard Krushnic: Privatizing the Apocalypse

How Nuclear Weapons Companies Commandeer Your Tax Dollars

A. W. Gaffney: Your Wallet or Your Life

A lifesaving drug’s overnight price hike shows why we must fight for a radically different health care system

Yanis Varoufakis: A message for Mr Renzi

Renzi played a central role in helping break Alexis, with his ‘good cop’ tactic, based on the “If you do not yield, they will destroy you

Gareth Dale: A World Without Borders

The refugee crisis only has one just solution: open borders

John Halle: Sanders Moves On: The “Left” Barks

Rather than endlessly recycling Sanders’s real and imagined liabilities, why not work to develop the movement which is temporarily coalescing behind but which has explicitly stated its intention to “push beyond the campaign”

Yiannos Giannopoulos: A New Strategy

As the Greek elections approach, the Left is determined to keep alive the alternative to austerity

Bill Fletcher: Kidney Stones and the missing elements of healthcare in the USA

Experiencing a common, though painful, occurrence raises some big questions about the scope of healthcare in the USA.

Danica Jorden: World Alzheimer Day: French Doctor Denounces Routine Alzheimer Medications

Sadly almost a decade later, it appears that nothing has changed

Yesenia Barragan: How the Right Distorts Black History

In claiming Kim Davis as their Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King Jr., the right is engaging in violent historical revisionism.

Tom Vouloumanos: Greece: A Divided Left

Understanding the Greek election and the prospects of the left, part 4 of 4.

Yanis Varoufakis: The lenders are the real winners in Greece – Alexis Tsipras has been set up to fail

The Greek leader won on three promises the troika will make it hard for him to keep

Richard Falk: Kissinger: A Hero of Our Time

Kissinger considers the United States, despite everything from Hiroshima to drones, as continuing to be the main benevolent force active in history over the course of the last hundred years

Gabriel Hetland: The Truth About Chávez

Bernie Sanders is wrong — Hugo Chávez was no dictator

George Monbiot: Power Failure

Overpriced, overcomplicated and overdue, the Hinkley project needs to be killed off and the money invested into other low-carbon technologies

Ralph Nader: General Motors: Homicidal Fugitive from Justice

Yes, it’s official. General Motors engaged in criminal wrongdoing for long knowing about the lethal defect in its ignition switch that took at least 174 lives

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