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Stathis Kouvelakis: In Search of Lost Time

After five months of negotiations, Syriza’s choices remain the same: capitulate to Greece’s lenders or break with the euro

Seumas Milne: There’s no reason to accept austerity

It can be defeated

Socialist Resistance: Irreverent Defiance Is Part Of The Answer

The movement that will defeat the Tories and the pro-austerity Labour leadership is one that brings us together politically, encourages the winning of victories in local and national struggles and retains the youthful, irreverent defiance of that now famous banner

John Garvey: Beyond the Spectacle

New Abolitionists Speak Out

Vincent Emanuele: World Institute for Social Change: Education and Action

WISC is an online school for developing and sharing ideas, skills, vision, and strategy within and across progressive constituencies

Joe Emersberger: On Words, Deeds, the TPP and Greece

When it comes to politicians of all stripes, watch their hands not their lips

Tom Engelhardt: Our Jihadis and Theirs

The Real (Armed) Dangers of American Life

Paul Mason: Greece – five pictures of a troubled country

What’s playing out on this landscape of burnt-umber, urban decay, torrid nightlife, graffiti and Mediterranean passion the basic dilemma of 21st century capitalism: shall it be for the rich or for everybody?

Michael Albert: Support Bernie Sanders – But How?

Isn’t our task not to castigate those who are stepping up to work on the campaign and who don’t have exact norms we might prefer, but to instead be happy about their energy and desire and contribute however we can on behalf of those preferred norms?

Martha Hennessy: Weeding Roses In Kabul

Despite uncertainties over the future, the APV community pursues small but significant efforts

Barry Sheppard: Racist Charleston massacre has clear political roots

We may see more violent racist actions in opposition to the new Black movement, as we saw in the 1960s with murders, bombings and arsons against the civil rights and Black liberation movements of that time

Rick Falkvinge: Google Chrome Listening In

Google has been stealth downloading audio listeners onto every computer that runs Chrome, and transmitting audio data back to Google

Rachel Nolan: The Roots of La Sentencia

The Dominican Republic is preparing to deport hundreds of thousands of people to Haiti. What’s behind the mass expulsion?

Paul Lewis: Inside the mind of Bernie Sanders

In just the latest example of his rising standing among Democrats, a Suffolk University poll released on Tuesday showed the Vermont senator receiving 31% of support among New Hampshire primary voters – just 10 points behind Clinton

Yanis Varoufakis: A pressing question for Ireland before Monday’s meeting on Greece

The pressing question our Irish friends must answer is this: is it more likely that the euro zone will become a better union to belong to if Greece is thrown to the wolves, despite the type of proposals tabled at Thursday’s eurogroup meeting?

Henry A. Giroux: Orwell, Huxley and America’s Plunge into Authoritarianism

Legitimizing State Violence

Chris Kromm: Charleston and the South’s sordid history of attacks on black churches

The assault is part of a history of racial violence striking at a central institution of African-American life in the South

Naomi Klein: Climate Change Is a Crisis We Can Only Solve Together

The very idea that we—as atomized individuals—could play a significant part in stabilizing the planet’s climate is objectively nuts

Paul Loeb: Why the TPP is Worse than Mystery Meat

The same day last week that Congress initially blocked the possibility of fast track approval for the TPP trade agreement, the House voted to overturn rules requiring country-of-origin labeling for meat

Badri Raina: The Empire Peddles Back

When you came Bible-peddling, I was not numero  uno; Now that I am, take back with Interest wages for that meddling, As a hundred and seventy nations Back my  awesome, acrobatic show. Watch the thrusting of my leg, Chest inflated, arms akimbo, Fire in my eye, beard aflame, Heart  raging with  dream Of conquest, mind Read more…

Jon Queally: Pope Francis Calls for Justice on Warming Planet

Leader of Catholic Church says the richest owe the poorest a ‘great social debt’ for creating the climate crisis, ignoring warnings of its dangers, and refusing to act

Tom Hayden: Praised Be

Today’s papal encyclical, “Praised Be”, may be the most important religious teaching to be released in decades

David Bacon: Enforcement Is Not The Answer To The Immigration Crisis

EU’s plan to crack down on traffickers and stop migrant boats in the Mediterranean will endanger the migrants even more

Claire Fauset: Four reasons to join the Frackanpada

A look ahead to an international anti-fracking camp in the Basque Country next month

Vincent Emanuele: The Many Layers of Militarism

Almost every nation around the world is militarizing at a rapid pace, pouring vast sums of money into military training, technologies and weapons

Auset Marian Lewis: Palestinians: Right to Exist

I’m sure that at the end of this article I will be labeled an anti-Semite. It’s okay because as an African American I know about racism. But as I morally objected to apartheid in South Africa, oppression in the “land of the free”, and the genocide of America’s indigenous population, I must speak out against Read more…

Joris Leverink: Important Kurdish victory in Syria forces Turkey to take a stance

Turkey fears that an empowered Kurdish population across the border in Syria might make it harder for the state to continue to subdue the Kurds at home

Glenn Greenwald: Refusal to Call Charleston Shootings “Terrorism” Again Shows It’s a Meaningless Propaganda Term

What is most amazing about all of this is that “terrorism” has now become central to our political culture and legal framework, a staple of how we are taught to think about the world

Paul Street: Race Violence, Gun Violence: Reflections on Obama’s Charleston Comments

At some point, we as a country will have to reckon with the depth, degree, and relevance of anti-Black white societal, institutional, and cultural racism in American life

Harsha Walia: The Making of the Migration Crisis

The unprecedented scale of global migration and migrant deaths are deliberate, not coincidental

Pope Francis: Encyclical Letter Of The Holy Father On Care For Our Common Home

The urgent challenge to protect our common home includes a concern to bring the whole human family together to seek a sustainable and integral development

Janet Redman: 5 Key Things Pope Francis Says about Climate Change

Pope Francis boldly challenges us all to take an honest look inside our hearts and question the foundations of a society that has created wealth for some at the expense of others and “our common home” – the planet earth

Naomi Klein: Pope Francis: “Bold Cultural Revolution” Needed to Save Planet from Climate Change & Consumerism

A major theme of the encyclical is the disparity between rich and poor

Daniel José Older: Why U.S. Latinos Need To Get Loud About The Dominican Republic

Antiblackness runs deep in the Latino community. We can’t afford to let it go unnoticed

Hester Eisenstein: The Sweatshop Feminists

Global elites have appropriated feminist language to justify brutal exploitation and neoliberal development

Bill Fletcher: We must respond to the Right-wing attempt to reframe the Charleston massacre

As far as the white supremacists are concerned, those murdered in Charleston are not worshiping the same Creator of All Things as are the white supremacists

Yanis Varoufakis: Greece’s Proposals to End the Crisis

After so much disinformation on my presentation at the Eurogroup of the Greek government’s position, the only response is to post the precise words uttered within. Read them and judge for yourselves

Paul Street: Idiots of Empire: From the “Freedom Budget” to Bernie Sanders

If you can’t make a viable run for the U.S. presidency while opposing the Pentagon system, then why should a serious “democratic socialist” make a serious bid for the U.S. presidency at all?

Scott Mclarty: After Bernie

Will Bernie Sanders and his supporters remain part of the revolution, or will they succumb to progressive OCD and jump on the Clinton bandwagon in 2016?

Ta-Nehisi Coates: Take Down the Confederate Flag—Now

The flag that Dylann Roof embraced, which many South Carolinians embrace, endorses the violence he committed.

Paul Mason: Greek crisis: crunch time

We’re at a critical point in the Greek crisis, which is really the 2010-11 Euro crisis being unfrozen after five years of make believe solutions

Greg Grandin: The Charleston Massacre and the Cunning of White Supremacy

Denmark Vesey is one of the most prominent names in America’s long history of racial terror

Andrew J. Bacevich: Washington in Wonderland

Down the Iraqi Rabbit Hole (Again)

Neve Gordon: Time to Erase Israel’s Green Line

Human rights organizations and their donors should focus on creating alliances rather than reinforcing colonial distinctions

Pete Dolack: TPP promises health care for profits, not patients

“Free trade” agreements are nothing more than initiatives to cement corporate control over all aspects of society

John Pilger: After Three Years, the Injustice Handed out to Assange Must End

The Assange case amplifies many truths, and one is the growing, global totalitarianism of Washington, regardless of who is elected president

Vijay Prashad: Israel’s Foreign Ministry Report Says Attacks on Palestinian Children and Civilians Were “Legitimate”

According to a report, even the killing of the boys playing ball on the beach by Israeli military last year before the international press was deemed a legitimate act of war

Rob Prince: Pope Francis: Moving the Mountain or Taking Baby Steps?

Do the statements of Pope Francis represent institutional shifts or are they just window dressing?

Cenk Uygur: Right-wing Terrorists Kill More Americans Than Islamic Extremists

When we have certain kinds of attacks in this country, there is terrorism world-wide, it’s a global conspiracy and they are coming to get us. But when we have other kinds of terrorism in this country . . . don’t talk about it.

Patrick Bond: Avaaz’s Climate Vanity

Upward gazing can be politically blinding

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