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Neve Gordon: The undercurrents of violence in Israel and Palestine

A new film reveals how the tensions between Israelis and Palestinians are played out on a daily basis.

Vijay Prashad: ‘Rival interests’ twist political landscape in Syria

The Russian intervention has succeeded in clarifying the impossibility of regime change and the importance of a political dialogue

Andreas Karitzis: Creative Resistance

A former Syriza central committee member on building popular power when a left government is implementing austerity

David Nutt: Why Are Drugs Illegal? You Asked Google — Here’s the Answer

So the short answer to the question “why are (some) drugs illegal?” is simple. It’s because the editors of powerful newspapers want it that way

Paul Street: “Humility and Restraint”

Obama has continued the U.S. presidential tradition of committing war crimes

Dick Nichols: Portugal: ‘Europe is very concerned’ as new gov’t likely short-lived

The Portuguese political crisis—generally under-reported in the mainstream European media—looks set to become the continent’s next major conflict between democracy and austerity

Joe Emersberger: The British Media’s Indecent Attacks on Seumas Milne

The former Guardian columnist, now the Labour Party’s Executive Director of Strategy and Communications, has been the target of a smear campaign

Maya Evans: Henoko Takes on U.S. Imperialism

Around one hundred and fifty Japanese protesters gathered to stop construction trucks from entering the U.S. base ‘Camp Schwab’

Ann Jones: Afghanistan “After” the American War

Once More Down the Rabbit Hole

Gareth Porter: The New Yorker Doesn’t Factcheck What ‘Everyone Knows’ Is True

There is a climate of opinion in which certain issues are matters of such solid consensus that normally alert and energetic journalists suspend their skepticism and factchecking

Conn Hallinan: Turkey’s President Gets His Majority — at a Terrible Price

To reverse his fortune at the polls, Erdogan reignited Turkey’s war with the Kurds, stood silent while mobs attacked his opponents, and unilaterally altered the constitutional role of his office

Sharon Lerner: EPA Used Monsanto’s Research to Give Roundup a Pass

Independent scientists may come up with different results than industry-funded ones for a variety of reasons, including how a study is designed or carried out

Vijay Prashad: Iran Agrees to Political Transition Where Assad is Not the Main Focus

No Syrian voices were represented at the Vienna peace talks, but geopolitical interests were front and center

Pete Dolack: What if Bernie Sanders were really talking about socialism?

No matter how many reforms are (temporarily) extracted from industrialists, it is financiers and the politicians who whistle their tune

William Blum: Are you confused by the Middle East? Here are some things you should know. (But you’ll probably still be confused.)

The US, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, and the Gulf monarchies have all in the recent past supported al Qaeda and/or the Islamic State (ISIS) with arms, money, and/or manpower

D.J. Buschini: Gallup Org., Science: Actually, the Internet Wins #Debategate:

One can only hope a more interactive and substantive social-media discussion will drown out the drone of uniformly themed, cursory Slate articles that are anticipated to metastasize in young Facebook users’ feeds

Paul Buchheit: New 2015 Wealth Data: US Inequality at Its Ugliest

Just 6.9 percent of the wealth is owned by 70% of us

Vijay Prashad: Towards an honourable exit for all

Everyone has been defeated in Syria

Tariq Ali: Turkey and the Age of Defeat

What is worth noting that even the most radical resistance to empire and capital—the Bolivarian governments in South America—did not envisage a break with capitalism

George Monbiot: How to Build a Crisis

Banks and corporations are being liberated from the rule of law, and are ripping the world apart

Clodovaldo Hérnandez: Invite Chomsky but Take His Warning Seriously

It’s up to us to recognize that not everything is lost, that there is still sufficient margin for correction, provided that the revolutionary political leadership does not succumb to the inertia

Robert Hunziker: Fukushima Gets A Lot Uglier

Four years of experience with Fukushima provides considerable evidence that splitting atoms to boil water is outright unmitigated madness

Peter Olney: The Primary Route: How the 99% Take on the Military Industrial Complex

Democratic socialist, longtime political activist and past Massachusetts state legislator, Tom Gallagher has written a stunningly clear and concise book about American politics

Aaron Tovish: The Okinawa missiles of October

At the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Air Force crews on Okinawa were ordered to launch 32 missiles, each carrying a large nuclear warhead

Andrew J. Bacevich: Ongoing Wars in Iraq & Syria Continue Decades of Failed U.S. Militarism in Mideast

“The likelihood that the introduction of a handful of dozen of U.S. soldiers making any meaningful difference in the course of events is just about nil”

David Swanson: Climate Blindness Could Afflict Millions

People living on sinking islands in the Bay tell you they see no problem. How could they? They’re humans, and they’ve got climate blindness

Michael T. Klare: Why the Paris Climate Summit Will Be a Peace Conference

Averting a World of Failed States and Resource Wars

Henry A. Giroux: Terrorizing School Children in the American Police State

Increasingly, institutions such as schools, prisons, detention centers, and our major economic, cultural and social institutions are being organized around the production of violence

Cecilia Lero: Brazil: Can the Workers’ Party Surmount Its Current Crisis?

The complex history and prospects of Brazil’s workers party (PT)

Jonas Staal: New Lines: a parliament for the Rojava revolution

New World Summit recently started building a revolutionary public parliament in Derîk, open to all, and a true home for Rojava’s stateless democracy

Maya Evans: Henoko takes on U.S. Imperialism

The overwhelming feeling of the local people is that the Government on the mainland is willing to sacrifice the wishes of Okinawans in order to pursue its military defense measures against China

Güney Işıkara: Erdoğan’s Victory by Violence

The ruling AKP won the Turkish election through sheer violence and repression

Robert Fisk: A new book reveals the horrifying, and fascinating, details of daily life under Isis

It details all of Isis’s cruelty, but places it in the context of a very bloody history

Lindsey Allen: Is Indonesia’s fire crisis connected to the palm oil in our snack food?

The widespread burning of tropical rainforests and peatlands to develop palm oil plantations is one of the largest sources of carbon pollution today

Amartya Sen: Women’s Progress Outdid China’s One-Child Policy

The abandonment of the one-child policy in China is a momentous change, and there is much to celebrate in the easing of restrictions on human freedom in a particularly private sphere of life. But we need to recognize that the big fall in fertility in China over the decades, for which the one-child policy is Read more…

Mychal Denzel Smith: The Movement Against Police Violence Isn’t Ignoring ‘Black-on-Black Crime’

FBI Director James Comey would have you believe that the Black Lives Matter movement is responsible for the increase in tragic violence

Derek Royden: How the National Endowment for Democracy Manufactures Regime Change Around the World

What’s most dangerous about NED is that it gives voice and a measure of power to some of America’s biggest hawks whether they’re in government or not

Art Heitzer: Obama: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is on Cuba

We must pressure Obama to act decisively now to realize his promise to truly normalize relations with Cuba

Amira Hass: Israel’s Violent Cowardice Faces Palestinian Protestors’ Bravery

Israeli soldiers have gotten used to feeling heroic in their planes, tanks and armored jeeps, but now they’re dying of fear as vengefulness erupts

Les Leopold: Why Does America Have More Prisoners Than Any Police State?

America has become incarceration nation

Paul Mason: Apocalypse now: has the next giant financial crash already begun?

A predicted global meltdown passed without event. But there are enough warning signs to suggest we are sleepwalking into another disaster

Jon Queally: Missed Chance to ‘End Dictatorship’ as Erdoğan Claims Victory in Turkey

“I’m horrified,” said one young voter in Instanbul. “I don’t want to live in this country anymore because I don’t know what is awaiting us”

Juan Cole: Why ISIL is a Vast Exaggeration: & No, it can’t Shoot down Planes

In a day of news as infotainment, per-minute payments for advertisements, and social media, a single beheading can create an impression

Belen Fernandez: Criminalizing Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

The state’s selective xenophobia has naturally been replicated by sectors of the Lebanese citizenry

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Portugal: What is at stake

Portugal is now entering phase two of the global implementation of neoliberalism

Chris Hedges: Sheldon Wolin and Inverted Totalitarianism

Wolin struggled against forces he knew he could not vanquish, never wavering in the fight as an intellectual and, more important, in the fight as a citizen

Mona Tajali: The promise of gender parity: Turkey’s People’s Democratic Party (HDP)

The Turkish HDP’s egalitarian gender ideology played a key role in the election of a record number of women to parliament in June’s election. Can these gains be sustained in the political turmoil ahead?

Roberto Savio: The West Votes For A Better Yesterday

It is worth of remembering that until the financial crisis of 2007, xenophobic and rightwing parties were marginal political entities in almost all of Europe

Sam Bahour: Palestinians ‘have become unreasonably reasonable’

As Israel and US wrongly claim ‘incitement’ to justify their actions against Palestinians, the oppressed may resort to new forms of struggle

Bahar Baser: Erdoğan and the AKP get majority back amid climate of violence and fear

As things stand, the HDP is now the biggest challenge to Erdoğan’s authoritarianism – a crucial role

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