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Alan Maass: Why They Won

The Verizon workers’ campaign for union democracy set the stage for a successful strike

Fawzia Afzal-Khan: The Greatest Counterpuncher Remembered: Can His Legacy Live On?

For Pakistanis of my generation who came of age in the 1970s, Muhammad Ali was someone we loved also and importantly because he represented Islam beyond our own parochial borders

Shane Burley: Inside the growing movement against campus militarization

For the student union, this will be just a piece of a larger set of demands to reshape the college’s priorities in order to align with a more multi-racial, working-class base

Robert Hunziker: Fukushima: Worse Than a Disaster

A big part of the problem is that nobody has experience with a Fukushima-type meltdown, which now appears to be 100% meltdown

David Swanson: Beauty Contestants Now for World War, not World Peace

With war totally and amorally normalized, a female (and African-American) member of the military, even a beauty contestant, is interpreted as a symbol of enlightened progress

Laura Carlsen: The Ayotzinapa Agenda

One of the most important points that Mexican civil society should take on is analysis and investigation of the context of the crime

Ted Glick: An Open Letter to Jill Stein: Defeat Trump, Build the Bernie Movement

The Bernie movement has shown all of us that the time is now for a power to the people movement

Alex Kotch: Business interests spend big on pivotal N.C. Supreme Court primary

Including this recent Supreme Court expenditure, the N.C. Chamber and its super PAC have spent $800,000 on state primary elections this year

Dave Zirin: The 2016 Rio Olympics & Brazil’s Collapsing Political System

AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now!, democracynow.org, The War and Peace Report. I’m Amy Goodman, as we turn now to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil. In early August, more than 10,000 athletes across the world will convene in Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic City for one of the most widely watched sporting events of the Read more…

Dean Baker: Shorter Workweeks Will Defeat the Robots

Technology is supposed to be about making our lives better. An important way in which it does this is by reducing the number of hours that we have to spend working

John Wight: Muhammad Ali: a Torchbearer of Resistance

Ali paid a terrible price for his apostasy, subjected to withering columns by sportswriters, commentators, politicians, and even black leaders of the day

Tom Engelhardt: Donald Trump Is the Mosquito, Not the Zika Virus

Class of 2016, Tell Us Who We Are

Jonathan Cook: Israel wants a peace process – but only if it’s doomed to fail

The Paris conference is a sign of the mounting desperation in Europe to restrain Israel

Juan Cole: Israel-First McCarthyism: Cuomo’s vow to spy on, punish BDS Activists in long Tradition

The point of spying on people is not only to gather information on them but also to intimidate and block them

Richard Falk: A Moral Revolution? Reflections on President Obama’s Visit to Hiroshima

The whole idea of impunity for the victors and capital punishment for the losers is morally regressive

Kshama Sawant: Party Crashing and Political Revolution: With the DNC Just Weeks Away, What’s Next for Our Movement?

As the California Democratic Primary rapidly approaches, I’m reminded of a small but important event that took place earlier this spring in San Francisco. Gutsy activists protested in April outside a campaign fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, co-hosted by movie megastar and area resident, George Clooney. The party was full of glitz, privilege, glamour, and of Read more…

Jack Rasmus: Does Bernie Sanders Have a “Plan B?”

Plan B will prove to be a harsh learning lesson for many determined young reformers

Chris Hedges: Shut Down the Democratic National Convention

We will recapture our democracy in the streets of cities such as Philadelphia, not in convention halls such as the aptly named Wells Fargo Center

Dave Zirin: Don’t Remember Muhammad Ali as a Sanctified Sports Hero. He Was a Powerful, Dangerous Political Force

It is not about being a world-class athlete or an impossibly beautiful and charismatic person. It is simply to stand up for what you believe in

Jim Hightower: Before we Bring Back Bill Clinton to Run the Economy, Let;s Remember What he Did

Hillary promises her husband will be put “in charge of revitalizing the economy.” Good grief!

Noam Chomsky: Anti-Intellectualism, Terrorism, and Elections in Contemporary Education

Washington DC based History Teacher Dan Falcone and New York City English Teacher Saul Isaacson sat down with Professor Noam Chomsky to discuss current issues in education and American domestic and foreign policy issues. They also discussed the place of the humanities in education and how it relates to activism, definitions of terrorism, and how Read more…

Dave Zirin: The Hidden History of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali’s resistance to racism and war belongs not only to the 1960s, but the common future of humanity

Jeremy Scahill: Pentagon: Special Ops Killing of Pregnant Afghan Women Was “Appropriate” Use of Force

An internal Defense Department investigation into one of the most notorious night raids conducted by special operations forces in Afghanistan — in which seven civilians were killed, including two pregnant women — determined that all the U.S. soldiers involved had followed the rules of engagement. As a result, the soldiers faced no disciplinary measures, according to Read more…

Rajesh Makwana: No recognition of ‘One Humanity’ at the World Humanitarian Forum

The ongoing failure of UN Member States to safeguard the most vulnerable was most recently demonstrated by policymakers meeting at the World Humanitarian Summit

Uri Avnery: The Day of the Rhinos

Position after position is taken over by the far-far right, which is ruling Israel now. Slowly. Very, very slowly

Pete Dolack: Has the IMF renounced neoliberalism? Well, not really

Economics may be the dismal science, but dismal though classical economics is, it is far more art than science, as in the art of fleecing

Badri Raina: Mohammed Ali Paragon

Ali, had your magnificence not been So real, it would have been a trance

Dan DiMaggio: Verizon Strike Shows Corporate Giants Can Be Beat

“Walking into work the first day back chanting ‘one day longer, one day stronger’ was the best morning I’ve ever had at Verizon”

Meryl Nass: Why did the DOE’s Lawrence Livermore National Lab produce a 2015 study suggesting that anthrax was NOT used as a bioweapon in Rhodesia’s civil war?

Rhodesia is no more, having been renamed Zimbabwe after it became a majority-ruled black nation in 1980. Rhodesia was a British territory before 1965, when the 5% white minority seized control to preclude Britain granting majority rule.  A civil war ensued, with the two sides divided by race.  By the war’s end in 1980, the Read more…

Juan Cole: Sufi Boxer Muhammad Ali’s last fight was against Extremism & Politicians’ Islamophobia

Boxer Muhammad Ali, born Cassius Marcellus Clay in Louisville, Kentucky, on 17 January 1942, is dead at 74

Diana Johnstone: Hillary Comes Out as the War Party Candidate

America is good, America is great, we must remain strong to save the world. This is the road to disaster

Serge Halimi: Why the far right is on the rise

Before long a domino is going to fall

Noam Chomsky: Noam Chomsky & Yanis Varoufakis discuss Basic Income (Universal Income)

Talking about the concept of a basic income guarantee also known as a universal income

Hazel Henderson: The Idiocy of Things Requires an “Information Habeas Corpus”!

We will all be connected, all the time, by the Idiocy of Things, devices and our social media, all converging in the cloud

Robert Borosage: Does the Democratic Party Platform Matter?

Sanders won’t get everything he wants, but he’ll get a lot of it

Robert Fisk: Of course Germany refused to deny the Armenian genocide

Notably Angela Merkel – who still prays that Erdogan will keep back the refugees from the EU – chose to stay absent from the vote

Bernardo Alvarez: OAS Threatens to Suspend Venezuela While Ignoring Recent Ouster of Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff

Interview on the situation in Venezuela and the actions of the OAS

David Weigel: Sanders: DNC Vetoed Union Leader Pick for Platform Committee

Sanders revealed that the DNC had actually vetoed his nomination of a key labor ally, and said he was told not to pick anyone else from the labor movement

Noam Chomsky: The Legacy of the Obama Administration

Electoral campaigns, especially in the US, are being run by the advertising industry

Greg Palast: Placebo Ballots: Stealing California from Bernie Using an old GOP vote-snatching trick

Alert! California poll workers have been told to give all independent voters “provisional” ballots if they want to vote in Democratic Party. That’s illegal – and will insure that Sanders voters’ ballots end up in the garbage, uncounted. A special bulletin for California voters. And for the rest of you, how this same trickery – Read more…

Antonis Broumas: Neoliberal Europe and the far right: two sides of the same coin

The success of the far-right’s pseudo-communal proposal is dialectically interrelated with the cannibalistic neoliberal project of Europe’s ruling elite

Steve Fraser: Bernie, The Donald, and the Sins of Liberalism

An American Version of Class Struggle

Conn Hallinan: A Very Brazilian Coup

On one level, the impeachment of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff seems like vintage commedia dell’arte: the Lower House speaker who brought the charges, Eduardo Cunha, had to step down because he has $16 million stashed in secret Swiss and U.S. bank accounts. The man who replaced Cunha, Waldir Maranhao, is implicated in corruption around the Read more…

Eric Mann: Sanders v. Clinton on Palestine: No Contest

A look at statements from the speech Bernie Sanders proposed to deliver to AIPAC and Hillary Clinton’s speech to AIPAC

Sue Sturgis: The human rights crisis in Music City’s booming hotel industry

The hospitality industry is booming in the tourist center of Nashville, Tennessee, with 39 hotels currently under development, according to Nashville Business Journal’s Crane Watch. Most of the hotels being built are either upscale or upper midscale. But the people who do the hard and sometimes dangerous work of keeping Music City’s hotels clean — Read more…

Sarah Jaffe: Why the Verizon Worker’s Victory is A Big Deal

By executing a pretty smart strike plan and staying on message in the media, we were able to inflict real damage on the company and protect the interests of members

David Swanson: Democratic Party ignored its 2012 platform

Obama has normalized lawless imprisonment, not “reformed” it. His actions and this rhetoric have turned crimes into policy options

Norman Solomon: Norman Solomon vs. Tom Hayden on Clinton vs. Sanders

This is a very important campaign and progressive movements are strengthening the campaign and being strengthened by it

Immanuel Wallerstein: The Increasingly Unstable United States

Changing the whole world would in fact transform the United States, but only if we stop longing to go back to a golden era, which was not so golden for most of the world

Amira Hass: African American-Palestinian Ties Prove the Vanquished Also Write History

The ties and connections that African Americans and Palestinians are building show that in spite of the victors, the vanquished are also writing history

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