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Harpreet Paul: Optical Illusions, Struggle and Visions

And, @thedress is not at fault – it’s a harmless optical illusion – more powerful illusions are at play

Carl Finamore: United Airlines Tries Scapegoating Pilots for Safety Problems

A memo United Airlines leaked to the February 25 Wall Street Journal was presented as a “brutally honest” rebuke of its pilots, blaming their “lack of attention” to rules and regulations for the airline’s recent safety lapses

Frank Slijper: On “Guns, Debt and Corruption”

Many EU countries have their military spending higher today than 10 years ago, even though Europe has never been safer than today and is not facing any meaningful threat

Glenn Greenwald: The Parties’ Role Reversal on ‘Interfering’ with the Commander-in-Chief’s Foreign Policy

The numerous members of both parties who are trying to subvert a peace agreement with Iran – out of some warped allegiance to Israeli interests and/or a commitment to endless militarism – are acting in destructive and dangerous ways

LeftRoots: LeftRoots: grassroots struggles. strategy for liberation

LeftRoots is a national organization of Leftists engaged in mass organizing in the United States

Paul Street: The Ruling Class Never Lost Its Way – or Its Power

US capital never lost its way or its dominant role in American society

Jack Rasmus: Are Inter-Capitalist Rivalries Intensifying?

As the global economic stagnation continues, economic blocs appear to be becoming more combative to maintain their share of the economic pie

Vincent Emanuele: Specialists in the Arena of Political Organizing

We should be helping people who are not politically engaged develop their values while simultaneously passing along historical knowledge and proposals for future actions, strategies and tactics

Joris Leverink: 26A cafe: resisting capitalism one tea at a time

In the consumerist Valhalla of central Istanbul, the 26A collective provides a glimmer of hope that there is still an alternative to capitalist society

Jo Roberts: Is Israel’s Election about enacting Jim Crow for 20% of its Citizens?

If the new Knesset chooses to further strengthen Israel’s self-definition as a Jewish state, Palestinian Israelis can only be further marginalized

Eric Toussaint: Syriza and Podemos: the way towards power for the People?

In order to carry out real structural changes, it is of fundamental importance to set up an interactive relationship between the left-wing government and the people

Chris Kromm: Selma and voting rights: Commemoration or legislation?

Selma’s legacy is being remembered at a moment when voting rights in the South, and the Voting Rights Act itself, are in their most precarious position in half a century

Tamara Pearson: Who Owns the Words?

Who owns the words matters because words are one of the key factors in how we understand things, in our social consciousness, our collective values, and therefore the way we act

Jérôme Roos: In Amsterdam, Rebellion Against the Neoliberal University

All these years, the neoliberal university quietly bred its own nemesis — now let’s rejoice as we join in the rebellion

Badri Raina: India’s Daughter: the Ugly Truth

The rapist/murderer was saying that he in fact represents the dominant male Indian opinion and, indeed, struck a blow on its behalf

David Swanson: Putin Wants to Eat Your Children

More often than not, the U.S. public is advised to favor a war on a single individual of demonic nature, even though a war against an individual is completely nonsensical

Juan Cole: African-Americans still struggle for Full Citizenship Rights, Voting Rights

It is at the local and state level that the African-American vote has meant less in recent years. The struggle continues

Andrew J. Bacevich: Rationalizing Lunacy

The Intellectual as Servant of the State

Ntina Tzouvala: Syriza’s First Month In Government: Or How To Run A Marathon

SYRIZA needs to understand that the fact that it assumed governmental power does not mean that social confrontation, with all its colourfulness and multiplicity is going to stop

Yiannis Bournous: SYRIZA’s Responsibilities

SYRIZA must now open its doors to embrace all the people who wish to fight collectively and unselfishly so as to win back dignity

Jeremy Brecher: Building people power before the Paris climate summit

The global climate protection movement does not need either to support or to block the Paris climate summit. It needs to raise the pressure on the governments and institutions of the world

Marina Sitrin: Women Creating New Worlds: From Barricades to Daily Survival

There are countless struggles where women fight to survive, protect those around them, and strive to build a better world

Pervez Hoodbhoy: The War Within Islam

International jihad, in part created and supervised by the U.S. to undermine the Soviet Union, has exacerbated divisions that are fuelling bloodshed

David Alexandre: Can the EU be Reformed?

The debate is taking place in many countries like the UK, Sweden and even in Germany but seems to have eluded Spanish progressive media and Podemos democratic assemblies

Andrew Cockburn: Remember, Kill Chain

The Civilian Carnage From Operation Noble Justice

Eleni Schirmer: What’s Next After “Right to Work”?

Our task is to learn to “fail better” and build stronger movements in the future

Ta-Nehisi Coates: The Gangsters of Ferguson

I do not favor lowering the standard of justice offered Officer Wilson. I favor raising the standard of justice offered to the rest of us

Russell Brand: ISIS Vs Climate Change – Which Kills More?

Reaction to the news that President Obama has said the media “absolutely” overstates the threat of terrorism in comparison to the threat of climate change

Linda Gordon: Anti-Woman Terrorism

We need more public discussion of the woman-hating and of how—short of censorship—to combat it

Alex Doherty: The Tax Deductible Occupation

The FIDF runs a fundraising program that allows for donors to “Adopt a Brigade” of Israeli forces

Joe Emersberger: Breaking the Silence about Colombia and Ourselves

The USA’s human rights record at home is terrible in some important (and quickly worsening) ways, but if one includes its victims beyond its borders then it is indisputably the most dangerous rogue state in the world

Greg Palast: From White Sheets to Spreadsheets

The struggle for civil and human rights did not begin 50 years ago, and it will not end in another 50. It is a centuries-long story of advance and retreat

Gareth Porter: The long history of Israel gaming the ‘Iranian threat’

Netanyahu bears personal responsibility for having created a conflict with Iran that had never existed before. But it is not the conflict that he has been alleging all these years

Richard Falk: Netanyahu: The Day After (Revised)

There already exists an unreflective consensus in the United States that any effort by Iran to cross the nuclear threshold would provides ample justification for launching an aggressive war against Iran

Glenn Greenwald: The “Snowden is Ready to Come Home!” Story: a Case Study in Typical Media Deceit

What rational person would ever willingly submit themselves to a penal state that imprisons more of its citizens than any other in the world, run by people with this mentality?

Stathis Kouvelakis: Syriza on a Tightrope

It remains to be seen if the Syriza government — but also the party itself and the social movements — will prove able to use these four months to develop an alternative strategy that can break out of this stranglehold

Zehra Doğan: Êzîdî women’s journey of pain and resistance

While images of Êzîdî women in the media have largely portrayed them as voiceless victims, the stories of the hundreds of women who have escaped or resisted Daesh attacks remain less widely told

Bill Fletcher: Chapel Hill and the Racialization of Murder

It is througha struggle around the racialization of murder that we have the opportunity to change not only the manner in which crimes are addressed and tolerated by the larger society

Michael Albert: Bad Today, Okay Tomorrow

Discussions about social policies and choices are often considerably confused by a mismatch of context

Henry A. Giroux: Age of the Selfie in the Neoliberal Era

Critics have long pointed out that the social media phenomena of the Selfie is rooted in vanity and narcissism. But scholar and cultural critic Henry Giroux says it is about much more

Pratap Chatterjee: Are Pilots Deserting Washington’s Remote-Control War?

A New Form of War May Be Producing a New Form of Mental Disturbance

Steve Early: Can Police Training Put The Cuffs on Racial Bias?

Whether an individual officer is white or black, he or she views young whites and blacks differently because the latter “look like so many others the officer has locked up”

Vijay Prashad: The Nuclear Club: India welcomed, Iran shunned

The parallel between the treatment of India and Iran demonstrates that the entire “Iran nuclear crisis” is a geo-political game

Graham Readfearn: Doubt over climate science is a product with an industry behind it

What’s clear – and has been clear for well over a decade – is that the climate science denial industry is largely an extension of a program developed in the 1960s by big tobacco

Luke Stobert: New Hope for Spain

Interview on the origins and rise of the new left­wing Spanish party Podemos

Chris Hedges: Tariq Ali: The Time Is Right for a Palace Revolution

“If nothing happens in the United States, if nothing new is created to challenge systemic excesses and empire, it will be a bad situation for all of us,” he said. “One is doomed if nothing happens in the U.S.”

Manuela Zechner: Barcelona en Comú: the city as horizon for radical democracy

Barcelona en Comú, the municipal movement formerly known as Guanyem, has opened up a new set of intertwining horizons for radical democracy in the city

Richard Gott: Hugo Chavez and Leftist Soldiers in 20th Century Latin America

In Latin America, governments following an alternative strategy have been re-elected time and time again, suggesting that it is both effective and popular

Alfredo Lopez: Venezuela’s Continuous Coup

The evidence is overwhelming that the rich and powerful of Venezuela have followed a continuous, constantly morphing plan to de-stabilize the country and take over the government by any means necessary and that the United States government knows about that plan, supports it and, as much as it can, is assisting in it

Irene Gendzier: Plain Talk on The Visit

The March visit of the Israeli PM to Washington has aroused opposition among Israel’s supporters in Congress as well as Democratic Party activists

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