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Brendan Fischer: Billionaire Pours $9.5 Million into Election

“…you will be amazed at how much influence you can have”

George Monbiot: A Gunpowder Plot Against Democracy

This bill of corporate rights threatens to blow the sovereignty of parliament unless it can be stopped

Noam Chomsky: The Leading Terrorist State

To this we may add the world’s greatest terrorist campaign: Obama’s global project of assassination of “terrorists”

Diane Stokes & Fran Tobin: Caseworkers Ally with Clients to Restore Human Services

The unity means we can have a broader impact and can strategize about longer-range battles

Jared Bernstein: Full employment: The recovery’s missing ingredient

Unemployment is down and gross domestic product is up, yet there isn’t much progress in real wages and incomes of most working families

J.J. Goldberg: 106 IDF Ex-Generals, Spy Chiefs Urge New Peace Bid

“We’re on a steep slope toward an increasingly polarized society and moral decline”

Tom Hayden: Citizenfour and Kill the Messenger

These are outstanding films for anyone engaged in confronting the global surveillance state

Jack Rasmus: Predicting the Midterm Elections

Analysis of the likely outcome of next week’s US midterm elections, providing reasons why the Democrats will lose the Senate

Robin Hahnel: ‘Told You So’ Is Bitter Sweet

‘After I wrote the first edition of The ABCs of Political Economy in 2002 came the “rush” of vindication: I warned about the dangerous downside potentials of liberalising the financial system. But did anyone listen? No. And sure enough the world suffered the worst financial crisis in five generations five years later. I explained why insisting on Read more…

Madeleine Thomas: Climate depression is for real

Just ask a scientist

David Alexandre: ‘Podemos’ phenomenon leads to a new workers union: SOMOS

The relatively new left-wing party continues to makes ripples in Spanish politics

David Swanson: Things, Not People, You Can Vote For

Check whether there isn’t perhaps something actually worth voting for, or a way to make there be such a thing next time

Federico Fuentes: Why Predictions of Ebb in ‘Pink Tide’ Proved Premature

The last two months have seen the reelection of left-leaning governments in Brazil, Bolivia and Uruguay

Tom Engelhardt: The Pressure to Escalate

The Phantasmagoric World of Washington

Esther Vivas: Of the class struggle and the things we eat

Questioning the dominant agricultural model and fighting for an alternative that places at its core people’s needs and respect for the land, is to get to the heart of the class struggle

Justin Doolittle: The Corporate Assault on Latin American Democracy

The Latest Phase

Kate Aronoff: ‘Citizenfour’ — a real-life thriller for the Obama era

“Citizenfour” is the third in Poitras’s trilogy about post-9/11 America

Murtaza Hussain: Activists Humiliating Israeli Shipping Giant

The successful protest action against Zim is part of a global movement for an economic boycott of Israel

Paul Carr: Everybody Sucks, Except Matt Taibbi

Recalling the history of Taibbi and First Look

Rebecca Solnit: Feminism: The Men Arrive!

Hooray! Uh-Oh!

Luigi Russi: Finance and the privatization of rural livelihoods

The disappearing boundaries between financial speculation and development aid are an unsettling testimony to the rapid financialization of agriculture

Steve Early: Picketing, Not Partnering, in Honolulu

The contradictions of Hawaii’s healthcare system and the struggles of its workers

Angela Davis: On Friendship and Creativity

Interview about their past collaboration, their longstanding friendship, and their bedrock belief in the power of literature

Thomas Gaist: Report to UN condemns US government’s “international criminal program of torture”

A recent report to the UN concludes that the administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Obama are responsible for far-reaching violations of international law

Atilio Boron: Brazil: A Pyrric Victory and What Comes Afterwards

Dilma’s victory was distressing and difficult

Trevor Timm: Does the CIA want Republicans to win the midterms?

If the Republicans win back the Senate, the CIA knows it will win big too

Matt Carr: Europe’s Migrant Graveyard

Since the end of the Cold War, the Mediterranean has become the most lethal of Europe’s barriers against irregular migration

Tony Iltis: What a revolution looks like

The three Rojava cantons stand out as the site of a revolutionary transformation that has gone further than in the rest of Syria,

Patrick Cockburn: As executions rise, allies must focus more closely on warring anti-IS forces

In many respects the situation in Saudi Arabia is getting worse rather than better

Alexandre Conceição: ‘Our big challenge is to continue the fight for structural reforms’

Interview with Alexandre Conceição, from the national leadership of the Movement of Rural Landless Workers

Serge Halimi: The Left’s Unsung Success Story

The mainstream media are reluctant to talk about leftwing Latin American governments’ success stories

Sara Roy: Rebuilding Gaza needs freedom and normality – not just aid

In all Gaza’s long and tormented history, there is no precedent for its extraordinarily dangerous position in 2014

John Feffer: Poland: Land of Junk Contracts

The Poles call them umowa śmieciowa or “junk contracts.” If you’re young and lucky enough to have a job in Poland these days, it’s likely to be short-term and come without benefits. Ten percent of young people (up to the age of 25) are working in the black market, and another 25 percent have part-time or short-term work. Read more…

Laura Beratti: National Women’s Meeting in Argentina

Thousands marching for their rights

Bill Blunden: The FBI Can Bypass Encryption

Safeguarding civil liberties on the Internet will take a lot more than just the right app.

Bernie Sanders: Breaking Big Money’s Grip on Elections

Vermont’s independent senator is angry about what he sees as big money’s wholesale purchase of political power

Emile Nakhleh: The Islamic State’s Ideology Is Grounded in Saudi Education

The latest educational “guidelines” issued by the Islamic State are a stark example of what’s wrong with our strategic policy planning on the root causes of terrorism

Howie Hawkins: A “Green New Deal for New York”

A call for a “Green New Deal” that includes public jobs for the unemployed, single-payer healthcare, a ban on fracking and a 100 percent clean-energy future

Gideon Levy: Who’s the real chickenshit?

By letting Netanyahu expand the settlements and deliver a death blow to the two-state solution, the U.S. president has shown that he’s the one who lacks guts

Alice Ollstein: 40,000 Voter Registrations Have Vanished

Could determine control of the Senate

Various Contributors: A Swedish recognition of Palestine

The Palestinians have a state that would have been effective, if it were not for Israel’s illegal occupation

Sarah Lazare: State-Level Attacks on Reproductive Rights

Lawmakers over the past three years have dramatically cut access to reproductive health care, state by state

Greg Palast: Jim Crow Returns

Election officials in 27 states, most of them Republicans, have launched a program that threatens a massive purge of voters from the rolls. Millions, especially black, Hispanic and Asian-American voters, are at risk. Already, tens of thousands have been removed in at least one battleground state, and the numbers are expected to climb, according to Read more…

Evan Walker-Wells: Blocking the Youth Vote in the South

These efforts to curb young and minority voters come as youth — and especially minority youth — are becoming increasingly larger parts of the American electorate

Michael D'Antuono: Dear Mr. 1%

Shining a light on corporate greed

Michael Lesher: Freeing Rape Victims From Fundamentalism – In New York?

The media continues to focus on safe targets, like Muslim clerics in Afghanistan

Tamanna Rahman: Nurses Emerge as Front Line ‘Climate Workers’

The climate crisis has changed the world of health care. Nurses have been at the forefront, and their role will only continue to expand

Vijay Prashad: Tears for Bhopal

he Death of a Criminal

Andy Robinson: Will Catalonia Secede From Spain?

Catalonia has decided to recast its planned November 9 referendum on independence as a nonbinding consultation

Susanne Soederberg: New Loan Sharks

The dependence of the poor on payday loans is the result of neoliberal policies

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