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Güney Işıkara: Erdoğan’s Victory by Violence

The ruling AKP won the Turkish election through sheer violence and repression

Robert Fisk: A new book reveals the horrifying, and fascinating, details of daily life under Isis

It details all of Isis’s cruelty, but places it in the context of a very bloody history

Lindsey Allen: Is Indonesia’s fire crisis connected to the palm oil in our snack food?

The widespread burning of tropical rainforests and peatlands to develop palm oil plantations is one of the largest sources of carbon pollution today

Amartya Sen: Women’s Progress Outdid China’s One-Child Policy

The abandonment of the one-child policy in China is a momentous change, and there is much to celebrate in the easing of restrictions on human freedom in a particularly private sphere of life. But we need to recognize that the big fall in fertility in China over the decades, for which the one-child policy is Read more…

Mychal Denzel Smith: The Movement Against Police Violence Isn’t Ignoring ‘Black-on-Black Crime’

FBI Director James Comey would have you believe that the Black Lives Matter movement is responsible for the increase in tragic violence

Derek Royden: How the National Endowment for Democracy Manufactures Regime Change Around the World

What’s most dangerous about NED is that it gives voice and a measure of power to some of America’s biggest hawks whether they’re in government or not

Art Heitzer: Obama: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is on Cuba

We must pressure Obama to act decisively now to realize his promise to truly normalize relations with Cuba

Amira Hass: Israel’s Violent Cowardice Faces Palestinian Protestors’ Bravery

Israeli soldiers have gotten used to feeling heroic in their planes, tanks and armored jeeps, but now they’re dying of fear as vengefulness erupts

Les Leopold: Why Does America Have More Prisoners Than Any Police State?

America has become incarceration nation

Paul Mason: Apocalypse now: has the next giant financial crash already begun?

A predicted global meltdown passed without event. But there are enough warning signs to suggest we are sleepwalking into another disaster

Jon Queally: Missed Chance to ‘End Dictatorship’ as Erdoğan Claims Victory in Turkey

“I’m horrified,” said one young voter in Instanbul. “I don’t want to live in this country anymore because I don’t know what is awaiting us”

Juan Cole: Why ISIL is a Vast Exaggeration: & No, it can’t Shoot down Planes

In a day of news as infotainment, per-minute payments for advertisements, and social media, a single beheading can create an impression

Belen Fernandez: Criminalizing Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

The state’s selective xenophobia has naturally been replicated by sectors of the Lebanese citizenry

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Portugal: What is at stake

Portugal is now entering phase two of the global implementation of neoliberalism

Chris Hedges: Sheldon Wolin and Inverted Totalitarianism

Wolin struggled against forces he knew he could not vanquish, never wavering in the fight as an intellectual and, more important, in the fight as a citizen

Mona Tajali: The promise of gender parity: Turkey’s People’s Democratic Party (HDP)

The Turkish HDP’s egalitarian gender ideology played a key role in the election of a record number of women to parliament in June’s election. Can these gains be sustained in the political turmoil ahead?

Roberto Savio: The West Votes For A Better Yesterday

It is worth of remembering that until the financial crisis of 2007, xenophobic and rightwing parties were marginal political entities in almost all of Europe

Sam Bahour: Palestinians ‘have become unreasonably reasonable’

As Israel and US wrongly claim ‘incitement’ to justify their actions against Palestinians, the oppressed may resort to new forms of struggle

Bahar Baser: Erdoğan and the AKP get majority back amid climate of violence and fear

As things stand, the HDP is now the biggest challenge to Erdoğan’s authoritarianism – a crucial role

Preeti Kaur: Climate Action: Why Justice in Paris is Unlikely

Six Obstacles to Reaching an Effective International Agreement on Climate Change in Paris this December

Taylan Tosun: Massacre in Turkey’s Capital: Why?

The interim regime aimed to intimidate large segments of the population and to demoralize and pacify them

Gideon Levy: Israelis Who Are Lost to Democracy

Israel is perpetrating horrors in the territories at a frequency and degree never seen before. Not that most Israelis seem to care

Megan Hanna: Israeli soldiers tell Palestinians: ‘We will gas you until you die’

The use of force was so extreme that children from Aida’s two community centers and residents of nearby houses had to be evacuated to another part of the camp

Vijay Prashad: The detritus of regime change in Libya

Four years ago, as NATO prepared to bomb Libya, I asked a senior Western diplomat if he thought the experience of Iraq would inform this adventure. After all, regime change in Iraq had resulted in chaos – out of which had emerged, in 2006, the Islamic State of Iraq. Regime change produced chaos, which allowed the Read more…

Harold Meyerson: Can Sanderistas Create a True Leftist Movement?

Signing on for Sanders, if his volunteers are serious, isn’t like signing on for any other candidate. It should mean they’re signing on for rebuilding the long-gone American left

Amanda Girard: March for Free College Expands to Nearly 100 Campuses Nationwide

Students are planning to unite with groups that have already organized successful actions, forging strategic partnerships and making a commitment to join future calls for actions announced by those groups

Peter O’Connor: Will Turkey’s Elections bring Peace or More Conflict with Kurds?

It has been a bloody year for Turkey’s Kurds. Everyone involved claims to hope for peace. In the coming months, the world will see whether all these words translate into action.

Debra Loevy: Do Indian Lives Matter? Police Violence Against Native Americans

Our legal system is stacked against Native Americans, and that system is the culmination of a long history of oppression

Jack Rasmus: Pigs at the Corporate Tax Cut Trough

Can Europe slow U.S. multinational corporate tax rip-offs?

Medea Benjamin: Clinton Presidency Would Fuel the War Machine

A look at what can be expected from a Hillary Clinton foreign policy

Juan Cole: Syria: US Boots on Ground risks Conflict with Turkey, not Russia

If you imposed Syria on a US map, you could say that Obama and the Kurds are fighting ISIL in Maine, and Russia is giving air support to the Baath army against al-Qaeda and allied groups in Oregon

Richard Falk: Turkish Foreign and National Policy

[Prefatory Note: This is a modified text of an interview conducted by Semin Gumusel Guner of Al Jazeera Turka, and published online in abbreviated form on October 19, 2015. The situation in Turkey is increasingly precarious and troublesome: extremist violence; intensifying polarization; governmental uncertainty due to absence of electoral majority for governing AKP, and inability Read more…

Vijay Prashad: Mission impossible

On October 15, United States President Barack Obama stepped away from his campaign pledge to remove all U.S. combat troops from Afghanistan. He said that the nearly 10,000 troops that were now in the country would remain and that by the end of the year they would be reduced to half that number. During Obama’s Read more…

Buddy Bell: Living Under the Metal Osprey

My goal in travelling to Okinawa is to tell other people in the U.S. about that reality, of bases maintained on forcefully expropriated land

Serge Halimi: France, the diplomatic shadow

To find a precedent for France’s current diplomatic self-effacement, one would have to go back to the Suez crisis of 1956 or the Algerian war

Immanuel Wallerstein: Obama’s Impossible Options in the Middle East

Not only is the United States not a hegemonic power but it isn’t even the most powerful actor in this fragmented region. Its unwillingness to admit this reality to itself is a danger to the entire world

Patrick Cockburn: Too Weak, Too Strong

The state of the Syrian war

Jeffrey R. Webber: Bolivia’s Passive Revolution

Evo Morales’s government has increasingly incorporated conservative elements into the Bolivian state

Michael Albert: Talking with Elites?

When is it right, and when is it not so right, to talk to power — in particular, for example, with Hilary Clinton?

George Monbiot: Nothing to See Here

In the greatest environmental disaster of the 21st Century (so far), Indonesia has been blotted out by smoke. And the media

Justin Podur: Silent Compromises

As Israel’s actions become more indefensible, its supporters increasingly subvert decent values … What will the rest of us do?

Tom Engelhardt: Four Score and Seven Years Ago… at Disney World

The Demobilization of the American People and the Spectacle of Election 2016

Buddy Bell: The U.S. Ought to Un-Swivel Its China Pivot

For the last week, I’ve been walking on a peace march organized by the Nipponzan Myohoji order of Buddhist monks

Paul Street: Why Exxon Executives Deserve the Ultimate Punishment

On October 16, 1946, shortly after the conclusion of the Nuremberg Trials, ten prominent members of the political and military leadership of Nazi Germany were marched to the gallows. Some of the former elite Nazis did not die quickly of an intended broken neck but strangled slowly. Since the trapdoor was too small, several of Read more…

Aaron Cynic: Fund Black Futures, Not More Cops: Protest Shuts Down Streets at Policing Convention

Hundreds of community activists marched through the city’s South Side to McCormick Place to call for police accountability and community investment

Peter Dreier: What is democratic socialism, American-style?

Now that Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is generating lots of media attention, the word “socialism” is in the news. But few Americans know what it is or what Sanders means when he describes himself as a “democratic socialist.” In the early 1900s, socialists led the movements for women’s suffrage, child labor laws, consumer protection Read more…

Jim Naureckas: The Fake News Food Chain

From hoax site to Fox News to Donald Trump to NBC‘s mainstream audience

Bill McKibben: Imagine if Exxon had told the truth on climate change

Exxon made a conscious decision to adopt what a company public affairs officer called “the Exxon position”

Nadia Prupis: ‘Codifying’ Government Surveillance, Senate Passes CISA

“If President Obama does not veto this bill, he’ll be showing that his administration never truly cared about the open Internet,” rights group says

Pambana Bassett: In the Caribbean: What Are Reparations?

Belizeans and other Caribbean nation’s visions for reparations and Belizean hopes to garner government’s support

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