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John e. Peck: Remilitarizing Africa for Corporate Profit

E. Peck This Spring, in a move that’s probably susceptible to World Trade Organization (WTO) challenge as an illegal trade barrier—since it enables consumers to distinguish between goods based upon production/process methods—De Beers promised to certify that all of its consignments “do not include any diamonds which come from any area in Africa controlled by Read more…

M.v. Ramana: none

V. Ramana Two summers ago, when India and Pakistan tested their nuclear weapons—Pakistan for the first time and India, after a gap of 24 years, for the second time—the U.S. government suddenly discovered the dangers of nuclear weapons. President Bill Clinton, for example, stated: “I cannot believe that we are about to start the 21st Read more…

Suzanne Simon: Texaco’s Ecological Terrorism of the Ecuadorian Amazon

Suzanne Simon From 1972 until 1992, the U.S.-based Texaco Corporation spearheaded oil production activities in the Ecuadorian Amazon. They guided exploration activities, built roads and a trans-Ecuadorian pipeline, which runs from the oil town of Lago Agrio to the port city of Esmeraldas. These two decades of oil extraction and production have resulted in levels Read more…

Ian Urbina: Vermont Campaign Finance Reform

Urbina In June 1997 Vermont passed one of the most comprehensive campaign finance reform laws in the country and the signing of the “Clean Elections” bill was a generally festive occasion. Democratic Governor Howard Dean was on hand for congratulations and photos with the bill’s main architect, Anthony Pollina, whom he enthusiastically dubbed “Mr. Campaign Read more…


Howard Zinn (This essay will appear in the  October Issues of The Progressive) There came a rare amusing moment in this election campaign when George Bush (who has $220 million dollars for his campaign) accused Al Gore (who has only $170 million dollars) of appealing to ‘class warfare’. It recalled the 1988 election campaign when Read more…


Edward S. Herman There is no better place than foreign elections to observe the brazenness of U.S. interventionism abroad, its crude double standard as between targets and client states, and the mainstream media’s propaganda service in support of their country’s imperial policies. One feature of this service is the media’s rush to focus attention on Read more…


Diana Johnstone (This was prepared a couple of weeks ago… should have gone out sooner…my apologies…) The first round of voting to elect the next President of Yugoslavia Presidential is to be held on September 24. If no candidate wins an absolute majority, there will be a runoff two weeks later. Because of the boycott Read more…

Mark Weisbrot: Protests Keep Spotlight on IMF and World Bank Failures

purposes; as in the Washington DC demonstrations last April, the organizers and protesters are committed to non-violence. The real danger is that of embarrassment for the IMF and the Bank. They are fighting to preserve their legitimacy, which has been badly damaged over the last three years. For half a century hardly anyone even knew Read more…

Danny Schechter: Surviving “Survivor” While Thinking Of Abbie

Danny Schechter Wonder what Mr. Survival of the Fittest Charles Darwin would be thinking as the surreality show "Survivor" moves from the realm of television into the arena of TV legend. CBS has cashed in already, and all l6 of the "survivors" of this staged sitcom-cum-adventure show that has titillated TV viewers all summer are Read more…

Nikos Raptis: Anatomy of the Clinton visit to Athens (Part 1)

Nikos Raptis Can a rather routine visit of a US President to a small country be so important to deserve an "anatomy"? I think that an analysis of the events and the behaviors of the participants in these events before, during, and after the Clinton visit to Athens, on November 19, 1999, could be very Read more…

Patrick Bond: South-South-North alliances

Patrick Bond Here are two sentences in the concluding paragraph of Chomsky’s September 17 ZNet Commentary (`Summits’);, in which he champions the Havana South-South Summit of `G77′ country leaders that took place in April: African leaders pointed out that the `voices in the street’ in the West are repeating what `the developing countries have been Read more…

Robert Naiman: An “Underground Railroad” for Patented Drugs?

Robert Naiman September 18th was the 150th anniversary of an infamous Act. In 1850, Congress passed the Fugitive Slave Act, making the federal government responsible for tracking down escaped slaves in the North and sending them back to slavery. The Act galvanized anti-slavery opinion and contributed to the development of the "Underground Railroad" to assist Read more…

Margaret Randall: A CULTURE OF RAGE

Margaret Randall This week’s mail brought a letter quite suddenly and unceremoniously informing me that my health insurance provider is discontinuing my group policy. "Your existing QualMed health care coverage will end on October 31, 2000. . . this is the only notice you will receive" is the way the company’s account representatives put it. Read more…

Noam Chomsky: Summits

Noam Chomsky

Ted Glick: On Burnout and Recruitment

Ted Glick  

Russell Mokhiber: Killing Africa with Kindness

Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman

Guest Author: Let the Palestinians Go Home

Ali Abunimah


Pervez Hoodbhoy


Edward S. Herman In many ways the system is working beautifully right now. First of all, money dominates the initial selection and weeding out of presidential candidates, so that only those who will serve the corporate interest on the basics–advancing "free trade," keeping the lid on or shrinking the welfare state, and preserving and strengthening Read more…

Dorothy Guellec: Healthcare according to Ralph Nader

Dorothy Guellec Ralph Nader is the only candidate who supports Universal Healthcare for all as a human right. Health, not merely illness should be a public concern. We could save at least $36 billion a years if we had a "paperless hospital system." As Business Week reported recently we could save just by using electronic Read more…

Dan Georgakas: Previewing Kosovo

Dan Georgakas The only constant in American and NATO policy in the Balkans has been the breakup of a socialist, multi-ethnic state into a series of small, capitalist-oriented states based on narrowly defined religious/ethnic identity. Given that pattern, it is not surprising that the mini-states are usually ruled by extremely nationalist parties and that the Read more…

Manning Marable: Escaping From Blackness: Racial Identity and Public Policy

Manning Marable The greatest struggle of any oppressed group in a racist society is the struggle to reclaim collective memory and identity. At the level of culture, racism seeks to deny people of African, American Indian, Asian and Latino descent their own voices, histories and traditions. From the vantagepoint of racism, black people have no Read more…

BlasŽ Bonpane: The Death of the Dinosaur, the Saber Tooth Tiger, and Militarism

Sunni Moslem Saladin on July 4, 1187. The concept of Holy War or Jihad did not begin with the Moslems, on the contrary, it was a Moslem imitation of the "Holy War" of the Christian Crusaders. Was Japan defeated in World War II? Ask one of the world’s major economic powers. Were the Mexicans defeated Read more…

Saul Landau: Pinochet naked — at last!

Saul Landau Picture Homer Simpson’s boss, naked, a scrawny figure bent with age, covering his genitals with his general’s hat. The caption: "You’ve stripped me, but don’t take my hat!" Augusto Pinochet, former President, Generalissimo, King of the world, now naked, stripped of immunity. The Chilean Supreme Court has removed the imperial armor that has Read more…

Guest Author: Violence, Gender and Health

Eileen Hoffman, M.D.

Danny Schechter: Looking Back: “Leave It To Lieberman”

Danny Schechter Don’t say independent media analysts can’t get on the air. On Wednesday might, hours before Joe Lieberman would speak to the Democratic Convention, Seth Ackerman was invited to have his say. Seth, who works with Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), was asked to comment on the media coverage in Los Angeles. No, Read more…

Marta Russell: Just Getting to the Protests – Still a Struggle

Marta Russell 

Russell Mokhiber: Toast

Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman About six years ago, a friend gave us a toaster. It was a present. The friend bought the toaster from Williams-Sonoma, the San Francisco-based kitchen store, with outlets in upscale malls throughout the United States. It was a modern toaster, which means first, that it was made primarily out of Read more…

Robert Naiman: Banning Imports from Burma

Robert Naiman


  A month before the great ‘Green Games’ in Sydney were due to open, a group of international scientists arrived at the North Pole to find, not ice, but a stretch of open water at least one mile wide – the first time the North Pole has not been ice-bound for 50 million years. "It Read more…

Michael Albert: What’s Napster’and Freenet?

The New York Times business pages have lately featured reports of a music industry crisis. Many leftists don’t read these pages, but this is big news for everyone, perhaps especially for the left. Napster Napster is a computer program plus a massive web site/server and information center. Sitting at your desk at home you type Read more…

Roger Bybee: Now It Can Be Told on China PNTR

Now It Can Be Told Belated barking on China trade deal   By Roger Bybee I A  watchdog that barks only after a major   plundering  will   under­standably have  its  competence questioned—as well as its loyalty. Major  media’s  performance   around Permanent Normalization   of Trade Relations (PNTR) with China inspires similar challenge to their pretensions as watchdogs Read more…

Tim Wise: Exchange With David Horowitz on Racism

In September, 2000, Tim Wise, ZNet commentator, wrote an article called ‘Gore-Vey’, about Lieberman’s Vice-Presidential candidacy with Al Gore and the Democratic Party. David Horowitz, a prominent conservative, called Wise a ‘self-hating Jew’, and a debate ensued on an email listserve. The following is the exchange: HOROWITZ: You’re a patronizing racist who thinks American blacks Read more…

Manning Marable: Racism, Prisons and the Future of Black America

Manning Marable There are today over two million Americans incarcerated in federal and state prisons and local jails throughout the United States. More than one-half, or one million, are black men and women. The devastating human costs of the mass incarceration of one out of every thirty-five individuals within black America are beyond imagination. While Read more…

Vijay Prashad: The Affirmative Action Election

Vijay Prashad

Ted Glick: Respecting Your Elders?

Ted Glick 

Dorothy Guellec: Investing in Death Benefits – Exploiting AIDS patients

  Once the domain of the terminally ill, viatical settlements or arrangements – the reassignment of a life insurance policy to a third party in return for a cash settlement – are set to explode in the next decade as the market evolves to include healthy seniors looking to sell their life insurance policies. The Read more…

Patrick Bond: Can Thabo Mbeki change the world?

Patrick Bond Cynics may be tempted to view Mbeki’s own recent pronouncements on global governance in a similar vein: the uncritical embrace, during a May trip to the US, of president Bill Clinton’s corporate-designed Africa Growth and Opportunity Act, of highly-conditional debt "alleviation"–not cancellation–by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), and of renewed Read more…

Russell Mokhiber: Cop Killer

Russell Mokhiber  and Robert Weissman

Michael Albert: Lesser Evil?

Michael Albert The general anti-Nader argument is very simple. To vote/work for Nader means not voting/working for Gore. That’s uncontestable. In states with close Gore/Bush ratings, Gore could lose enough votes to Nader for Bush to win the state, and ultimately the election. That’s also uncontestable. Thus, and here is the leap in logic, if Read more…

Danny Schechter: Speaking Back to the Media

Danny Schechter There used to be something called equal time and the right to reply to TV editorials and coverage. I am reminded of this by the publication, in a thin booklet called Poems for the Nation, of the text of a previously unpublished television address delivered in l972 at a local TV station in Read more…

Mark Weisbrot: Verizon Workers Defend the Right to Organize

Mark Weisbrot Workers at Verizon Communications had a lot of reasons to go out on strike against the nation’s largest provider of local telephone and wireless services: loss of jobs to non- union sub-contractors, forced overtime, overbearing management. And a level of stress that can only be described by someone who handles more than 1000 Read more…

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