Brad Wilson: Farmer Front Groups and the Agribusiness Bribe

(This is an excerpt from: Brad Wilson,  “Smashing the Illusion ‘Farmer Clout:’ A White Paper, ZSpace, Jan 08, 2013.  The link to the longer article is temporarily not working, and is being fixed.  BW, 10/6/15) THE AGRIBUSINESS BRIBE: COMPROMISING YOURSEF TO SAVE YOURSELF? To be a part of such a massive loss of clout over your lifetime Read more…

Brad Wilson: Farm Justice and Neoliberalism: Feedback to Julie Guthman

Authors Note:  This is an open letter of feedback to Julie Guthman, who is an academic who writes on food issues in terms of neoliberalism, food justice, race, and more.  I address a number of these themes, including the role of food and farm academics generally. Most recently she’s been quoted for the introductions to Read more…

Brad Wilson: Food Sovereignty as Government Intervention

Subtitle:  The Views of La Via Campesina and U.S. Family Farmers Dominant Interpretations of Food Sovereignty I find that, in the US, “food sovereignty” is often defined as having increased local and regional control over food systems, and politically this often includes national control for small countries, such as Least Developed Countries.  Along with this, Read more…

Brad Wilson: Farm Studies Illiteracy Test

(A Farmers (latest) Test of Basic Hog Sense) INTRODUCTION This is the latest in a series of “tests” I’ve written under the general heading of “A Farmers Test of Basic Hog Sense.” This one explores cultural and academic literacy in relation to the historical Family Farm (or Farm Justice) Movement, and in a context of Read more…

Brad Wilson: Farm Justice: Questions for the Food Movement

I’ve been asked to summarize the key points of some of my work for people in the Food Movement who have a hard time understanding some or other part of it. Here I’m attempting to respond to that with QUESTIONS rather than with my own bullet points. That puts the shoe on the other foot. Read more…

Brad Wilson: Cap Farm Subsidies at $250,000, or $25,000, or $0?

Should farm subsidies be capped in the 2012 farm bill at $250,000, at $25,000, or at $0? For many reform-minded groups and advocates these days, “real reform” can be found at the $250,000 level per farm per year. The argument goes that there’s a need for government to write checks to farmers, and, even during Read more…

Brad Wilson: Why U.S. Farmers Oppose ‘Free’ Trade

FARM WASHING ‘FREE’ TRADE There seems to be a lot of “farm washing” of the new ‘free’ trade agreements, the Trans Pacific Partnership, (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).  For example, the public radio program, Here and Now, in a story about how the United Auto Workers oppose TPP, quoted sources claiming that “it’s Read more…

Brad Wilson: Farm Justice for Beginning Farmers

We’re Missing the Biggest Part  (Subtitle, optional)  INTRODUCTION This was written on the occasion of a Post on the “GOAT” (4 coalitions “getting our act together,”) list about a Report from the Land Stewardship Project in Minnesota on the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program. The report is important, and shows the kind of policy Read more…

Brad Wilson: Are Farmers Commodified ‘Excess Resources’ to Food Progressives

A new article that has been circulating argues that “more than 90 percent of [the] U.S. could eat food grown or raised withing 100 miles of their homes.” ( ) This is then cited as good for the economy and for sustainability. It’s supported by a map showing where this could happen, with blue Read more…

Brad Wilson: Anomalies in the Dietary Guidelines Paradigm

Quite a few progressive groups, along the lines of the Food Movement, have signed on to the recent Dietary Guidelines proposal. It’s generally treated as a united front, a no-brainer, with no other progressive points of view. They’ve even put out a full page ad in major newspapers. In contrast, I see it as a Read more…

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