Case Roole

My intellectual roots are with Donald Davidson's philosophy. Davidson excelled in pointing out dysfunctional concepts, relations, and arguments involving truth and action. He left a vocabulary that doesn't so much name everything, as provide a toolbox for analysis. Its most important application is in bridging disparate vocabularies. The sort of situations that lead to violence when not dealt with.Not able at the time to either extend Davidson's vocabulary or to give it an interesting application I moved into the internet building business in the 1990s. A fascinating, stimulating, and hopeful period. I started out as a software engineer, but quickly got involved in thinking about how software forms organizations and society, and how the social outcome of market theory created for 18th century bushels of grain or pins changes when faced with the reality of software.September 11th 2001 changed my life. I awoke to the fact that the society in which I lived was unlike I thought it was. I started a search for truthful descriptions of what was going on in the world, for values, and social mechanisms. What I found is that the words to stimulate change for the better have been around for centuries, but have been made impotent. My project in life now is to reformulate them to recover their power.     

Case Roole's

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