Joe Emersberger: Reuters article on Syria nicely illustrates media bias in aftermath of Paris attacks – UPDATED

Note how blandly the following is reported by Reuters in this article: Russia’s military involvement in Syria has brought losses, including the downed jet and the bombing by militants of a Russian passenger jet over Egypt. But there is no sign yet that public opinion is turning against the operation in Syria and the Kremlin Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Does anybody but Nicolas Maduro question the motives of US prosecutors?

Nobody in the world, aside from Venezuelan government officials, thinks that U.S. prosecutors are engaged in politically motivated targeting of Venezuela’s government. At least that’s the message conveyed in this lengthy New York Times article that ran with the headline “Drug Charges for Nephews of Venezuela’s First Lady Could Add to Public Distrust”. The only Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Dear Reuters: Keep up the great work on Venezuela

RE Venezuela leader condemns ‘imperialist’ attacks after drug arrests Dear Reuters: I am so relieved you guys included a few statements like this in your report “Maduro and other senior officials have long said accusations of drug trafficking were part of an international campaign to discredit socialism in the South American nation.” The article would Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Human Rights Watch and its latest attack Rafael Correa’s government  

HRW just put out a report entitled “Ecuador: Crackdown on Protesters” about violent protests that took place in August. HRW interviewed various protest leaders including “Salvador Quispe, the indigenous prefect of Zamora Chinchipe province” and reported that “All said that they had not been engaging in violent acts”. But Salvador Quispe was caught on film Read more…

Joe Emersberger: A Guardian editor defends a “gentle” smear of Seumas Milne – UPDATED

The exchange I had with Chris Elliott (below) illustrates how the liberal end of the establishment media reinforces what comes out of the far right media. Seumas Milne, on leave from the Guardian where he was a columnist (one of the very few worth reading) to become Jeremy Corbyn’s Executive Director of Strategy and Communications, Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Trade deficit – not budget deficit – is what public should urgently want to reduce

In the corporate media the fiscal deficit (or budget deficit) is talked of like a cancer that must annihilated at just about any cost. Trade deficits, in contrast, are barely mentioned and when they are certainly not discussed with any urgency. This is totally irrational for a few reasons. One is because the two are intimately linked. Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Reuters covers for Colombia and the USA – the standard practice

This article by Alexandra Ulmer of Reuters says Venezuela will allow 1500 recently deported Colombians to return and legalize their status. She added “It remains to be seen whether the shaken deportees will want to return to Venezuela, which is mired in a spiraling economic crisis where basic goods such as toilet paper and bottled Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Don’t be fooled by “leftists” who mimic the Right in Ecuador

A piece that Raul Zibechi wrote about Ecuador early this year has been circulating on Twitter recently as leftists around the world try to understand anti-government protests by a few groups claiming to be of the left. Zibechi depicts the indigenous federation CONAIE as being engaged in a noble struggle against Rafael Correa’s government. Zibechi makes the Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Human Rights Watch – much less than truthful on Ecuador

Daniel Wilkinson – managing director of the Americas Division of Human Rights Watch (HRW) – wrote a piece entitled “Environmentalists Under Siege in Ecuador” Environmentalists are so “under siege” in Ecuador that they are given lengthy interviews on big private networks with extremely sympathetic TV journalists. In this TV interview –  one that Wilkinson refers Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Amnesty Still Asks US and Saudi Governments to ensure only the good Syrian Rebels are armed

In 2012 an Amnesty official explained to me why Amnesty calls for an arms embargo on all Palestinian armed groups but makes no such call regarding the Syrian rebels. The key quotes from Amnesty’s 2012 correspondence with me follows: “ …it is evident that these Palestinian armed groups have a proven track record, over many years, Read more…

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