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Richard Falk: A Weak UN Ensures a Weak Secretary General

As an organization of states, the UN fails to address the agendas of the peoples of the world

Lyndal Rowlands: Antibiotic Resistance Requires Global Response Similar to AIDS, Climate Change

Any potential global regulations should be able to draw on positive examples from countries which have successfully regulated the use of antibiotics in farming

Kate Brauman: We’re (not) running out of water – a better way to measure water scarcity

Managing water to meet current and future demand is critical

Rajesh Makwana: No recognition of ‘One Humanity’ at the World Humanitarian Forum

The ongoing failure of UN Member States to safeguard the most vulnerable was most recently demonstrated by policymakers meeting at the World Humanitarian Summit

Pete Dolack: Has the IMF renounced neoliberalism? Well, not really

Economics may be the dismal science, but dismal though classical economics is, it is far more art than science, as in the art of fleecing

Vijay Prashad: The right to intervene

Humanitarian intervention has often been used as a pretext for regime change. A short history of the global community’s struggle to agree on the ground rules

Naomi Klein: Let Them Drown

We need integrated solutions, solutions that radically bring down emissions, while creating huge numbers of good, unionised jobs and delivering meaningful justice

Dilar Dirik: Challenging privilege: on solidarity and self-reflection

Solidarity fundamentally means to empathize and respect each others’ struggle and to understand ourselves as fighting on the same side

Various Contributors: #NuitDebout calls for global action on May 15

On the day of May 15 we will rise up together for a global day of action

Greg Grandin:  The Panama Papers Are Only the Beginning

Financial crimes and political conspiracies aren’t discrete events but the essence of neoliberalism

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