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Jérôme Roos: The Next Financial Crisis May Be Just Around the Corner

The headlines look eerily familiar: global growth is stalling, stocks are tumbling and peripheral bond yields are rising sharply

Ian Sinclair: Housework Or Wifework?

On average, women in the UK spend 11.5 hours doing housework, while men do just six hours

Jill Treanor: Richest 1% of people own nearly half of global wealth

Credit Suisse study shows inequality accelerating, with NGOs saying it shows economic recovery ‘skewed towards wealthy’

Fidel Castro: The UN Is A Colossal Fraud

if it is perfectly possible to plan the development of the population in accordance with growing productivity, culture and development of human values, what are they waiting for?

David Swanson: Again the Peace Prize Not for Peace

If the peace prize were actually awarded to a leading peace activist, at this point the world would be rather scandalized and scratch its collective head in wonderment at what the significance could be in that person’s work

Jeremy Brecher: Climate Destruction in the Court of Public Opinion

The tribunal presented a panorama of oppression, but also a panorama of resistance

George Monbiot: It’s Time To Shout Stop On This War On The Living World

Our consumption is trashing a natural world infinitely more fascinating and intricate than the stuff we produce

Jardana Peacock: Coming Alive

An interview conducted via e-mail between Jardana Peacock and Preeti Kaur

Richard D. Wolff: Four-Day Workweeks: Change for the Better?

Changes in the capitalist system’s operating procedures, rules and regulations are always presented as if they were in everyone’s interest

Michael Albert: From Each to Each?

Parecon’s institutions instead not only get the allocative tasks accomplished justly, they also facilitate desirable personal and social commitments and habits

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