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Justin Podur: War Is Still Not the Answer

Antiwar sentiment may mostly have evaporated, but war is as horrible as ever

Hilary Wainwright: Democracy is dead, long live democracies!

Building a real democracy in the face of corporate and financial power will require a rethinking of power and agency

Rajesh Makwana: A New Era of Global Protest Begins

In line with the steady rise in social unrest over the past decade, it’s likely that we will witness an unprecedented escalation in large-scale citizen protests across the globe in 2016 and beyond.

Pete Dolack: A Global Working Class in Formation

With the rise of a working class rooted in the global South comes worker militancy in the same geographies. This is militancy that has yet to attract much notice in the advanced capitalist countries of the North. One reason lies in the withering of labor movements across the North, and a belief in some circles, Read more…

Jérôme Roos: Is China’s Stock Market Turmoil a Sign of What’s to Come?

The first weeks of 2016 may well be remembered as the beginning of a dramatic third phase in the global financial crisis

George Monbiot: Who’s driving high abortion rates? It’s the religious right

Who is most responsible for high abortion rates? The religious right.

Richard Falk: Despair and Hope for the New Year

Most needed in these dark times is to hold tight to what we believe with an unruly embrace of faith, patience, and urgency

Ellen Brown: Reinventing Banking: From Russia to Iceland to Ecuador

The catastrophic failures of the Western banking system mandate a new vision

Diego Arguedas Ortiz: Draft in Hand, Ministers in Paris Enter Last Week of Climate Talks

If the accord comes through, the world should break apart from its fossil fuel dependence and quickly move towards a low-carbon economy

David Swanson: Non-French War Deaths Matter

We are all France. Apparently. Though we are never all Lebanon or Syria or Iraq for some reason. Or a long, long list of additional places

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