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Charles R. Larson: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism

Edward E. Baptist’s brilliant book, The Half Has Never Been Told, soars because of the author’s decision to root his analysis in the human dimension

Jack Rasmus: Barack Obama as ‘Jimmy Clinton’

Capitulation to corporate interests by Democratic presidents in their final two years in office has become a pattern in recent decades

William deBuys: The Wilderness Act Turns 50

Celebrating the Great Laws of 1964

Alex Doherty: The Good War

Nearly seventy years since the defeat of Nazi Germany there is still plenty of political mileage in assuming the mantle of the allied victors of 1945

Naomi Klein: “Capitalism Is Stupid”

Interview on why liberalism is not enough, why billionaires can’t save us, and what we need to do to save ourselves

Charles E. Cobb Jr.: Guns and the Southern Freedom Struggle: What’s Missing When We Teach About Nonviolence

Pieces of history that could help us think more clearly about today’s movements for social change are often ignored or distorted in popular media or commercial textbooks

Angela Davis: Black Feminism

Interview on black feminism, the importance of the collective, Palestine, the prison-industrial complex, and much more

Tom Engelhardt: Back to the Future in Iraq

Perhaps it might be easiest if everyone — Congress, the White House, the Pentagon, and Washington’s pundits — simply agreed that the United States is at “war-ish” in Iraq

Jean-Pierre Filiu: Gaza: A History

Daniel Whittal spoke with former diplomat and historian Jean-Pierre Filiu about his new book on Gaza, and the history and future of the region

Juan Cole: The Arab Political Crisis

It isn’t a Matter of Civilization and it isn’t Unique

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