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Nicola Nasser: Time for UN to shift mission in Yemen

Peace in Yemen will continue to be elusive unless the United Nations shifts its mission from sponsoring an inter-Yemeni dialogue to mediating ceasefire negotiations between the actual warring parties, namely Saudi Arabia & allies and the de facto representatives of Yemenis who are fighting to defend their country’s territorial integrity and independent free will, i.e. Read more…

Greg Grandin: Debacle, Inc.

How Henry Kissinger Helped Create Our “Proliferated” World

Julian Brave NoiseCat: Indigenous Leaders Want Pope Francis To Rescind Bull Justifying Imperialism

The Doctrine of Discovery, which allowed taking indigenous land 500 years ago, still underpins Indian law in the U.S.

David Swanson: War Is a Force That Gives Us Idiocy

A war is not an ennobling adventure. Watching lies about it on television is not the same as “living” it would be

David Swanson: The War to End Slavery Didn’t

What ended mass slavery was the nonviolent educational and moral force of the civil rights movement a century later

Walden Bello: What the Class Politics of World War II Mean for Tensions in Asia Today

In the Philippines, the grandson of a despised collaborator has endorsed the remilitarization of his country’s former occupiers

David Bacon: The Radical Roots of the Great Grape Strike

This is an expanded version of an article in the Insight section of the San Francisco Chronicle: Fifty years ago the great grape strike started in Delano, when Filipino pickers walked out of the fields on September 8, 1965.  Mexican workers joined them two weeks later.  The strike went on for five years, until Read more…

Richard Falk: Kissinger: A Hero of Our Time

Kissinger considers the United States, despite everything from Hiroshima to drones, as continuing to be the main benevolent force active in history over the course of the last hundred years

Zoltan Grossman: The Kindness of Strangers: The Refugees in Budapest, and my Father’s World War II Refugee Story

Whether in the 20th or 21st centuries, surviving war and repression is only made possible through the kindness of strangers

Nikos Raptis: The Case of Greece

More than seventy years ago the US elites, as leaders of the West, decided that there should never be a leftist government in any European country

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