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Lee Fang: Net Neutrality Is Here

Thanks To an Unprecedented Guerrilla Activism Campaign

Binnaz Saktanber: ‘Cease and censor’ in Turkey’s war on social media

Turkey has a track record of ruthlessly cracking down on social media users, and both Twitter and Facebook appear happy to play ball with the censors

Heather Gies: Social Media Coup? The Vile Virality of Venezuela’s Opposition

Examininh the role of social media in fomenting violence and misinformation in Venezuela

Zephyr Teachout: How the Little Guys Beat the Monopolists on Net Neutrality

A year ago, the FCC had sold out. Now it’s pushing real net neutrality. What happened in between proves that people power works

Danny Schechter: Reflections of a Media Critic

Four decades after a newspaper brought down an American president, political journalism is joined at the hip with an administration that doesn’t just secretly brief journalists but sucks up their ideas for how to sell a war to the public

Jon Queally: Global Cyberwar

Surveillance Is Just First Phase

Medea Benjamin: ‘Flogging for Blogging’ Official Saudi Policy

Raif Badawi was sentenced by a Saudi court to 1,000 floggings, as well as ten years in prison and a fine of $266,000. Badawi’s crime? Blogging.

Edward Snowden: Edward Snowden on Cyber Warfare

Large-scale cyber attacks with suspected ties to nation states are growing increasingly prevalent

Conn Hallinan: Dispatch Awards 2014

Each year Dispatches From the Edge gives awards to individuals, companies and governments that make following the news a daily adventure. Here are the winners for 2014

Justin Podur: Hacktivism

A review of: Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: The Many Faces of Anonymous

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