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Tom Engelhardt: This Article Is Not About Donald Trump

(And If You Believe That, You’ll Believe Anything)

Daniel Rivero: This is the scariest sentence you will ever read about the internet

Our generation has told ourselves that the value and beauty of social media is that it offers authentic, real-time perspectives from real people

Chris Spannos: If Google and Facebook can flip elections does code now rule the real world?

Code can now either be used to advance the creation of informed and participatory democracies or it can be used to disappear or manipulate the appearance of information

Chris Spannos: The digital divide’s great leap forward

The positive aspects of digital technology are real, but the benefits are not shared equally

Joshua Kopstein: FBI fight with Apple is a big farce to get inside your phone

The government’s true goal is to use the case to establish a chilling legal precedent

Alfredo Lopez: Apple Champions Privacy; Government Seeks to Trash It

Whatever its motives, Apple is on the right side

Sarah Lazare: Israel Announces $26 Million Cyberattack on BDS Movement and Muslim Social Media Users in the West

In coordination with the Israeli tech industry, government unleashes a new spy and sabotage plan

Tamara Pearson: Clickbait v Political Impact: Alternative Journalism as Social Media Becomes the New News Source

Counting likes and shares is easy, but how do we gauge the political impact of our articles and ensure their quality?

Chris Spannos: Will the ‘Internet of Things’ boost surveillance capabilities?

A new wave of smart appliances could soon be spying on your every move

Cory Doctorow: “I Am Skeptical That Capitalism Has a Future”

Interview on the surveillance state, Edward Snowden, and the core values of a utopian society

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