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Jon Queally: Global Cyberwar

Surveillance Is Just First Phase

Medea Benjamin: ‘Flogging for Blogging’ Official Saudi Policy

Raif Badawi was sentenced by a Saudi court to 1,000 floggings, as well as ten years in prison and a fine of $266,000. Badawi’s crime? Blogging.

Edward Snowden: Edward Snowden on Cyber Warfare

Large-scale cyber attacks with suspected ties to nation states are growing increasingly prevalent

Conn Hallinan: Dispatch Awards 2014

Each year Dispatches From the Edge gives awards to individuals, companies and governments that make following the news a daily adventure. Here are the winners for 2014

Justin Podur: Hacktivism

A review of: Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: The Many Faces of Anonymous

David Rovics: How Facebook Killed the Internet

For a brief period of time, we had access to the same audience, the same readers we had before, but now we could communicate with them virtually for free

Juan Cole: Is the NSA Responsible for N. Korea’s Hack of Sony Pictures?

The National Security Agency has been for two decades a powerful behind-the-scenes lobby for weak internet encryption and privacy protocols

Santiago Carrion: New TISA leak: secret trade deal threatens privacy rights

A new leak exposes US attempts to boost mega-corporations by undermining privacy rights and internet freedoms through the top-secret TISA trade deal

Helen Lewis: The limits of hacker activism

Activism is utterly impossible if you have no way of keeping track of your fellow activists and of forming even weak ties with them

Jim Hightower: Why Corporations Are Doing Everything They Can to Destroy Net Neutrality

There’s a reason Internet isn’t provided for free as an investment in the common good

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