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Vincent Emanuele: Nigerian and French Elections: Terrorism and the Return of the Right

How can political movements pushing for radical social changes, or even meaningful reforms, codify their efforts and realize their emancipatory potential? Surely not through the ballot-box

Patrick Naagbanton: The spirit of Saro-Wiwa rises

In one of the most polluted places on earth there’s a resurgence of resistance

Jumoke Balogun: ‘Dear world, your hashtags won’t #BringBackOurGirls’

Thanks for your concern but calling for America rather than Nigeria to take action does more harm than good

Tony Iltis: Hypocritical West exploits Boko Haram’s crimes

The social media campaign for Western intervention against Boko Haram ignores past violence and current Western military interventions in Africa

Patrick Kane: Oil uprising

Report from the Niger Delta on the Ogoni people’s struggle against Shell and the wider mobilisation in Nigeria towards 2015 as a ‘year of change’

Eddie Girdner: America and the Empire of Oil

Over a Barrel: America and the Empire of Oil Eddie J. Girdner Steve Coll, Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power. New York: The Penguin Press, 2012. 685 pages. ExxonMobil became the largest private corporation in the United States after the merger of Exxon with Mobil in l998. It is also the most profitable company with Read more…

Emem Okon: Speaking Truth to Chevron

  Last week, leaders of communities harmed by oil giant Chevron descended upon the company’s annual shareholder meeting in San Ramon, California to demand environmental justice and human rights. Participants from as far away as Angola, Ecuador, and Brazil joined with the True Cost of Chevron network (of which I am a part) and some 150 local protesters to decry Read more…

Patrick Bond: Can a Nigerian Squeeze the Poor for the World Bank?

In coming days, the World Bank will have a new president. Smart money backs Barack Obama’s choice: Dartmouth College president Jim Yong Kim. But two weeks ago, Nigerian Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala was endorsed by her Pretoria counterpart, Pravin Gordhan. South Africa’s nomination, alongside Angola and Nigeria, dashed the dream that the BRICS bloc of Read more…

Danny Schechter: #OccupyNigeria Shows the Movement’s Global Face

Even as the Occupy movement recedes in size, if not in activism, in the global North, it has, to its own surprise, opened up a new front in Africa's most populous country, Nigeria – where tens of thousands have occupied and paralysed the economy in a protest against the lifting of oil subsidies. This is Read more…

Francis Njubi Nesbitt: Nigeria’s Perfect Storm

Nigeria is facing a perfect storm of crises including a national strike, widespread protests, and sectarian violence in the north. Although the strikes, attacks, and protests raise the specter of another civil war in Africa’s biggest oil producer, the United States and the international community should avoid aggravating the situation by seeming to encourage a Read more…

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