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Edward S. Herman: “The BBC and the Rwandan Genocide”: A Response to Justin Podur

the continuity over the past twenty years in the structure of power, the aims of the principal killers and the targets and victims of the only “well-organized killing force” operating first in Rwanda and soon thereafter in the DRC, is a story that Justin Podur does not grasp

Justin Podur: The BBC Documentary doesn’t deny the genocide

Rather than a letter about ‘genocide denial’, the authors would have been more honest to write a manifesto of unconditional support for Rwanda’s dictator

Justin Podur: The BBC and the Rwandan Genocide

The untold story is that of the crimes committed by the winners in the Rwandan civil war

Jonathan Cook: Why is the truth about Rwanda so elusive?

Corbin has now fronted a truly disturbing revisionist documentary on Rwanda, called Rwanda’s Untold Story

Andy Piascik: Rwanda: The Victims Who Weren’t Commemorated

The ruling class and their media stenographers have brought us through the looking class big-time: war is peace, lies are truth, and genocidists are liberators

Samir Amin: Rwanda, Twenty Years Later

There are no signs of the region moving away from continuous wars and chaos allowing permanent imperialist interference and plunder of its resources

Edward S. Herman: Rwanda and the New Scramble for Africa

Essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the recent history of Rwanda

Yves Engler: Canada as Global Bully: The Congo Example

Thank you Julian Fantino. The International Co-operation Minister caused a ruckus last week when he said that the Canadian International Development Agency should actively promote the country’s interests abroad rather than primarily focus on poverty reduction. Fantino defended “aid” that was given to groups partnering with Canadian companies building mines around the world. He said Read more…

Justin Podur: Partition Talk

When Belgium realized in the 1950s that, given that France and Britain were losing their African colonies, it would no longer be able to hold on to Congo, it set about trying to guarantee continued control over the strategic aspects of the economy, especially the mines. At first, it sponsored its local political groups, but Read more…

Justin Podur: Goma falls to Rwanda

Rebels, called the M23, have taken Goma, the main city of North Kivu, one of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)'s eastern provinces. Their plan is to march to Bukavu, the main city of South Kivu, and from there, they say, across the massive country to Kinshasa, the Congo's capital. A geographical note is in Read more…

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