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Paul Street: Kagame Goes to Harvard

A recent event at the pinnacle of “liberal” academia offers a depressing epitome of the cold moral obliviousness and imperial complicity that marks U.S. higher education

Justin Podur: The End of Universal Jurisdiction

Spain has struck down its case against Rwanda and the doctrine that once kept war criminals awake at night

Yohannes Woldemariam: Caring About Animals, Dehumanizing African Asylum Seekers

What is yet to enter the public discourse is Western complicity for the circumstances that generate refugees. The contributions of the U.S.-British “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq and the U.S.-British-French “Mission Accomplished” in Libya to the refugee exodus is rarely acknowledged.

Justin Podur: The Beginning of the End for Kagame?

If Kagame can’t shake off the stench of crimes against humanity, he may find himself becoming another one of the West’s dispensable dictators

Edward S. Herman: Golden Silences in the Propaganda System

Propaganda shapes the flow of information in many different ways, including, obviously, the choice of the news fit to print, its placement, and the selection of authorities to make those facts credible. But equally important… is omitting facts and ignoring sources that call the chosen (often official) perspective into question.

Edward S. Herman: “The BBC and the Rwandan Genocide”: A Response to Justin Podur

the continuity over the past twenty years in the structure of power, the aims of the principal killers and the targets and victims of the only “well-organized killing force” operating first in Rwanda and soon thereafter in the DRC, is a story that Justin Podur does not grasp

Justin Podur: The BBC Documentary doesn’t deny the genocide

Rather than a letter about ‘genocide denial’, the authors would have been more honest to write a manifesto of unconditional support for Rwanda’s dictator

Justin Podur: The BBC and the Rwandan Genocide

The untold story is that of the crimes committed by the winners in the Rwandan civil war

Jonathan Cook: Why is the truth about Rwanda so elusive?

Corbin has now fronted a truly disturbing revisionist documentary on Rwanda, called Rwanda’s Untold Story

Andy Piascik: Rwanda: The Victims Who Weren’t Commemorated

The ruling class and their media stenographers have brought us through the looking class big-time: war is peace, lies are truth, and genocidists are liberators

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