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Patrick Bond: World Bank punches South Africa’s poor, by ignoring the rich

Subsidized white capitalists and oppressed activists are amongst those who must “not be named”

Patrick Bond: BRICS Faces External Capitalist Crisis, Growing Internal Strife

Brazil, Russia, India and China quietly step on African heads to get more IMF voting power, as one instance of the anti-Western rhetorical charade

Patrick Bond: Why South Africa should undo Mandela’s economic deals

Is South Africa finally maturing to the point that the economic – not just political – compromises of the 1990s democratic transition can be reconsidered?

Immanuel Wallerstein: The BRICS: A Fable for Our Time

The economic strength of the BRICS took a turn for the worse in the 2010s

Patrick Bond: South African Capitalism’s Train-Smash

The country’s surface-level political drama should not distract from deeper fissures

Chris Webb: Impatient for Justice

South Africa’s youth are leading an uncompromising movement to right the wrongs of the post-apartheid era

Patrick Bond: China’s Path into Africa Blocked

Will Beijing amplify the neo-colonial patterns of extractive looting paved by Western capital?

Patrick Bond: China Sucked Deeper into World Financial Vortex, as BRICS Sink

Could Beijing adopt an anti-imperial currency policy – or next week, will it become a tighter sub-imperial ally of Western financiers?

Ted Hesson: Haven’t heard about South Africa’s gripping protests?

An amazing thing happened in South Africa this month when the government tried to raise university tuition. Students fought back. And they won.

Patrick Bond: South African Student Protests

Students fought back against proposed tuition hikes – and won

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