Category: South Africa

Fawwaz Traboulsi: The Two Apartheids

What are the similarities and differences between South African apartheid and the Israeli system?

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: The Strange Lightness of History

To what extent have the colonized learned from the colonizers the arrogance of racism?

Patrick Heller: BRICS from below: counterpower movements in Brazil, India and South Africa

Recent protest waves in Brazil, India and South Africa reveal clear patterns of what can be called counterpower movements, movements that explicitly challenge the instrumentalization of political power

Mandisi Majavu: The Human Cost of Xenophobia

The human cost of intolerance towards African immigrants and refugees is too high

Patrick Bond: South African xenophobia requires root-cause critique and strategic resistance

Political symbols in South Africa are here today, gone tomorrow, but oppressive political economy endures

The Con: Alone, With Nowhere To Go

The attacks, which moved like a wave over the Durban settlements of Isipingo, Umlazi, Chatsworth and others, left thousands of foreign nationals displaced, fearing for their lives

Patrick Bond: Mandela Led Fight Against Apartheid, But Not Against Extreme Inequality

Our wealth redistribution was the second worst of major countries after Brazil, and now is much, much, much worse, is the worst major country in the world

Andrew Nash: Mandela’s Democracy

The tribal model of democracy has come to form the ideological contradictions of the new South Africa

Patrick Bond: Disconnecting the minerals-energy-climate dots

Intersectionality missing-in-action at Cape Town’s Alternative Mining Indaba

Patrick Bond: South Africa’s Austerity Meets Opposition

Around 3000 protesters from the new United Front party recently marched to parliament against new economic plans

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