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Badri Raina: The Burden of Inequity

It is a marvel of nature that worthwhile people may be found in the most unlikely places

Ewan Robertson: BRICS Summit

Venezuela participated in the gathering of the BRICS emerging powers and Latin American regional blocs in Brazil this week

Pepe Escobar: BRICS against Washington consensus

The BRICS Development Bank – with an initial US$50 billion in capital – will be not only BRICS-oriented, but invest in infrastructure projects and sustainable development on a global scale

Satya Sagar: The Natives Play No Football

The biggest losers in this battle historically have been indigenous people, who remain the poorest and the most abused people in the country

Girish Mishra: Economic Survey 2013-2014

The economic survey presents a vision of a free market economy where the role of the government is limited only to clearing the path of private entrepreneurs

Gyanendra Pandey: Ruling Hindu Tea Party wants to “Develop” India for its 1%

Through the President’s address to Parliament on June 9, 2014, the newly elected Indian Government has officially outlined its short and longer-term agenda. The emphasis, as expected, is on faster economic growth

Badri Raina: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Electoral campaigns are often in the nature of con jobs: robbing votes from Peter to pay hefty sums to Paul

Badri Raina: Republic Resilient

Much as this writer and many millions the world-over wish this would happen, it appears unlikely for now that Capitalism’s slayer is brewing within its own productive womb

Nirmalangshu Mukherji: Clean Chit of Power

With the elevation of Narendra Modi as head of government, Indian justice system faces an uphill task to catch up with him. Hundreds of millions are waiting. Anxiously

Badri Raina: Remembering Nehru

When you died, without notice, from A heavy heart, I was twenty three, but Cried all day long, uncontrollably

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