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Justin Podur: Even if Modi is running out of steam, there are many dangers for India ahead

Modi may be running out of steam, or he may find a second wind. The deeper issues India faces preceded his rise and will continue after he’s gone

Badri Raina: Glad Tidings

Let us our hopes keep well in place, In the midst of doom and gloom: However cramped our days may seem. There is always some untrampled room

Badri Raina: INDIA — 2015

The rich may like top-down tyranny, But India’s countless hoi polloi—They are something else again, And cussedly make their own way

Badri Raina: Welcome To Our Own Tea Party

No politics is of any substance that does not teach us to live till we die

Badri Raina: Greatness

Is it so impossible to marry great purpose to a lived ordinariness?

Vijay Prashad: India’s pal act with Israel hurts its real alliances

Delhi’s main allies are united in support of Palestine, and yet India’s right-wing PM is pushing for closer ties with Israel

Patrick Bond: Is BRICS A True Alternative?

In turbulent economic times, BRICS will undergird – not undermine – Western financial decadence

Vijay Prashad: Palestine ‘shocked’ at Indian abstention

Palestinian Ambassador Adnan Abu Alhaija says India’s decision has been “affected” by its “burgeoning military relationship with Israel”

Vijay Prashad: Is India bending towards Israel?

By abstaining from a crucial vote that would have allowed the ICC to investigate Israeli war crimes, India sends signals of a disturbingly different stance towards Palestine

Arundhati Roy: ‘Now, we have a democratically elected totalitarian government’

Where will India’s poor go?

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