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Badri Raina: Guru Gram

Those who decree that Guru Drona be handed back his Assets do not, however, intend One bit to disown Vodafone That, along with a full rash of Fortune 500 marauders Lord over the earth that might Have been the Acharya’s home And hearth. They are more than Content to have Cyber City full Of western zing and capital splash But with a caption that Read more…

Yash Kothari: Shock and Awe: India and Fervent Nationalism

Our fraud nationalists go after their own citizens for their religion, or for their views. Their concern and their passion is the enemy within

Vijay Prashad: Dangerous Times in India: The Country’s Extreme Right Is Targeting College Students

Students, workers, peasants and journalists are vermin in today’s India

Dilip Hiro: The Most Dangerous Place on Earth

A Nuclear Armageddon in the Making in South Asia

Badri Raina: Speaking of Which

There  are times when speaking Your mind draws thoughtless Applause, whatever be your cause. In such circumstance, words Are not difficult to find. All that, as we know now, leads To a deleterious loosening Of character, undermining The sacred nation from below. Deeply, deeply culpable are regimes That encourage such collective Laxity. Blessed are we Read more…

Badri Raina: The Horror, the Horror

Did he just have another Unauthorized thought? To the House of Correction, Then, where all thought But the authorized one Is quickly forgot. After all, If the nation is to gallop apace, Ideological democrats must Be shown their place. How are we to scale glory Number one, if we forever Carp knowledgeably at our own Read more…

Yash Kothari: From Free Speech to Party Politics

The free speech debate has been hijacked and turned into a proxy platform for party politics—accusing one another of being a “traitor”

Badri Raina: Pirates of the Realm

It is time we understood that the state is not for the people but that the people are for the state

Badri Raina: Nothing is Ever the Same

There are those who say Guru ji must still occupy The hollow of a tree. They reckon without the quicker Magic of new-age connectivity. Higher than any steeple, Temple or tree top ranges Invisible the command of Whatsapp to go’s encrypted Number, which only market- Friendly guru ji is privy to. With such knowledge, what Read more…

Badri Raina: There is a Spot upon the Earth

There is a spot upon the earth Where people stand firm and true On behalf of those the Fat Cat shuns— It’s called JNU. The Fat Cat marshals violent hordes, Enforcement winks assent; The truth—it sneaks from subterfuge. The mask of tyranny is rent. The Fat Cat does not questions like. He pushes them under Read more…

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