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Badri Raina: Hear Hear Hear

Hear the voice of the populace Who past, present, future weave; Do not wish away the past, Or the present and future unbelieve. When the soul is wounded quick, The brain goes up in crimson flame; Guns dwindle to unfeared toys, And pebbles take on an inspired name. Sit you down with those you say Read more…

Radha Surya: India’s Heart of Darkness Exposed by the Crackdown in Kashmir

There is no escaping the implications of the horrors with which innocent, mostly unarmed civilians of India-held Kashmir have been bombarded ever since the present crisis erupted

Vijay Prashad: Deadly Violence Erupts in One of the World’s Most Dangerous Hotspots

The conflict in Kashmir goes back to 1948

Badri Raina: Pursuit of irrelevance

The insistence on ideological purity could prove fatal for India’s Left

Badri Raina: A Triumph Only On Television

Sifting truth from hype is now a patriotic task. Look how the BJP’s Assam win was pitched as an India-shaking success

Vijay Prashad: Left Retakes Kerala

The left, far from being defeated as the business media suggests, is feeling the buoyancy of the Red Spring in Kerala

Badri Raina: Prepare, the Muslims are Coming

While Donald Trump forges ahead to be the world’s most powerful CEO and then to keep the world’s Muslims from entering America, India’s own Sangh Parivar “trains” its young  saffron shirts to do one better—namely to prepare, rifle and lathi in hand, against our own Muslim Indians. Last week saw a clutch of Bajrang Dal fasios in fierce drill to ward off Read more…

Patrick Bond: Imperialism’s Junior Partners

The response to the Brazilian coup shows that the BRICS powers are not a real alternative to US imperialism

Vandana Shiva: Seeds of suicide

A common question is: Why do farmers adopt Bt cotton which harms them? But farmers do not choose Bt cotton. They have to buy Bt cotton as all other choices are destroyed

Badri Raina: Guru Gram

Those who decree that Guru Drona be handed back his Assets do not, however, intend One bit to disown Vodafone That, along with a full rash of Fortune 500 marauders Lord over the earth that might Have been the Acharya’s home And hearth. They are more than Content to have Cyber City full Of western zing and capital splash But with a caption that Read more…

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