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Badri Raina: INDIA — 2015

The rich may like top-down tyranny, But India’s countless hoi polloi—They are something else again, And cussedly make their own way

Badri Raina: Welcome To Our Own Tea Party

No politics is of any substance that does not teach us to live till we die

Badri Raina: Greatness

Is it so impossible to marry great purpose to a lived ordinariness?

Vijay Prashad: India’s pal act with Israel hurts its real alliances

Delhi’s main allies are united in support of Palestine, and yet India’s right-wing PM is pushing for closer ties with Israel

Patrick Bond: Is BRICS A True Alternative?

In turbulent economic times, BRICS will undergird – not undermine – Western financial decadence

Vijay Prashad: Palestine ‘shocked’ at Indian abstention

Palestinian Ambassador Adnan Abu Alhaija says India’s decision has been “affected” by its “burgeoning military relationship with Israel”

Vijay Prashad: Is India bending towards Israel?

By abstaining from a crucial vote that would have allowed the ICC to investigate Israeli war crimes, India sends signals of a disturbingly different stance towards Palestine

Arundhati Roy: ‘Now, we have a democratically elected totalitarian government’

Where will India’s poor go?

Badri Raina: The Indian National Congress is Back

Ironically, the policies it has pursued in the main since 1990 have bred its own destroyers, and India’s right wing today penetrates far and wide among the classes

Badri Raina: Widen the Circle, Broaden the Left

The Communist Party of India-Marxist has a new helmsman. Sitaram Yechury, a less forbidding man than his predecessor, carries with him the sunny goodwill of many inside and outside the Party. Many among the general middle classes, who view politics rather exclusively in terms of “leadership”, even those who are more familiar with the structures Read more…

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