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Badri Raina: My God Problem

These thoughts are occasioned by my most recent week-long embrace of the valley of Kashmir (March 22-28), among whose people I am, despite some five decades or more of living in metropolitan India. My visits and my engagement with Kashmir remain relentless, and my language, despite a half century of marriage outside the Kahmiri fold, Read more…

Chris Hedges: Journalism as Subversion

Global capitalism seeks to erase our stories and our histories

Romi Mahajan: The Academic Ideology: Perry Anderson and his Accusers

Much ado about nothing? No. In fact, much ado about something very important- the blunting of radical, meaningful work by the Academic Ideologues

Badri Raina: India’s Daughter: the Ugly Truth

The rapist/murderer was saying that he in fact represents the dominant male Indian opinion and, indeed, struck a blow on its behalf

Vijay Prashad: The Nuclear Club: India welcomed, Iran shunned

The parallel between the treatment of India and Iran demonstrates that the entire “Iran nuclear crisis” is a geo-political game

Badri Raina: Revolt of the Disenchanted: How the Mighty are Pulverised

Movements cannot be replicated mechanically; but all movements carry lessons that may be adopted and modulated to similar ends

Badri Raina: Obama: Insistent Truthteller

The intolerance of “Liberal Democracies” like America has tended to be as fundamentalist and barbaric as that of organized religious groups

Pervez Hoodbhoy: Obama the Traveling Nuclear Salesman Just Went to India

Indian public money is being used to shield U.S. corporations from liabilities in the event of a disaster involving an American supplied reactor

Badri Raina: Tweaking the Republic for a Make-Over

They will have their profits as well as be known as lovers of democracy

Badri Raina: Obama: he came, he saw, he gave advice

Obama spent three whole days in India. He was welcomed like one of our own, complete with huggy hugs and the intimacy of first naming, even if one-sided, the erudite Indian Chief Executive going even to the extent of telling him the meaning of his first name, Barack, which now we know means “the one Read more…

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