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Preeti Kaur: Censorship and Control

Recent events in Punjab are consistent with the Indian government’s strategy of public silence and local repression

Patrick Bond: China Sucked Deeper into World Financial Vortex, as BRICS Sink

Could Beijing adopt an anti-imperial currency policy – or next week, will it become a tighter sub-imperial ally of Western financiers?

Badri Raina: Just Some Questions on Obamaspeak

Why, just why, do the overwhelming majority of the world’s Muslims—those that live in peace in the democratic cultures of India, or Indonesia, or Malaysia, or those in Europe and America—have to say “mea culpa”

Badri Raina: The Republic Strikes Back

Indian democracy breathes again

Arundhati Roy: Politics by Other Means

Arundhati Roy on why she is returning her National Award to India’s top literary institution

Vandana Shiva: Be Resilient

Just because those who are destroying the planet and preventing our right to food have huge amounts of money, be guided by your conscience

Badri Raina: Will India Survive?

A wide spectrum of India’s public activists and intellectuals now do understand that something unprecedented is on the agenda

Badri Raina: Preparing for that Make-over?

The conflict to be between the tolerant and the intolerant among all religions

Badri Raina: The Lynchings

There comes a point in the social evolution of the underlings when they kick the ladder they used to climb, and join the class of erstwhile oppressors.

Justin Podur: Even if Modi is running out of steam, there are many dangers for India ahead

Modi may be running out of steam, or he may find a second wind. The deeper issues India faces preceded his rise and will continue after he’s gone

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