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Hideki Yoshikawa: An Appeal from Okinawa to the US Congress

Futenma Marine Base Relocation and its Environmental Impact: U.S. Responsibility

Tom H. Hastings: Department of Ironic Defense

The only thing worse than all the occupation for almost seven decades is the Asian Pivot, sending massive US military forces to that region, presumably to protect everyone from China

AFSC: Refuse Military Base Construction in Okinawa

Okinawans will continue to protest, as they have in the past

C. Douglas Lummis: The Great Betrayal

December 27 will be remembered as a black day in Okinawan history

Gavan McCormack: Bitter Soup For Okinawans – The Governor’s Year-End Betrayal

In and around Okinawa, events of unparalleled importance continue to unfold, with implications for Japan, the US-Japan and US-Japan-China relationships

Jon Mitchell: Okinawa: The Junk Heap of the Pacific

In June, construction workers unearthed more than 20 rusty barrels from beneath a soccer pitch in Okinawa City. The land had once been part of Kadena Air Base — the Pentagon’s largest installation in the Pacific region — but was returned to civilian usage in 1987. Tests revealed that the barrels contained two ingredients of Read more…

Andre Vltchek: Okinawa: Notes From The ‘Evil Island’

It is all about barbed wire and warnings and checkpoints. And to make it worse, Futenma air force base is right in the middle of extremely densely populated urban area. Several middle-aged Japanese citizens are besieging sedans and SUV’s driven by the US military personnel who are leaving their barracks for outing. As cars are Read more…

Jon Mitchell: Were U.S Marines Used As Guinea Pigs On Okinawa?

Newly discovered documents reveal that 50 years ago this month, in December 1962, the Pentagon dispatched a chemical weapons platoon to Okinawa under the auspices of its infamous Project 112. Described by the U.S. Department of Defense as "biological and chemical warfare vulnerability tests," the highly classified program subjected thousands of unwitting American service members Read more…

Jon Mitchell: “Seconds Away From Midnight”: U.S. Nuclear Missile Pioneers on Okinawa Break Fifty Year Silence on a Hidden Nuclear Crisis of 1962

“Japanese translation by Abe Kosuzu is available here and here.   In October 1962, the United States and the Soviet Union teetered on the brink of nuclear war after American spy planes discovered that the Kremlin had stationed medium-range atomic missiles on the communist island of Cuba in the Caribbean, barely over the horizon from Florida. The weapons Read more…

Jon Mitchell: Agent Orange at Okinawa’s Futenma Base in 1980s

The U.S. Marine Corps buried a massive stockpile of Agent Orange at the Futenma air station in Okinawa, seriously sickening the base's former head of maintenance and potentially contaminating nearby residents and the ground beneath the base.   According to service members stationed on the island, the barrels were abandoned in Okinawa at the end Read more…

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