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Michael Lesher: Israel’s Settler-Colonialist Culture

It took an earthquake in Nepal to uncover some of the emotional bedrock at the bottom of Israel’s settler-colonialist culture

Feyzi Ismail: Nepal: A vote of no confidence in Maoists

The general elections in Nepal, November last year, surprised many when Maoists were relegated to a distant third

Dustin Lewis: Is a New Maoist Revolution Brewing in Nepal?

Around 1,000 leading cadre of the regrouped Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) agreed to pursue a strategy of “people’s revolt” against the coalition government that includes their former allies, during their seventh general convention on January 9-14. The event was the first of its kind since a radical faction of the United Communist Party of Read more…

Suvrat Raju: An account of the general strike in Nepal

While the world media was focused on a boring battle between the Tories and their New Labour cousins in Britain, a historic struggle was underway in Nepal. Nine months after the victory of the Maoists in the 2008 constituent assembly (CA) elections, bourgeois forces, with support from the Indian government, succeeded in forcing them out Read more…

Anil Bhattarai: Gone With The Wind

At the beginning of the 1970s, the place I was going to call my home for much of my life got a new name. My grandfather migrated to Chitwan’s fertile plain around the same time. That was also the time when the initial trickle of migrants from Nepal’s mountains to many of these places along Read more…

Anil Bhattarai: Moribund Dreams

For the majority of people in the rich countries and a tiny but powerful minority in the poor countries, the party that they have been indulging in during the last 200 years of industrial progress is coming to an end soon. For those on the margins of this industrial dream world, the party will never Read more…

Anil Bhattarai: Road To Disaster

NOV 16 – Building roads has become so much of a consensus in Nepali politics and society that the recent inauguration of the construction of a fast-track road linking Kathmandu with the Tarai was exclusively celebratory. Minister Gachhedar’s photos together with other ministers and the Nepal Army’s Commander-in-Chief digging the zero-mile point of the road Read more…

Stephen Ma: Interview with Bhattarai: Fusing People’s War & Insurrection in Nepal

WPRM: Thank you for meeting with us today. In your article in The Worker #4 ‘The Political Economy of the People’s War’ you write that “the transformation of one social system into another, or the destruction of the old by the new, always involves force and a revolutionary leap. The People’s War is such a Read more…

Stephen Ma: Nepal: Interview with Comrade Basanta

This interview was copied from the website Revolution in South Asia. It was conducted by World Peoples Resistance Movement. WPRM: Can you explain the current situation in Nepal since the resignation of Prachanda from the government? Basanta: First of all I would like to say something about the situation in which we had to enter Read more…

Stephen Ma: Nepal: Comrade Gaurav speaks on Democracy and Cultural Revolution

Chandra Prakash Gajurel, aka C.P. Gajurel or Gaurav, indicates in the article imported from Kasama below, the real final hurdle. It is not unlikely that a third peoples uprising in the streets will reinstate Maoist led government and a coalition of oppressed classes in a form of democratic centralism exercising what could be viewed as Read more…

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