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Walden Bello: Why Japan Can’t Come to Terms with its Past

There are a number of theories why war guilt has not taken hold in Japan

Moon Kyu Hyeon: Statement from Solidarity for Peace and Reunification of Korea

We resolutely denounce the Abe regime’s decision to invoke the right of collective self-defense, which intends to justify aggression and militarism

David Hartsough: War And Peace In Korea And Vietnam – A Journey Of Peace

I believe that 99% of the world’s people could benefit and feel much safer and have a much better quality of life if we were to end our addiction to war as a means of resolving conflict

John Feffer: Why North Korea Today Is Not East Germany 1989

Policy analysts, pundits, and politicians have long predicted that the North Korean government will go the way of East German Communism

John Pilger: ‘Good’ And ‘Bad’ War

Historians, like journalists, play their most honourable role when they myth-bust

John Feffer: Kim the Third

No one performs Shakespeare in the theaters of Pyongyang. Instead, he is enacted in the corridors of power

Yves Engler: Korean War Gangnam Style

Yves Engler’s latest book is The Ugly Canadian: Stephen Harper’s foreign policy. He’s also the author of Lester Pearson’s Peacekeeping: the truth may hurt where the footnotes for this article can be found. 

Hyun Lee: Crisis On the Korean Peninsula

There is a very interesting quote by Jeffrey Bader who is the architect of the Obama administration's policy on the Korean peninsula. He just came out with a book called Obama and China's Rise. I'm going to read you a quote from the book where he talks about US intentions vis-a-vis North Korea. He says: Read more…

Michael Walker: Washington’s Nuclear Hypocrisy
C. Douglas Lummis: The Madman Strategy

A US Strategic Command document declassified a few years ago contains the following passage: 

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