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Satya Sagar: Reimagining Independence

Throughout human history the quest for colonial power by various social, ethnic or national groups has always been met with fierce resistance from those they have sought to conquer and subjugate. While the idea of the ‘nation’ and the shape of the ‘state’ meant to govern it have varied over time and from place to Read more…

Conn Hallinan: Four More Years: Central & South Asia

From the ice-bound passes of the Hindu Kush to the blazing heat of the Karakum Desert, Central Asia is a sub-continent steeped in illusion. For more than two millennia conquerors have been lured by the mirage that it is a gateway to immense wealth: China to the east, India to the south, Persia to the Read more…

Deepak Tripathi: Secret Affairs: Britain’s Collusion With Radical Islam

Analysis of collusion between Britain's intelligence establishment and radical Islamic groups 

Kalim Siddiqui: Political Economy of Development in Pakistan

Introduction Since independence in 1947, successive governments in Pakistan have proclaimed a desire to remove poverty through rapid GDP (gross domestic products) growth rates. To this end, the country had earlier adopted Import-Substitution-Industrialisation (ISI)[1]) and later on neo-liberal (i.e. ‘free market’) economic policies[2]). But what is the impact of these policies in terms of achieving Read more…

Angana Chatterji: Kashmir, India’s Manufactured Nemesis

In the administration of brutality, India, the post colony, has proven equal to its former colonial masters. Governing Kashmir is about India's coming of age as a power, its ability to disburse violence, and to dominate. Kashmir is about nostalgia, resources, and buffer zones. Controlling Kashmir requires that its demands for justice be depicted as Read more…

Arun Gupta: Better Living through Poverty

From "Survivor’s" remote jungles to "Big Brother’s" households under lockdown, reality TV is always searching for new frontiers to colonize. The latest setting is the farms and factories of impoverished countries, which serve as sites for extreme challenges for telegenic youth. In "Blood, Sweat and Takeaways," a recent series on Discovery Communications’ Planet Green channel, Read more…

Aasim sajjad Akhtar: The Violence of the Weak

In this age of ‘terror’ it is easy to forget that political violence has been a constant in history virtually since the earliest human settlement, and particularly so in the modern era. The totalitarian discourses of states and corporate medias have gotten us believing that the current manifestation of ‘terrorism’ is uniquely grotesque. Contemporary non-state Read more…

Badri Raina: A Tale of Two Chief Ministers

I   Long years ago, at the conclusion of my doctoral work in America, pressure was put on me to stay and teach there.  Twice, in fact.  Each time I made excuses. Pressed hard to explain I had the following to say:   –admittedly, staying on there would yield me every facility to write half Read more…

chrisgoose: Human Rights in the Path of Resistance

Around his neck, every day, he wears a little glass vial, no longer than a bullet, a pendent of sorts. If bitten into, the broken glass will break the skin on the inside of his mouth. This is painful, of course, but it is only a logistical burden. From inside the vial, a fatal dose of cyanide begins Read more…

Maximilian Forte: Afghan Vignette 3: Protecting Civilians, Winning Hearts and Minds

Afghan Vignette 3: Protecting Civilians, Winning Hearts and Minds  

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