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Glenn Smith: On China’s Doorstep, Youth Movements Are Flourishing

Young activists in Hong Kong and Taiwan are increasingly combining their efforts to protect local autonomy and democracy

Noam Chomsky: Expanding the Floor of the Cage

[This essay is part of the ZNet Classics series. Three times a week we will re-post an article that we think is of timeless importance. This one was first published March, 1997.] I know you’ve just been on a month-long trip to Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay . I want to tell you about a little Read more…

Michael Albert: Introduction to War on Terror 1/2

Introduction to War on Terror 1/2


Oceania — Francis Hazel, director of The Micronesian Seminar, remembers how one day a television crew from Israel had besieged his office in the capital of Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) -Pohnpei -. “I wondered what they were doing in this city which hardly appears on any world maps. Then I understood: Israeli public was Read more…

Charles j. Hanley: The Massacre at No Gun Ri: Army Letter reveals U.S. intent

Six years after declaring the U.S. killing of Korean War refugees at No Gun Ri was “not deliberate,” the Army has acknowledged it found but did not divulge that a high-level document said the U.S. military had a policy of shooting approaching civilians in South Korea.   The document, a letter from the U.S. ambassador Read more…

Elizabeth Lalasz: The U.S. health care system:

A RECENT CBS/New York Times opinion poll revealed the depth of dissatisfaction with the U.S. health care system. Nine out of 10 people believe the health care system needs “to be completely rebuilt,” according to the poll. Even more telling, almost half of people–49 percent–said they would be willing to pay up to $500 more Read more…

David Mcneill: Dead Men Walking: Japan’s Death Penalty

Japan‘s death penalty is cruel, secretive and out of step with much of the developed world say its opponents. As a record 97 men and 5 women await the hangman’s noose, one man alive and free who knows its true horrors speaks.   After breakfast on Christmas Day, 2006, three Japanese pensioners and a middle-aged Read more…

David Mcneill: In the Shadow of Hiroshima

Inside the Iwakuni marine base, a slice of Americana: a mess canteen adorned with solemn portraits of former presidents and tributes to fallen US troops in battlefields around the world. TVs mounted on the walls flicker with US sports programming as beefy marines tuck into pasta, tacos and cheesecake.   The sight of American and Read more…

Stephen Lendman: The Long Ordeal of Sami Al-Arian – Civil and Human Rights Advocate and Political Prisoner

Sami Al-Arian is one of many dozens, likely hundreds, of political prisoners in the US today but is noteworthy because of his high-profile status and as an especially egregious example of persecution and injustice in post-9/11 America with its climate of state-induced fear and resulting repression with special targeting of Latino immigrants and all Muslims Read more…

Lee Siu hin: Military Industry Confidential

E very year in Washington, DC, there’s a four-day U.S. Missile Defense Conference and Exhibit organized by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) to promote the missile defense program. While the conference will be happening in the middle of the busy city, it’s a secret conference only people with security clearance can attend. Read more…

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