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John Pilger: Australia’s Day for Secrets, Flags and Cowards

Last week it was announced that Immigration officials had spent $400,000 on medals which they will award their heroic selves

Nicola Paris: Australia’s powerful web of grassroots climate resistance

For us, in Melbourne and across the country, we saw an important next step as hundreds took action in the city for the first time

Robert Fisk: Why is Indonesia not in the Saudi-led Sunni coalition against terror?

So the real figures behind this extraordinary military force is not how many countries plan to participate, but how many millions – or billions – of dollars Saudi Arabia plans to pay them for their fraternal military assistance

Vincent Emanuele: Is the Left Prepared for the Right’s Terrorism?

The Left needs to be resilient and serious, because the future isn’t going to be nonviolent

Irhash Ahmady: Setting a country alight: Indonesia’s devastating forest fires are manmade

Thousands of the fires raging through the forests of Indonesia were deliberately started to clear land for industrial use. The results have been deadly

Lindsey Allen: Is Indonesia’s fire crisis connected to the palm oil in our snack food?

The widespread burning of tropical rainforests and peatlands to develop palm oil plantations is one of the largest sources of carbon pollution today

George Monbiot: Nothing to See Here

In the greatest environmental disaster of the 21st Century (so far), Indonesia has been blotted out by smoke. And the media

Vincent Emanuele: Are Uncle Sam’s Allies Drifting? Australian Elites Question U.S. Alliance

Alternative political parties scare the hell out of the existing political class and their corporate masters

Vincent Emanuele: Neoliberal Australia: Reflections from Down Under

Neoliberal economic policies, xenophobia, militarism and climate change dominate the modern Australian political context

Glenn Greenwald: Extremely Vulnerable

The large tech companies like Google and Microsoft and Apple collaborated very aggressively with the NSA in turning over their users’ data without much protest

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