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Tim Wise: Vote NO on MCRI – Michigan Civil Rights Initiative

Vote NO on MCRI – Michigan Civil Rights Initiative

Vijay Prashad: On “The Darker Nations”

[The importance of Vijay Prashad’s book, The Darker Nations: A People’s History of the Third World, lies in its ability to trace the trajectory of the “Third World Project” – its genesis, growth and crisis – amidst the cacophonous range of local political economic structures and their varied articulation with global capitalism and the metropolitan Read more…

William Tabb: Resource Wars

The close relation between war and natural resources is of long standing. What else was colonial conquest about? Vast estates held by the Dutch East India Company came under direct control of the Crown as did the lands conquered by the British East India Company. What was in demand in Europe dictated the commodities produced Read more…

Maryann Keady: US-China and a New Cold War



Another day, another unnecessary loss of lives: 16 people killed and 16 still missing in floods and landslides on a small island Tahuna off Indonesia’s Sulawesi. At an alarming rate, Indonesia is replacing Bangladesh and India as the most disaster-prone nation on earth. Whenever the word Indonesia appears on the list of headlines on Yahoo Read more…


If there was any doubt about the idea that the world has clearly moved into a Cold War paradigm, the new national space policy of the

Satya Sagar: Asian tsunami: Redefining Disaster

On the second anniversary of the Asian earthquake and tsunami of 26 December 2004 it is worthwhile pondering what the entire tragedy was really all about. Going by the numbers – over 225,000 dead, a million more displaced and impoverished or by the area affected-12 countries across two continents- the event was described as the single Read more…

George Fetherling: Travelling in Muslim lands

In 1991, when he was 21, Jason Burke and a friend left Britain for the Middle East with the sophomoric idea of joining the Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq. Western troops had withdrawn from Iraq (not without incident) only few days earlier and the Kurds had forged a fragile truce with Iraqis who had driven Read more…

Andre Vltchek: Bush May Face Religious Wrath in Indonesia

Two appalling concrete structures are sprouting from the lush grass of one of the finest botanic gardens in Southeast Asia. The stench of fresh asphalt is overpowering the gentle scent of tropical flowers; heavy mobile cranes are intruding where, just a few days ago, couples and families came to spend quiet days admiring giant water Read more…

Doug Ireland: Indonesia: Gays Fight Sharia Laws

Indonesia’s fledgling LGBT group, Arus Pelangi (Rainbow Flag), last Monday launched a national campaign against a welter of ultra-homophobic regional statutes based on Muslim Sharia law. “Many LGBT people are arrested and detained, often without charges or clear reason, only to be released after a few days,” said Widodo “Dodo” Budi Darmo, the 35-year-old director Read more…

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