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John Pilger: Australia’s Day for Secrets, Flags and Cowards

Last week it was announced that Immigration officials had spent $400,000 on medals which they will award their heroic selves

Nicola Paris: Australia’s powerful web of grassroots climate resistance

For us, in Melbourne and across the country, we saw an important next step as hundreds took action in the city for the first time

Vincent Emanuele: Is the Left Prepared for the Right’s Terrorism?

The Left needs to be resilient and serious, because the future isn’t going to be nonviolent

Vincent Emanuele: Are Uncle Sam’s Allies Drifting? Australian Elites Question U.S. Alliance

Alternative political parties scare the hell out of the existing political class and their corporate masters

Vincent Emanuele: Neoliberal Australia: Reflections from Down Under

Neoliberal economic policies, xenophobia, militarism and climate change dominate the modern Australian political context

Glenn Greenwald: Extremely Vulnerable

The large tech companies like Google and Microsoft and Apple collaborated very aggressively with the NSA in turning over their users’ data without much protest

John Pilger: Celebrating real heroes like the one we’ve just lost

If you want to meet the best Australians, meet Indigenous men and women who understand this extraordinary country and have fought for the rights of the world’s oldest culture

Glenn Greenwald: Cowardly Firing of Australian State-Funded TV Journalist Highlights the West’s Real Religion

That’s why Scott McIntyre was fired: because he questioned and disputed the most sacred doctrine of the West’s religion

John Pilger: The Message of Anzac: Put Out More Flags, or Shut Up

Australia, a nation without enemies, is now spending $28billion a year on the military and war and armaments in order to fulfill a tragic, entirely colonial and obsequious role, now as Washington’s “deputy sheriff” in the Asia-Pacific.

John Pilger: The secret country again wages war on its own people

Australia has again declared war on its Indigenous people, reminiscent of the brutality that brought universal condemnation on apartheid South Africa

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