Category: East Europe

John Pilger: Breaking the Last Taboo: Gaza and the threat of world war.

Those once intimidated into silence can’t look away now

John Feffer: NATO Poised to Escalate Tensions over Ukraine

The assembled ministers took steps to accelerate two new conflicts, one on its borders and the other in the distant Middle East

Medea Benjamin: Ukraine Conflict: Red Meat for Anemic NATO Alliance

NATO’s encroachment in Russia’s backyard and its backing of the Ukraine government’s bombardment of the eastern part of the country threatens not only a new Cold War, but an armed conflict

Marko Bojcun: Maidan Over: The Balance of Power in Ukraine

The Maidan has reawakened in the Ukrainian masses the desire to shape their own destiny free from domestic and foreign ruling classes

Pepe Escobar: NATO Aattacks!

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is nothing but the Security Council of the Empire of Chaos

Robert Parry: Who’s Telling the ‘Big Lie’ on Ukraine?

For the past eight months, we have seen arguably the most one-sided coverage of a major international crisis in memory

Jack Rasmus: The Limits of Russian Sanctions & Inevitable Ukraine Settlement

Interview on why EU-USA sanctions on Russia have not had, nor will have, that great a negative impact on Russia’s economy and restated why a negotiated settlement on Ukraine would happen by winter

Immanuel Wallerstein: Merkel and Putin: Ukrainian Diplomacy

There is an immense amount of diplomacy going on these days concerning the quasi-civil war in Ukraine. But the only actors who really matter are Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin

Seumas Milne: Ukraine Crisis Was Sparked By Nato And Far From Keeping The Peace, It’s A Threat To It

Nato is an interventionist and expansionist military club used to enforce western strategic and economic interests

Serge Halimi: Back to the Cold War

Moscow will not allow Ukraine to become a rear base for its enemies

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