Category: East Europe

Andrew Lichterman: Ukraine: Time to Step Back from the Brink

The deep injustices of the global economy will not be addressed until some genuinely different social and economic alternative emerges from the stagnation and decay of the neoliberal order

Alexander Mercouris: Who Won and Who Lost at the Minsk Talks on Ukraine

The big difference between this process and the previous process is that the Europeans are now formally involved

Robert Parry: Wretched US Journalism on Ukraine

The most dangerous violation of journalistic principles has occurred in the Ukraine crisis

Johannes Hautaviita: Finland at NATO’s Doorstep?

NATO’s mission in the post-Cold War era has been at odds with international law and the purpose of the United Nations

Immanuel Wallerstein: Panic about Panic

Russia and the World-System Today

Kim Scipes: “US, Ukraine and Russia: What Went Wrong?”

A talk by John Mearsheimer and Rick Rozoff

Oliver Tickell: The Meme of “Russian Aggression”

The BBC’s Drums of War

David M. Kotz: Plummeting Oil Prices Could Bring Radical Change to Russia

The current crisis, like the two before it, demonstrates the peril facing any petrostate, which is always vulnerable to events outside its control

Jack Rasmus: Shadow Bankers now run Ukraine

The IMF, the European Commission, and the USA have been intensifying their demands that Ukraine’s Poroshenko government expand and accelerate the IMF’s April 2014 plan to ‘restructure’ the Ukrainian economy

Pepe Escobar: 2015 Will Be All About Iran, China and Russia

2015 will be all about further moves towards the integration of Eurasia as the US is progressively squeezed out of Eurasia

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