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Christian Borys: Poles Are Taking to the Streets in Massive Numbers to Protest the Country’s Shift to the Right

“At best, this government will isolate Poland, but at worst they can be quite harmful for Europe”

Ralf Ruckus: Taming Amazon

Through creative actions and cross-border solidarity, Polish workers are undermining Amazon’s anti-union playbook

John Feffer: Poland and Solidarity: the Disappointment of a Dream Fulfilled

It was one thing to dream about taking back Poland, another to repair an economy ruined during the Communists’ reign

John Feffer: Poland: Land of Junk Contracts

The Poles call them umowa śmieciowa or “junk contracts.” If you’re young and lucky enough to have a job in Poland these days, it’s likely to be short-term and come without benefits. Ten percent of young people (up to the age of 25) are working in the black market, and another 25 percent have part-time or short-term work. Read more…

John Feffer: The Strange Non-Death of Polish Neo-Liberalism

Neo-liberalism seems to have nine lives in Poland

John Feffer: Meet the Polish Activists on the Cutting Edge of a Possible Left Resurgence in Eastern Europe

Its corner location was unbeatable. But Brave New World cafe faced steep competition on Warsaw’s most fashionable thoroughfare: a pricey French bakery, a trendy sushi restaurant and the famous Café Blickle, which began serving coffee and pastries long before World War I. Moreover, as even its passionate defenders would admit, the food at Brave New Read more…

Claudia Salerno: As Poor Countries Walk Out of Climate Talks, Venezuela Calls on Industrial Nations to Take Action

A group of 133 developing nations have walked out of a key part of the climate talks in Warsaw, Poland, amidst a conflict over how countries who have historically emitted the most greenhouse gases should be held financially responsible for some of the damage caused by extreme weather in nations with low carbon emissions. The Read more…

Amira Hass: Polish NGO Safeguards Palestinian Water Rights

Israel's ambassador to Poland was summoned to the Polish deputy foreign minister's office in the wake of an article published in the mass-circulation, liberal paper Gazeta Wyborcza. The ambassador was not summoned because of planned construction in E1, but because of a demolition. This happened last February, but the newspaper continues to take an interest Read more…

Vivian Gornick: History and Heartbreak: The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg

When I was a child, Rosa Luxemburg's name would sometimes be mentioned with awe in my slightly irreverent left-wing household. Who was she? I'd ask. A great socialist, I'd be told. She criticized Lenin. She was assassinated. For years I thought the Soviets had murdered her. In a sense, I wasn't so far off. In Read more…

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