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Roberto Savio: Military Security and Human Security

It is interesting to note that in the world’s various stock exchanges, beginning with the City in London, the value of the shares in the military industry are on the rise

Pepe Escobar: Why Turkey Stabbed Russia in the Back

Russia’s and Turkey’s objectives in fighting the Islamic State group are diametrically opposed

Vijay Prashad: Showdown on the Syrian border

Impossible to ignore the grave implications of this event – a Russian jet shot down by the Turks around the Syrian-Turkish border. Stern faces all round as NATO’s military council meets to discuss the first time in decades that a member nation has shot down a Russian plane. Russia’s President Putin calls the Turkish government “accomplices Read more…

Pepe Escobar: In the fight against ISIS, Russia ain’t taking no prisoners

Paris 2015 – as well as Sinai 2015 – essentially is a side effect of Baghdad 2003. Putin knows it. For now, the task is to smash those mongrel imperial offspring once and for all

John Feffer: The Schrodinger Solution for Syria

The only sensible solution to the Syrian crisis is a quantum one in which Bashar al-Assad is simultaneously there and not there

Vijay Prashad: ‘Rival interests’ twist political landscape in Syria

The Russian intervention has succeeded in clarifying the impossibility of regime change and the importance of a political dialogue

Juan Cole: Syria: US Boots on Ground risks Conflict with Turkey, not Russia

If you imposed Syria on a US map, you could say that Obama and the Kurds are fighting ISIL in Maine, and Russia is giving air support to the Baath army against al-Qaeda and allied groups in Oregon

Robert Fisk: The Return of the Syrian Army

If it wins, then the Syrian military is going to come out of this current war as the most ruthless, battle-trained and battle-hardened Arab army in the entire region

David Swanson: Past Decade in Syria in 5 Minutes

At least as early as 2006, the United States had people in Syria working for the overthrow of the government

Joris Leverink: Kurds Fight Islamic State Group as Russia Enters Syrian War

The Syrian Kurds are seen as the Islamic State group’s most formidable enemy

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