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Conn Hallinan: Baiting The Bear: NATO and Russia

From Moscow’s point of view, the U.S. is continuing to spread its network of anti-missile systems in Europe and Asia, which the Russians see as a threat

Gareth Porter: How Putin’s leverage shaped the Syrian ceasefire

When Russian President Vladimir Putin had a substantive meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry last week, it was an extremely rare departure from normal protocol. Yet, there was some political logic to the meeting because Putin and Kerry have clearly been the primary drivers of their respective governments’ recent policies toward Syria and their Read more…

Ramzy Baroud: If Syria is to Fall, others will Follow: The Pandora’s Box of Federalism

Only a united Syria can offer hope for the future. Nothing else does

Vijay Prashad: A Major Unexpected New Reality in Syria: What Does It All Mean?

Unpacking a series of surprising moves by the big players in Syria

Ray McGovern: Putin Shuns Syrian ‘Quagmire’

Gambling that President Obama will cooperate in seeking peace for Syria, Russian President Putin called back much of Russia’s military force dispatched to Syria last fall,

Phyllis Bennis: Russia is Withdrawing from Syria — and the U.S. Should Follow Suit

For too long Moscow and Washington have tried to out-muscle each other by escalating the Syrian war. Now, for once, they’ve got a chance to escalate their efforts to end it

Juan Cole: Mystery: Russia & Hizbullah begin withdrawal from Syria

Russia wants al-Assad to begin the reconciliation process with a new constitution, while Syria had wanted to race to new elections as soon as April

Michael Karadjis: Bloody Counterrevolution in Aleppo: on Russian Blitzkrieg and US “betrayal”

“The bombs are falling so fast in Aleppo now that often rescuers don’t have time to reach victims between blasts”

John Wight: The Demonization of Vladimir Putin

While Vladimir Putin and his government are not beyond criticism, theit misdeeds pale in comparison to the record of Western governments in destroying one country after the other in the Middle East

Serge Halimi: A time of angry strongmen

with the global economy going off the rails, it’s unsurprising that the values of order and authority, and strong, cynical, brutal men, should dominate the political stage

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