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Robert Parry: Ukraine’s Poison Pill for Peace Talks

By adding a poison pill to legislation implementing the latest Minsk agreement, the Ukrainian government has effectively guaranteed a resumption of the civil war

Johannes Hautaviita: On NATO Chief Stoltenberg’s Speech in Munich

The message is simple enough: Putin is dangerous, if not clinically insane, and NATO – the “guardian of the international order” (Stoltenberg) – is needed to defend Europe and ‘Western values’

Robert Fisk: Which superpower will win the battle of hypocrisy?

The 125,000 civilian casualties of the two Chechen wars elicited far less passion in the West than the fatalities in Syria

Noam Chomsky: Mideast, Isis…

Interview on a variety of topics

Alexander Mercouris: Who Won and Who Lost at the Minsk Talks on Ukraine

The big difference between this process and the previous process is that the Europeans are now formally involved

Robert Parry: Wretched US Journalism on Ukraine

The most dangerous violation of journalistic principles has occurred in the Ukraine crisis

Immanuel Wallerstein: Panic about Panic

Russia and the World-System Today

Kim Scipes: “US, Ukraine and Russia: What Went Wrong?”

A talk by John Mearsheimer and Rick Rozoff

Oliver Tickell: The Meme of “Russian Aggression”

The BBC’s Drums of War

David M. Kotz: Plummeting Oil Prices Could Bring Radical Change to Russia

The current crisis, like the two before it, demonstrates the peril facing any petrostate, which is always vulnerable to events outside its control

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