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Caoimhe Butterly: Refugees refuse to be broken

‘We have been treated like animals’

Zoltan Grossman: The Enemy of Your Enemy is Not Always Your Friend

Ukraine now has the first European government in decades in which outright fascist parties have gained a significant role…

: England v Serbia Racism & European football

At a recent under 21 football match between Serbia and England Serbian supporters racially abused black England players. UEFA – European footballs governing body – are looking into what happened but it seems that tacling racism in football is not a priority. The  racist abuse directed at England's under 21 footballers should come as no surprise. Read more…

Edward S. Herman: Context Management and Stripping

A basic technique of news and opinion management and propaganda is the manipulation and stripping of context. This often takes the form of an intensive focus on the terrible plight of worthy victims and the villainous behavior of their tormentors, and the downplaying and antiseptic treatment of the condition of unworthy victims, along with ignoring Read more…

Edward S. Herman: From Netanyahu to Mladic

The nuggets keep piling up as the United States continues its course toward the abyss, pulling the rest of the world with it. Imagine, 29 standing ovations for Benjamin Netanyahu’s May 24 speech by the members of the U.S. Congress, who once again displayed their loyalty to a foreign state, their contempt for international law, Read more…

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