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Edward S. Herman: Double Standards and/or Hypocrisy?

The mainstream media’s treatment of two cases of alleged aggression illustrates perfectly the propaganda role and service of the dominant media

Ray McGovern: Roots of Ukraine Crisis

Absent from U.S. media encomia for recently deceased former Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze is any mention of the historic deal he reached with his U.S. counterpart James Baker in 1990 ensuring that the Soviet empire would collapse “with a whimper, not a bang” (Mr. Baker’s words). Mr. Baker keeps repeating that the Cold War Read more…

David Swanson: It’s Us or the Nukes

President Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor was about to wake him up in the middle of the night to inform the President that 220 Soviet nuclear missiles were headed our way, when he learned that someone had stuck a game tape into the computer by mistake. Three years later a Soviet Lieutenant Colonel acted out Read more…

Christian Parenti: Ideology and Electricity: The Soviet Experience in Afghanistan

In the teahouses and street stalls of Kabul, one sometimes sees the portrait of a stern, round-faced man with dark hair and a mustache. It is the visage of Muhammad Najibullah, the last president of communist Afghanistan. Najibullah joined the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) in the late 1960s, ran Afghanistan’s highly organized secret Read more…

Eddie Girdner: Capitalism, Communism and the Dialectics of History

Capitalism, Communism, and The Dialectics of History     Eddie J. Girdner       A few days ago a colleague said to me: “Well, the US succeeded in destroying the Communist system. They succeeded in destroying Communism in the Soviet Union.” It is amazing how many people still believe this piece of propaganda that Read more…

Salim Lamrani: The Economic Sanctions against Cuba Constitute the Principal Obstacle to Development

CSF: You've just published a new book under the title État de siège. What exactly do you cover in it?   SL: As the book's subtitle suggests, it covers the unilateral economic sanctions that the United States first imposed upon Cuba at the height of the Cold War. The goal of these sanctions has been the Read more…

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