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William Doyle: Why Finland has the best schools

What if high-poverty students are the children most urgently in need of the benefits that, for example, American parents of means obtain for their children in private schools?

Bruno Jäntti: Finnish Rebuilders in occupied West Bank

Participants of the ICAHD rebuilding camp have traveled to the occupied Palestinian territories to carry out an act of resistance against the Israeli occupation regime

Johannes Hautaviita: Finnish NATO-integration and democracy

Finland has not declared that the stationing of NATO’s nuclear arms on its soil as forbidden

Bruno Jäntti: On racist incidents, organized racism in Finland

The kind of discriminatory and racist attitudes prevalent both within and outside of the Finns Party are deeply ingrained in our culture

Johannes Hautaviita: Finland at NATO’s Doorstep?

NATO’s mission in the post-Cold War era has been at odds with international law and the purpose of the United Nations

Airan Bahmani: On Western Racism, Islamophobia

Since the beginning of the rise of ISIS, the danger of an increase in anti-Muslim racism has become an unfortunate reality in the Western world

Airan Bahmani: Finnish MP’s Clueless on Israel-Palestine

Finland continuously seals new military deals with a state that so openly breaches international law

Airan Bahmani: Finland eager to deepen arms trade collaboration with Israel

What makes all of this even less convincing is that precisely the Finnish-Israeli arms trade has had a lot of bad press

Bruno Jäntti: Should Finland join NATO?

The public debate on Finland joining NATO has been marked by misrepresentation and historical amnesia

Susan George: Failure for 90 Percent of the People

European Union workers’ pretentions to better pay and working conditions, shorter working lives, munificent retirement benefits, long holidays and time off for this and that have got to be brought under control! Enough is enough! Let us be thankful that the European Commission has the answers. Soon the neoliberal model will become irreversible and all Read more…

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