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Patrick Howlett-Martin: The Paris Attacks: A Chronicle Foretold. The worst may still yet to come

Looking at France’s Bush-inspired response to the horrific attacks in Paris, one must be forgiven for wondering what such a response seeks to and can accomplish

Martin Conway: What is it about Molenbeek? The bit of Belgium that was a base for Paris terror attacks

What is true of Molenbeek would be equally true of areas of London and Paris. But what is specifically Belgian about this story is the state of Belgium

Naomi Klein: Why a Climate Deal Is the Best Hope for Peace

The last time there was this much climate momentum was in 2008

Alexandre Hielard: Joints, beer but little religion in lives of Paris attack brothers

“My brothers were normal”

Glenn Greenwald: Submissive” Media’s Drumbeat for War and “Despicable” Anti-Muslim Scapegoating

Investors are fully aware that the main people who are going to benefit from this escalation as a result of Paris is the military-industrial complex

Claire Veale: Paris attacks: it’s time for a more radical reaction

In the wake of the Paris attacks fingers were pointed in all directions, but few were directed at France itself. What has radicalized the French youth?

Gilbert Achcar: France Returns to the State of Exception

The discourse of war is already upon us. But it must be resisted

Charles Glass: Outside Powers Must End Their Proxy Wars in Syria

A FRENCH NEWS CAMERAMAN burst into the bar of Beirut’s Commodore Hotel, where his colleagues gathered most evenings, on November 17, 1983. “At last,” he shouted, cupping both hands upward, “someone with balls!” French warplanes had just bombed the town of Baalbek, site of magnificent Roman ruins but also of a Shiite Muslim militant barracks. Read more…

Pepe Escobar: In the fight against ISIS, Russia ain’t taking no prisoners

Paris 2015 – as well as Sinai 2015 – essentially is a side effect of Baghdad 2003. Putin knows it. For now, the task is to smash those mongrel imperial offspring once and for all

Alix Mazounie: Climate Activists Vow to Continue with Protests Ahead of Paris Talks

Climate activists insist the right to protest and freedom of speech must be upheld even during a state of emergency

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