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Stathis Kouvelakis: What’s Next for Nuit Debout?

Following the footsteps of similar movements elsewhere, Nuit Debout is the most important challenge to French elites in years

Manuela Zechner: Finding warmth in a dark place: a glimpse of #NuitDebout

Paris had been so tough and so stuck. Recharging on the energies of a square full of people in buzzing encounter, it refound a collective way of being

John Litchfield: French Government Forced to Use Emergency Powers to Push Through Labour Law Changes

Hard line union federations say the changes would, in effect, end the principle of a single nationwide body of legal protections for workers ‘Nuit Debout’ goes global: France’s youth-led movement urges worldwide protests on May 15

The French protest movement “Nuit Debout” (Up All Night) plans to go international, urging people around Europe and the world to take to the streets to protest austerity, among many other grievances, on May 15. In the photo: A woman faces French anti riot policemen as they block the access to the Place de la Republique Read more…

Stathis Kouvelakis: Overturning a World

France’s Nuit Debout movement has the potential to not just defeat a single law, but to move beyond defensive struggles.

Paolo Gerbaudo: Nuit Debout: building an open movement in France’s squares

Interview on the driving force behind the social mobilization and the inclusiveness of the movement

Denis Godard: Up All Night

France’s Nuit Debout movement is mobilizing anger at austerity outside of traditional channels

Michèle Brand: What is the “Nuit Debout”?

Like the Occupy Wall Street encampments, Nuit Debout’s central gathering point acts as an incubator for protests

Jonah Birch: A French Spring

Popular protests have erupted against efforts to dismantle France’s labor code

Denis Godard: France: Reflections on ‘Nuit Debout’

After years of apparent apathy and advance of all the reactionary tendencies in French society, something has changed which renews hope

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