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Véronique Bordes: Social Models Do Not Fit

The authorities pigeonhole young people, not giving them room to express themselves

Paul Krugman: The Fall of France

Europe desperately needs the leader of a major economy — one that is not in terrible shape — to stand up and say that austerity is killing the Continent’s economic prospects

Peter Allen: Banning Pro-Palestine Demonstrations

France becomes first country in world to ban pro-Palestine demonstrations

Dario Azzellini: Workers’ Control at Fralib

In France there are two cases of recuperated factories occupied by workers during the current crisis

Emilie Papillon: A Battle for France’s Future

An occupation of the site of a proposed airport that has turned into something more

Paul Krugman: Scandal in France

Yes, callous, wrongheaded conservatives have been driving policy, but they have been abetted and enabled by spineless, muddleheaded politicians on the moderate left

Immanuel Wallerstein: France’s Aggressive Foreign Policy

In the last few years, France has asserted itself on the international scene in a very active way — first under President Nicolas Sarkozy and then even more under President Francois Hollande. It led the way among Western powers to intervene in Libya in order to oust Muammar Gaddafi. It has pushed the hardest line Read more…

Pepe Escobar: Why France Is Playing ‘Stupid’ On Iran

PARIS – US Secretary of State John Kerry has famously stated the US "is not blind" or "stupid" in its push to clinch a historic deal over the Iranian nuclear program. [1] So now that the world has been informed, he must, cryptically, have been talking about France. The failed Geneva negotiations this past weekend Read more…

Sarah Lazare: French Students Barricade High Schools to Protest Deportation of Classmates

Thousands of French high school students have launched protests across Paris, building barricades to block their own schools' entrances, to show their opposition to aggressive government deportations of their classmates. The uprisings were touched off by what many are calling the "inhumane" expulsion of a 15-year-old Kosovan Roma student Leonarda Dibrani, who was arrested in Read more…

John V. Whitbeck: Can Hollande Block the Bombing of Syria?

Now that Prime Minister David Cameron has sought parliamentary approval for “military action” against Syria and President Barack Obama has announced his intention to seek congressional approval, can President François Hollande, as a political if not a strictly constitutional matter, afford not to do likewise? A parliamentary session devoted to Syria is already scheduled for Read more…

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