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Immanuel Wallerstein: A Left Electoral Strategy? France and the United States

The parallel with Sanders is that the French group may be tapping into the same popular discontent that Sanders has used to make his bid Thousands march to protest state of emergency in France

Thousands of people marched in 70 French cities, including Paris, to demand immediate action to stop France’s ongoing state of emergency and openly voice outrage over government plans to revoke the French citizenship of dual nationals, many of them Muslims, convicted of terrorism. Up to 20,000 protesters – many of them members of human rights Read more…

Gina Doggett: Cabbies block roads as France hit by multiple strikes

The striking unions — which led up to 120 demonstrations across France on a day dubbed “Black Tuesday” — said they were protesting over some 150,000 job losses since 2007

Shobhan Saxen: The Two Trials of Adlène Hicheur, Scientist, Muslim, Forever Suspect

A scientist from CERN, accused of association with a terrorist group in 2009 and jailed in France before being freed, tells his story

Serge Halimi: France’s FN election success

No other political force displays as much momentum and cohesion as the far right

Patrick Howlett-Martin: The Paris Attacks

The terrorist attacks in Paris are a chronicle foretold, an expected blowback of French militarism and adventurism in the Middle East and France’s too long inability to integrate its Islamic young population, the largest one in Europe

Patrick Bond: Paris climate terror could endure for generations

Is there a grassroots-activist antidote to last week’s attacks by carbon-addicted UN negotiators?

George Monbiot: Grand promises of Paris climate deal undermined by squalid retrenchments

Until governments undertake to keep fossil fuels in the ground, they will continue to undermine the agreement they have just made

Juan Cole: After the COP21 Paris Climate Accord, what we need is an Int’l Climate Court

COP21, for all its flaws, is likely going to set off a massive change in attitudes

Danny Chivers: Paris deal: Epic fail on a planetary scale

This agreement is a great escape for the big polluters, and a poisoned chalice for the poor

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