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Immanuel Wallerstein: Germany and the United States: Unprecedented Breach

What accounts for what some are already calling an “unprecedented breach” in the very close relations after 1945 between the United States and the German Federal Republic?

Victor Grossman: Political Parties, Left, Right and Purely Satirical

For several months there have been big “Monday peace demonstrations” in over forty German cities, reflecting popular rejection of any German military action

Marina Sitrin: Today’s ‘Righteous’ Defenders of Refugees in Germany

What prompted me to write this however, was not the fear and anger I have been feeling, but the bravery shown in the face of such fear

Joris Leverink: “We want our freedom!” Refugees Resist in Berlin

The resistance of a group of refugees against the eviction of an occupied school building in Berlin is exemplary of migrant struggles across Europe

Victor Grossman: Germany’s Left and Ukraine, EU, Nato

A glance at a map makes it all too clear: adding the wide Ukrainian expanse meant almost total western encirclement of Russia’s main territory

David Swanson: Operation Nazification

After World War II, the U.S. military hired 1,600 former Nazi scientists and doctors, including some of Adolf Hitler’s closest collaborators. ‘They Are Fascists!’

German Left leader Blasts Merkel’s support of illegitimate Ukraine Government

John Feffer: Why North Korea Today Is Not East Germany 1989

Policy analysts, pundits, and politicians have long predicted that the North Korean government will go the way of East German Communism

Victor Grossman: Fireworks, Past, Present and Future

In Hamburg they didn’t wait for New Year’s Eve for the fireworks

John Wojcik: Amazon Workers Battle Their Bosses In Seattle And Germany

Amazon workers in Germany were out on strike , while German union leaders met up with 50 protesting workers and U.S. labor leaders at Amazon’s world headquarters

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