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Loren Balhorn: Die Linke: Ten Years On

A decade after its formation, can Germany’s Die Linke manage its contradictions and live up to its promise?

Roberto Savio: Greece, the Punching Ball of Germany

Greece is again in the media, because a new negotiation is due between the embattled country and its creditors

Victor Grossman: The Left and Right in Germany

Following German state elections three weeks ago the politicians are still sorting things out and pasting new coalitions together

Bernd Riexinger: What Die Linke Should Do

The German right made stunning gains in this month’s regional elections. The Left must rise to the challenge

Roberto Savio: Germany: Reaping What You Sow

The recent German elections went as predicted. A new right wing, xenophobe party, Alternative for Germany, has emerged with force

Victor Grossman: The German Elections: Who Won, Who Lost?

Although readers in the USA and elsewhere are watching voting results there with baited breath, it is worth taking a look at Germany’s elections on March 13th  – far from pleasant but very important all the same,  and not only for Germany! Only three of the sixteen states voted ; the national election is not Read more…

Victor Grossman: Germany Has Elections Too

The rapid growth of this young sibling of older neo-Nazi groups confirms the truth of Bertolt Brecht’s warning: “Fertile still are the loins from whence that crept”

Rev. William E. Alberts: Christian Churches: the “Master Race” and “American Exceptionalism”

A crucial challenge of American Christians is to move beyond their mission of seeking to transform the world in the likeness of Jesus Christ, and, instead, embrace the likeness they share with every other human being

Victor Grossman: Icy Times and Rays of Hope

2016 began here with an icy chill, not only with the weather but far worse, with human relations.  It also offered some, like myself, at least a few warm rays of hope. First the larger scene.  The huge influx of immigrants and asylum seekers, over a million in 2015, saw Germany effectively split in two Read more…

Florian Zollmann: The New Right in Germany

Attacks on refugee centers are the symptom of a deeper societal problem

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