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Michael Lesher: Grieving for Kristallnacht, past and present

In the West Bank and Gaza today, the destruction of homes, mosques, schools, buildings, olive orchards – just about everything owned by the indigenous population – is a constant reality

Victor Grossman: Scenes From a Wonderful Parade Against the TPP

Changes in the German political scene seem more and more in the offing

Sue Sturgis: What Tennessee paid to lure lawbreaking Volkswagen to Chattanooga

The scandal over Volkwagen’s illegal scheme to sell diesel vehicles equipped with software designed to cheat U.S. air pollution limits is widening

Kevin Roose: The Volkswagen ‘Dieselgate’ Scandal

A new low in corporate malfeasance

Victor Grossman: Behind the German Chancellor’s Quick Reversal on Refugees

German Chancellor Merkel has performed an about-face, re-imposing border controls and further exacerbating the refugee crisis

Andrew Gavin Marshall: Between Berlin And a Hardplace

They just wanted to take a bat to them,” said former U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, referring to the attitude of European leaders towards debt-laden Greece in February 2010, three months before the country’s first bailout. Geithner, Treasury Secretary from 2009 until 2013, was attending a meeting of the finance ministers and central bankers of Read more…

Nizar Visram: Greek Austerity & African Patronage

The current situation in Greece resembles the debt peonage that many African countries have been subjected to for decades. They suffered the consequences of the so-called structural adjustment under the supervision of the international finance institutions and the result was economic and social devastation.

Richard D. Wolff: Déjà Vu: Germany Tightens Its Economic Power Over Europe

German capitalism in its way replicates the fundamental mistake of capitalists elsewhere. It does not know how or when to stop overstepping the limits of what the rest of society will endure and allow

Victor Grossman: German Know-Nothings Today

The forces misusing the problems of properly treating such increasingly desperate “undesirables” represent a growing threat, far more dangerous than the old Know-Nothings . . . and eager to seize their chances

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: A Problem Called Germany

Europe’s biggest problem is Germany, not Greece. Just over two years ago (May, 2013) I published a piece entitled “The German Diktat”, in which I listed the justifications given by Germany at the beginning of the First World War for its atrocities against Belgium, a small country that had refused to go along with Germany’s Read more…

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