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Florian Zollmann: Denying History: Cuba in the German Liberal Press

Cuba was depicted as a terror state and a nefarious actor. The USA, on the other hand, was described as a benign actor with noble aims such as to bring democracy and reforms to Cuba

Tomasz Konicz: The Origin of the Pegida Movement

Pegida started around 13 Weeks ago with marches of several thousand people, but these marches grew very quickly

Victor Grossman: Dresden and Its Dangerous Demonstrators

PEGIDA’s quick growth derives largely from the many fears, especially in eastern Germany, about the scarcity of decent, steady jobs

James Petras: Fall of the Berlin Wall

While NATO regimes celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall as the highest expression of freedom, these same political leaders support, finance, and promote the construction of oppressive walls throughout world

Victor Grossman: Red-Red-Green Is Triumphant

Yes, “red-red-green” squeezed through to victory – by one single wavering vote – See more at:

Leandros Fischer: The German Left’s Palestine Problem

Die Linke’s position on Palestine has isolated it from the global solidarity movement and strengthened the party’s worst elements

Nikos Raptis: The Arrogance of the “Great”

It is pathetic to observe the arrogance of the people, also known as the world elites, who think that they own the planet and do whatever they wish because they own the gun

Various Contributors: Open Letter to German Left Party (Die Linke)

This letter is being sent to you by citizens of the state of Israel who are active in various Left groups and on a variety of topics throughout Israel/Palestine

Victor Grossman: Democracy, Hypocrisy, and President Gauck

The Left won this unprecedented opportunity by coming in a close second to the Christian Democrats

Florian Wilde: The Kurdish Question, the PKK and the tasks of the radical Left

Current developments in Kurdistan and gives a brief overview of the history of the Kurdish liberation movement and the PKK’s illegal status in Germany

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