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David Swanson: War Is a Force That Gives Us Idiocy

A war is not an ennobling adventure. Watching lies about it on television is not the same as “living” it would be

Danica Jorden: Our Seas: End of Mare Nostrum Spells Death in the Mediterranean

“Here we are, once again, in front of another tragedy, weeping for children who died in search of a future”

Dominique Vidal: Buying back ‘il manifesto’

The paper that came out of the Italian Communist Party of the 1960s has struggled on into a changed political and media world

Alfredo Mazzamauro: “An Injury to All”

Class struggle is back in Italy

Richard Falk: A Tale of Two Cities: Istanbul and Rome

It is no wonder that Istanbul and Rome are rated the first and second favorite cities in the world

Perry Anderson: The Italian Disaster

Europe is ill

Roberto Musacchio: The Italian Left Backing Tsipras

The project is called “The Different Europe with Alexis Tsipras”. Predictions indicate it could surpass, maybe even easily, the 4% electoral threshold

Jérôme Roos: Mobilizing for the Common: Some Lessons from Italy

Saturday’s protest in Rome was the latest in a series of actions around a common project. What can organizers elsewhere learn from Italy’s movements?

Felipe Correa: The Political Thought of Errico Malatesta

Errico Malatesta (1853-1932) was an important Italian anarchist that contributed, in theory and practice, to the trajectory of anarchism in a lot of countries

Alfredo Mazzamauro: ‘Only One Big Project’: Italy’s Burgeoning Social Movements

In the context of a deepening housing crisis, Italy’s movements are becoming increasingly united in their opposition to neoliberalism and austerity

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