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Dick Nichols: Rebellious Catalan vote rocks Spanish establishment

Participation exceeded the most optimistic expectations of the organisers, who had informally set 1.5 million as a respectable target

Julian Coppens: Podemos on road to sweeping away two-party system

The economic and political crisis in Spain has produced a new way to fight back

Jérôme Roos: The Winds Over The Mediterranean Are Blowing Left

The meteoric rise of Spain’s new leftist force, Podemos, may yet spell the end of the two-party regime the country inherited from Franco’s dictatorship

David Alexandre: ‘Podemos’ phenomenon leads to a new workers union: SOMOS

The relatively new left-wing party continues to makes ripples in Spanish politics

Andy Robinson: Will Catalonia Secede From Spain?

Catalonia has decided to recast its planned November 9 referendum on independence as a nonbinding consultation

David Alexandre: Where to Stand on Catalonia

Catalonia’s independence is one that typically confuses many observers on the left, in and out of Spain

Sister Teresa Forcades: Spanish Independence Movements and the Recolonization of Southern Europe

Interview on the current political and economic crises in Spain and Western Europe.

Belen Fernandez: Neoliberal Rape in Spain

In Spain, a new set of guidelines to help women avoid rape is just one among many policies assaulting citizens’ dignity

Daniel Marty: Is the New Leader of Spain’s PSOE the Change Spain Needs?

Virtually unknown to the general public prior to July 26th, Pedro Sánchez was far from being a leader within the PSOE itself

Peter de Jong: Sowing the Seeds of a New Economy

Practical alternative economic models are rapidly taking shape in practice in Catalonia. Are the indignados finally harvesting?

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