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Sergi Cutillas: What’s at Stake in Spain

A guide to Spain’s election

Oscar Reyes: Five keys to understanding the Spanish election

The insurgent left has also shown that it is here to stay

Various Contributors: Spanish Left: 50 Steps to Govern Together

The coalition between Podemos and IU (called “Unidos Podemos” – Together We Can) is the only one that, on 26 June, could overturn the situation created by the 20 December Spanish election. In order to do that, Podemos and IU have agreed on a 50-point programme to end austerity and bring democracy to the country. Read more…

Dick Nichols: Spanish general election: United We Can knocking at the door

In this war of old corruption and privilege against hope for change, the powers-that-be and their media are pulling out every last stop to block United We Can’s advance

Dick Nichols: Spain: Can the Left’s economic plan turn back austerity?

The left-wing coalition Unidos Podemos (United We Can), is currently polling over 25% and looks set to surpass the vote of the social-democratic Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE)

Conn Hallinan: Spanish Elections: EU Watershed?

For the past quarter of a century there have been few watershed moments in Spanish political history. Like a well-choreographed pas de deux, the center-left Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) and right-wing Popular Party (PP) have taken turns governing the country. But the 2015 election changed all that. Upstart parties on the right and left crashed Read more…

Dick Nichols: Spain: As Podemos and United Left join forces, is a left government in sight?

The “second round” election on June 26 could open the door to the final breakdown of the two-party system and the beginning of a deep-going democratisation

Immanuel Wallerstein: The Possibilities of Anti-Austerity Politics: A Spanish Drama

Spain is in economic terms far more important for Europe and the world than Greece. As this drama plays out in Spain, the world will be watching, reacting, and drawing lessons.

Adam Hochschild: The Oilman Who Loved Dictators

Or How Texaco Supported Fascism

Dick Nichols: Spanish state

Basque leader Otegi freed as Podemos-PSOE war intensifies

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