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Jen Wilton: Marinaleda: The Village Where People Come Before Profit

In the south of Spain, the street is the collective living room

David Marty: What Catalonia Independence Means And What We Should Learn From It

Far from being supported by an overwhelming majority of Catalonians (at the same time rejected by the Spanish population), this referendum is dividing Spain in two positions: those who want independence and those who prefer to keep things as they are

David Marty: Can We Really Podemos?

In the recent European Parliamentary Elections, a new political party in Spain called Podemos caused a sensation by gaining nearly 8% of the votes after only 4 months of existence

Dick Nichols: Spanish State: Eruption of Podemos

The five seats (7.9%) won by the platform Podemos (“We Can”) in the May 25 European election was an earthquake in Spanish politics

Josep Maria Antentas: Spanish State: ‘We Must Continue To Widen The Cracks That Have Begun To Open Up’

Which of the two alternative futures will win out? Without doubt, today we are determining what happens tomorrow

Pascual Serrano: What Spain’s Podemos (Fortunately) Learned from Venezuela

Whoever visited Caracas, for example in 1997, and went back five years later, discovered a surprising change

Dick Nichols: Hope in the gloom as left gains in Greece, Spain, Ireland

The most positive impact of this election will be on the national political struggle in the Spanish state and Greece

Graeme Herbert: From Crisis to Crisis in Spain

On March 22, demonstrators from across Spain converged on Madrid. The size of the protest was impressive

Dick Nichols: Millions-strong March for Dignity shakes Spain

All political forces in Spain are now straining to adjust to the huge 1 million to 2 million-strong March for Dignity demonstration in Madrid

Faisal Kutty: Correction of Historical Wrongs

Spain takes first step to right historical wrong

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