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Pablo Iglesias: A ‘government of change’ for Spain

For the first time, Spain could have a pluralist and progressive government

Dick Nichols: Catalonia: Premier falls on sword to allow pro-independence government to form

On January 9, the front-page headline of La Vanguardia, Catalonia’s establishment daily read: “Together For Yes and the CUP exhaust options for agreement — failure of negotiations opens the way for elections on March 6.” Talks within the pro-independence majority in the Catalan parliament — composed of the mainstream Together For Yes coalition and the Read more…

Eugene Nulman: 3 Reasons Podemos Hasn’t Ended Spain’s Two-Party System, Yet

The future of Podemos in Spain

Steve Rushton: Sea Change In Spanish Politics As Citizens Reclaim the City

Madrid’s city council recently broke the rules on its debts, prioritizing money for “social sustainability” over “financial sustainability”

Pablo Iglesias: Spain’s Socialists Must Stand Up To Rajoy’s Popular Party

The advancement of the state and the commitment to social justice and to fight corruption will guide our actions, so that Spain and its people can move forward

Mark Weisbrot: Spain votes ‘no’ on failed economic policies

Spanish voters reject the two-party system that presided over austerity and mass unemployment

Conn Hallinan: Spain Says “No” to Austerity

For the third time in a year, the tight-fisted, austerity policies of the European Union (EU) took a beating

AK Malaboca: Social movements in Spain: insiders’ perspectives

Those who still have hope must carry on asking about how we can organize a life away from domination, coercion and poverty

Luke Stobart: A Year of Change Postponed?

Spain votes in a general election on Sunday. Can Podemos reclaim its earlier momentum?

David Ferreira: With Spain’s election looming, can Podemos do it?

The factors behind Podemos’ failure to sustain its initial surge of support

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