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Juan Cole: Spain at 70% Non-Carbon Electricity

Will it be 1st Net Carbon Zero G-20 State?

Kate Shea Baird: Is Barcelona on the verge of a feminist revolution?

Barcelona en Comú is bringing issues like women’s sense of security in public spaces, the division of domestic labor and the feminization of poverty into the mainstream

Giles Tremlett: The Podemos Revolution

How a small group of radical academics changed European politics

Marina Prentoulis: After Syriza: What’s next for Spain?

The significance of Syriza’s electoral victory for anti-austerity parties and politics across Europe is slowly, but steadily sinking in

Bécquer Seguín: Podemos’s Latin American Roots

Podemos has gained traction by drawing on lessons from the Latin American left

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: The Podemos wave

Podemos is the end result of a learning process originated in the Global South which eventually made it possible to creatively channel the outrage that ran through the streets of Spain

Dan Cantor: 8 Lessons American Progressives Can Take From Greece’s Syriza and Spain’s Podemos

We could learn a few things from the way Syriza is standing up to the powers-that-be in European capitalism

Eric Toussaint: Syriza and Podemos: the way towards power for the People?

In order to carry out real structural changes, it is of fundamental importance to set up an interactive relationship between the left-wing government and the people

Luke Stobert: New Hope for Spain

Interview on the origins and rise of the new left­wing Spanish party Podemos

Manuela Zechner: Barcelona en Comú: the city as horizon for radical democracy

Barcelona en Comú, the municipal movement formerly known as Guanyem, has opened up a new set of intertwining horizons for radical democracy in the city

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