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Renaud Lambert: Now can Podemos win in Spain?

Syriza in Greece has a natural ally in Spain’s Podemos, the leftwing party that grew out of the demonstrations of 2011 and challenges the political status quo

Bécquer Seguín: Can Podemos Win in Spain?

Just a year after its founding, it’s the country’s leading party

Marina Sitrin: Threads of the New World: Spain’s Mortgage Victims Plataforma

Through direct democracy, direct action and mutual aid, PAH has been changing people’s lives from very concrete ways

Vicente Navarro: What is Going On in Spain?

The End of an Era and the Beginning of Podemos

Guillem Murcia: Gag Law

Spain’s government tries to push back the tide

Paul Mason: Enter Europe’s new populist left movement

However inexperienced, naive, and lacking in machine-party discipline the new populist left in Europe is, it is setting the agenda

Richard: Right2Water and Podemos

For those who hope for a democratisation of Irish society, this mass repoliticisation ought to be the best thing to happen in years. At any rate, optimistic engagement trumps pessimistic dismissal

Carlos Delclos: Podemos: the political upstart taking Spain by force

Just who are Podemos? And could they be a force for change?

Pablo Iglesias: The Left Can Win

Trying to transform society by mimicking history, mimicking symbols, is ridiculous

David Alexandre: Is Podemos Slowly Moving Towards Social Democracy?

Changes in Podemos’ program indicate a gradual move towards the political center. What does this mean for the party?

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