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Belen Fernandez: Catalonia’s declaration of independence

What the world could really use are more secessions from the neoliberal order

Justin Podur: The End of Universal Jurisdiction

Spain has struck down its case against Rwanda and the doctrine that once kept war criminals awake at night

Dick Nichols: The Spanish state versus Catalonia: a decisive battle has begun

On October 27, the ongoing war without guns between the Spanish state and Catalonia entered a critical new phase. On that day the newly elected pro-independence majority in the Catalan parliament published a draft resolution that “solemnly declared the beginning of the process of creating an independent Catalan state in the form of a republic” Read more…

Carlos Delclos: Barcelona en Comú joins Podemos in Spanish elections

Barcelona en Comú declared it will stand with Podemos, breathing new life into the ailing party. But, will it be enough to enforce constitutional change?

ROAR Collective: Resisting the next wave of real estate speculation in Spain

A new speculative bubble may be taking shape as global investment firms buy devalued real estate in Spain. Will they beat a new path of dispossession?

Boaz Vilallonga: The Catalan Left

Will the Catalan independence movement couple its calls for self-determination with demands for socialism?

Dick Nichols: Catalonia: Half-won independence battle guarantees harsher war with Spanish state

Who won the September 27 elections for the Catalan parliament, called as a substitute for the Scottish-style independence referendum that the People’s Party (PP) government of the Spanish state has always refused to allow? It depends whom you ask. On the night most of the commentators on Madrid-based TV and radio called the result as Read more…

David Marty: Catalonia: Independence from whom?

Catalonia and federalism, Spain and Europe, who wants what?

Josep Maria Antentas: Looking for Lost Momentum

With its poll numbers slipping, Podemos is searching for ways to recapture this spring’s energy

Euskadi Ta Askatasuna: Euskadi Ta Askatasuna’s statement to the Basque People

ETA, the Basque socialist revolutionary organisation for national liberation, wants to transmit the following analysis to the Basque people

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