Category: Spain

Dilia Puerta: Beyond the Ballot Box: Apoyo Mutuo in Spain

Frustrated with the empty plazas and Podemos’ electoral politics, a new social movement has emerged seeking a return to the popular horizontalism of 15-M

Pablo Iglesias: Spain at a Crossroads

Discussing the upcoming Spanish elections and the tasks and challenges Podemos faces

Vincent Navarro: How Should Economics be Taught?

Podemos and the Economic Future of Spain

Isidro López: The Future of Podemos

Podemos can still change Spain for the better. But it won’t do so by chasing the political center

Dick Nichols: Lessons from Spain

Grassroots democracy and the movements against capitalism

Raul Zelik: Podemos and the ‘Democratic Revolution’ in Spain

Podemos is one of the spaces of the democratic revolution in Spain and probably the most important one

Juan Cole: Spain at 70% Non-Carbon Electricity

Will it be 1st Net Carbon Zero G-20 State?

Kate Shea Baird: Is Barcelona on the verge of a feminist revolution?

Barcelona en Comú is bringing issues like women’s sense of security in public spaces, the division of domestic labor and the feminization of poverty into the mainstream

Giles Tremlett: The Podemos Revolution

How a small group of radical academics changed European politics

Marina Prentoulis: After Syriza: What’s next for Spain?

The significance of Syriza’s electoral victory for anti-austerity parties and politics across Europe is slowly, but steadily sinking in

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