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Bill Fletcher: Remembering Hope and Tragedy in the Caribbean

The destabilization efforts were noteworthy for the manner in which the mainstream, elite media was used to paint a picture

Bill Bigelow: Grenada: ‘A Lovely Little War’

Anti-bullying curricula are the rage these days. But as teachers endeavor to build a culture of civility among young people in school, the official history curriculum they are provided often celebrates, or at least excuses, bullying among nations. Well, at least when the United States is the bully. A good example is the U.S. invasion Read more…

Robert Fisk: Robert Fisk at Frontline

Robert Fisk at Frontline

Stefan Christoff: Canada’s Spies

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) is conducting regular interviews and interrogations with hundreds of Arabs and Muslims across Canada at their work places, homes and in the vicinity of local mosques, say national and Montreal-based Arab and Muslim community groups. The groups are reporting major increases in the numbers of calls from distressed community Read more…

Ron Jacobs: Remembering and Re-Examining the Third World: A Review of Vijay Prashad’s The Darker Nations (New Press 2007)

Becoming politically aware in the 1960s and 1970s, one heard and read a lot about the Third World. Not only did the national liberation struggles of the Third World inspire many in the New Left to take action, those struggles also informed us what form that action took. In fact, one of the terms used Read more…

Roger Morris: The Undertaker’s Tally (Part 1)

“…the finest Secretary of Defense this nation has ever had.” — Vice President Dick Cheney   “The past was not predictable when it started.” — Donald Rumsfeld   On a farewell flight to Baghdad in early December 2006, the departing Secretary of Defense reminisced about his start in politics more than forty years before. Aides Read more…

William Blum: Full Spectrum Dominance

Full Spectrum Dominance It is not often that the empire is put in the position of one its victims, in fear of the military and technical prowess of another country, forced to talk of peace and cooperation, just as Iraq and others, hoping to put off an American attack, were forced to do over the Read more…

Paul Street: What is a Democracy?

FOR “DEMOCRACY” AND “THE REPUBLIC”   These are dangerous and confusing times. Let’s take a look at an interesting formulation from an unusually long and dramatic lead editorial in a recent issue of liberal-left weekly “The Nation”:   “World opinion is against the US escalation in Iraq.  The American people are against it.  Congress is against it.  Read more…

Stan Goff: Petraeus! Is Baghdad Burning?

“Jodl!  Is Paris burning?”       – Adolf Hitler, Aug. 25, 1944   Backstage   The United States makes up about 5 percent of the Earth’s population, but as an aggregate we burn more than 25 percent of its fossil energy.  That’s roughly true of all three main forms of fossil energy – oil, natural gas and Read more…

Badri Raina: The Saddam Murder

Finally the democratic deed is done.  The benign imperialists have set Iraq and the world on the road to peace and justice. They may have “handed” him over to the Quisling regime, but, forestalling all potential risk, hung him within the precincts of the “green zone” where the marauders hide from the wrath of the Read more…

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