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Joe Emersberger: When will the UN pay for its crimes in Haiti? When will anyone?

Since 2010 the UN has been dodging responsibility for a cholera outbreak that has killed 8,500 Haitians and sickened more than 700,000

Justin Podur: Haiti’s New Dictatorship

Review by Stephen Roblin. Podur’s insightful and concise overview of Haiti’s recent history is an important work of revisionist scholarship that contains valuable lessons, particularly for outsiders who want to contribute constructively to the ongoing struggle for freedom and dignity in Haiti.

Kevin Edmonds: Haiti and Venezuela Reveals U.S. Media Hypocrisy

The media coverage of the events unfolding in Venezuela provides a troubling example of how the imperial ambitions of the United States can magnify crises

Don Rojas: Revisiting Haiti after 19 years

Amidst bleak scenarios, we observed the rich spirit of a proud people with a unique history and a vibrant culture

Yves Engler: The Real Purpose of International Aid to Haiti

Step one for everyone trying to make the world a better place should be listening to those they wish to help. This is certainly true in the case of Haiti, a longtime target of Canadian ‘aid’. But, while Haitians continue to criticize Ottawa’s role in their country, few Canadians bother to pay attention. After Uruguay Read more…

Jemima Pierre: Bill Clinton Loves Haiti

There is no Haiti without Bill Clinton. Rarely has the Republic entered the mainstream press since the January 12, 2010 earthquake without mention of the former US President. When it comes to Haiti, Clinton is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. In the days after the earthquake Clinton saturated the media with Haiti-related appearances on cable newsEsquireeditorials Read more…

Mark Snyder: “Now They’re All Dead”: Threats of Assassination to Human Rights Advocates in Haiti

"Those before you were strong. Now they're all dead. Stop what you are doing, or the same will happen to you." Reynald Georges, a lawyer representing Haiti's ex-dictator, Jean-Claude Duvalier, has brought formal accusations of arson and "association with wrongdoers" (conspiracy) against DOP's founder and director, Patrice Florvilus, and five others. The accused received criminal Read more…

: Upholding a Coup: Haiti’s New Dictatorship

In 2004, the elected president of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, was kidnapped by US marines and flown to the Central African Republic. It was a coup of the kind tried unsuccessfully in Venezuela two years earlier and successfully in Honduras in 2009. The institutional structures put in place by the coup regime, including the UN troops Read more…

Joao Pedro Stedile: Haiti: They Need Solidarity Not Soldiers!

Dear Friends, ALAI AMLAT-en, 2/4/2013.- I just returned from a trip to Haiti. I went there to participate in a congress of the Haitian peasant movement and used the opportunity to visit several regions of the country and the projects that La Via Campesina/ALBA brigade is developing in solidarity with the Haitian people. I would Read more…

Bill Quigley: Hundreds of Thousands Homeless in Haiti Three Years after Earthquake despite Billions in Aid Funneled to NGOs, Contractors and Internationals

  Despite billions in aid which were supposed to go to the Haitian people, hundreds of thousands are still homeless, living in shanty tent camps as the effects from the earthquake of January 12, 2010 remain. The earthquake devastated Haiti in January 2010 killing, according to Oxfam International, 250,000 people and injuring another 300,000. 360,000 Read more…

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