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Marta Harnecker: El Salvador, a New Progressive Hope in Latin America

The new El Salvador government faces the challenge of deepening the pro-majority changes that have occurred, while updating the historic experiences of a fighting and conscious people seeking social transformation

Julia Evelyn Martínez: Seeds, Power and Imperialism

One important aspect of this strategy is to eliminate the ability of local food producers to conserve, reproduce and store their own seeds

SOA Watch: Tell Washington to Respect Democracy in El Salvador and Venezuela

The US embrace of the 2002 and 2009 coups in Venezuela and Honduras are still fresh in the minds of many in Latin America

Roberto Pineda: Between the Electoral and the Political

The Salvadorian political panorama underwent a profound change on this March 9

Alexis Stoumbelis: Right Wing Trying To Steal Elections In El Salvador

The right-wing is moving swiftly to derail the democratic process and stop Salvador Sanchez Ceren from being announced as president

Ajamu Dillahunt: El Salvador, Violence and Impunity

The bullets buried into the walls of the room within a foot of their intended victim, in El Salvador’s northern town of Ilobasco

Greg Grandin: Latin American Votes

Interview on two recent elections in Latin America with historic implications

Alexandra Early: How Young Organizers Have Become Unwitting Victims of the U.S.-Funded Fight against Gangs

On December 12, 2012, 12 young people were arrested in the poor community of El Progreso 3, in the northeastern part of San Salvador. Dressed all in black with their faces covered, police from the much-feared Anti-Gang Unit stormed the community in the middle of night, going home to home trampling down doors and pulling young Read more…

Allen Hines: US-El Salvador: Threats to Privatize Education Meet International Resistance

  When her son Jackson entered third grade, Diana Zevala noticed a changed in his attitude toward school. He grew less interested in school and started to not want to go. Diana, a former English teacher at Progress High School in Brooklyn, New York, sensed he was under stress. Following last year's winter break, she Read more…

Lisa Fuller: The Future of the Revolutionary Project in El Salvador

Reading any of the mainstream newspapers in El Salvador, you’d think that the leftist Farabundo Marti Front for National Liberation (FMLN) party had been soundly defeated in March’s mid-term legislative and municipal elections. The truth is more complicated. Since winning the presidency in the historic 2009 election, the first FMLN government has been busy developing Read more…

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