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Brigitte Gynther: Autonomy and Resistance in Honduras

Autonomy and resistance in San Francisco Opalaca, Honduras

Alexander Main: Honduras: The Deep Roots of Resistance

“Today a new political force of transformation is born!”

Alexander Main: Honduras: The Deep Roots of Resistance

Washington policymakers fail to see that social movements, rather than individual leaders like Zelaya, Chávez, or Morales, are the most enduring and potent force of change in Latin America today

Beverly Bell: One Year of Resistance in Rio Blanco

“Screw the company trying to take our river, and the government. If I die, I’m going to die defending life.” So said María Santos Dominguez, a member of the Indigenous Council of the Lenca community of Rio Blanco, Honduras. April 1 marks one year since the Rio Blanco community began a human barricade that has so Read more…

Greg Grandin: Latin American Votes

Interview on two recent elections in Latin America with historic implications

Mark Weisbrot: Why the World Should Care About Honduras’ Recent Election

On Sunday, 24 November, Hondurans went to the polls to choose a new president, congress, and mayors. There were a lot of concerns about whether a free and fair election was possible in the climate of intimidation and violence (pdf) that prevailed in the country. As I noted before the vote, members of both the Read more…

Elena Zeledon: Honduras: Huge Political Crisis As Right Steals Election

Large-scale electoral fraud affected every aspect of the November 24 general elections in the Central American country of Honduras. This has sparked a huge political crisis, which matches and possibly surpasses the crisis produced by the coup d’etat that overthrew president Manuel Zelaya in 2009. The fraud has denied victory to Liberty and Refoundation (LIBRE) Read more…

Mark Weisbrot: South American Leaders Should Help Hondurans Fighting For Democracy

Do the people of Honduras have the right to elect their own president and congress? That depends on whom you talk to. In 2009, the country's left-of-center President Mel Zelaya was overthrown in a military coup that was heavily supported (and, according to Zelaya, organized) by the United States government. After six months and a Read more…

Rosemary Joyce: Re-militarizing the Police: Turning the Clock Back in Honduras

As of late last week, the first contingent of the new Policía Militar del Orden Público (Military Police for Public Order) were approved for active duty in Honduras. Ironically, despite the emphasis on how this new military presence in the streets of Honduran cities should change the security situation, a command decision was taken not Read more…

Dana Frank: In Honduras, Military Takes Over with U.S. Blessing

It’s widely known that the Honduran police are corrupt, thoroughly enmeshed in organized crime, drug trafficking, and extrajudicial killings. But rather than clean them up, the current government of President Porfirio Lobo — itself the product of an illegitimate election after the military coup that deposed President Manuel Zelaya in June 2009 — has now, Read more…

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