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Leonidas Oikonomakis: Nicaragua and the ghosts of revolution

Over two decades after a devastating civil war, the people of Nicaragua are still plagued by the haunting memories of what could have been

Al Gedicks: Globalized Mining Resistance from El Salvador to Wisconsin

The environmental devastation from past and ongoing gold mining operations in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras has provoked a formidable Salvadoran social movement that has been educating and organizing communities for a total ban against metallic mining in El Salvador.

Lauren McCauley: Amid Uproar, Nicaragua to Break Ground on Massive Canal ‘Scheme’

Opponents of the project say inter-ocean canal will displace tens of thousands, violates the constitutional rights of indigenous people

Stuart C. Felipe: Letter from Managua on Bolivarian Venezuela

The CELAC Second Summit, hosted by the revolutionary socialist government of Cuba, registered in spades that the new continental organization had successfully weathered not a few storms and cold fronts unleashed by Washington

Felicity Butler: Value Us! Fair Pay For Domestic Work In Nicaragua

‘You no longer have to lower your head and wait for the man to tell you what to do; now we make our own decisions and share activities and responsibilities with our partners.’   Adilia Amador Sevilla from Achuapa, Nicaragua An innovative development is currently taking place in Nicaragua. A number of co-operatives with Fair Read more…

Jonathan Watts: Venezuela And Nicaragua Offer Asylum To Edward Snowden

Venezuela and Nicaragua have offered asylum to Edward Snowden, the US whistleblower who is believed to have spent the past two weeks at a Moscow airport evading US attempts to extradite him. The Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, and his Nicaraguan counterpart, Daneil Ortega, made the asylum offers on Friday, shortly after they and other Latin Read more…

Michael Kelly: Nicaragua Notes: The Watchmen, the Hunters and Gatherers, the Street Vendors

The Watchmen In Managua one finds uniformed guards in front of the banks, in the shopping malls like Metro Centro, in the grocery stores, and anywhere else there is likely to substantial amounts of money. These men have the status bestowed by a uniform and the authority commanded by carrying a pistol. One could say Read more…

Maurice Lemoine: Why Nicaragua Chose Ortega

Daniel Ortega’s re-election as president of Nicaragua on 6 November last year was only mildly disputed: the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) candidate had won 62.46% of the votes. Fabio Gadea of the Independent Liberal Party (ILP) had won 31%. At a noisy but peaceful protest near the Supreme Electoral Council in Managua, Gadea claimed he Read more…

Felipe Stuart Cournoyer: Nicaraguan Voters Deepen 21st Century Socialism on all Fronts

In a fit of petulant anger, the U.S. government has lashed out on January 25 against the outcome of Nicaragua’s recent presidential election. To understand the context of the U.S. threats, I talked to Felipe Stuart Cournoyer, a Nicaraguan citizen and member of Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN).1 Riddell: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed Read more…

Roxanne Dunbar-ortiz: Indigenous Struggles in the Americas

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, a writer, teacher, historian, and social activist, is Professor Emeritus of Ethnic Studies and Women’s Studies at California State University. She spoke to NLP ( about the historical and contemporary impact of imperialism in the Americas, and the nature of Indigenous peoples’ resistance to it.   You have been deeply involved in Indigenous peoples’ Read more…

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