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Rafael Barajas: Mexico, a Criminal Country

Without drug money, the Mexican economy would collapse

Joe Emersberger: Compare and Contrast: Human Rights Watch on Mexico and Ecuador

HRW statements about Ecuador’s policing are out of proportion compared to their statements about the disappeared students in Mexico

Emilio Godoy: Inequality in Mexico Is All About Wages

“What better social policy could there be than one that directly tackles the distribution of income?”

Campaign for Peace & Democracy: CPD Mexico Statement

We are writing at this critical moment to invite you to sign the CPD statement “End the Killing of Students Now: Peace, Justice, and Democracy for Mexico.”

Greg Grandin: This Mass Grave Isn’t the Mass Grave You Have Been Looking For

During just the six year term of Mexico’s last president, Felipe Calderón (2006–12), who declared a war on the cartels, there were at least 26,000 disappearances and 83,000 homicides.

Laura Carlsen: Are Mexico’s Missing Students the Victims of U.S.-Backed Drug War?

The United States has spent approximately $3 billion to fund the so-called war on drugs in Mexico

Various Contributors: End the Killing of Students Now

Peace, Justice, and Democracy for Mexico

John Gibler: Mexico Burns

Outrage over Student Disappearances Sparks Protests Against State-Backed Violence

Charlotte Maria Saenz: Ayotzinapa’s Uncomfortable Dead

It’s not only the dead who are now uncomfortable, but also those who deny the living

Alice Driver: Mexico: A country at breaking point

This is one of a series of documented massacres in which there is evidence that the government and organised crime worked hand in hand to disappear protesters

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