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Andrés Lund: Pedagogy of the Oppressor

The bureaucrats of education, personificated in Aurelio Nuño, as all personifications of the Capital, naturalize violence and seek to spread the message that human lives are not worth crying for

Emily Keppler: Popular Uprising Backs Striking Teachers in Southern Mexico

The ongoing blockade in San Cristóbal has become a living example of the popular labor movement that’s spreading across Mexico

Mounia el Kotni: Chiapas health workers strike against reforms

Workers of the Chiapas Health Jurisdiction have been on strike for one month, in protest against the structural reforms the government intends to pass

Liam Barrington-Bush: Defeating fear: lessons from Mexico’s housing movement

Los Panchos has taken back land and collectively built thousands of homes since the late-1980s. What could Global North movements learn from its successes?

Jane Slaughter: In Push for Education Reforms, Mexican Government Kills Teachers in the Street

Teachers said they would hold “demonstrations, protests, blockages, marches, and rallies, till we have something definite from the government”

David Bacon: Why are Mexican Teachers Being Jailed and Killed for Protesting Education Reform?

A striking teacher from Michoacán demonstrates in Mexico City in front of a line of police. Canadian and US teachers have organized the TriNational Coalition to Defend Public Education to support Mexican teachers’ efforts to defeat proposals to introduce standardized testing and remove job protections, which have come from USAID and private foundations promoting corporate Read more…

Scott Campbell: Mexican police brutally attack Oaxaca’s striking teachers

Ten years after the Oaxaca Commune of 2006, teachers in the Mexican state are back on the barricades — and once again the state responds with brute force

Laura Carlsen: The Ayotzinapa Agenda

One of the most important points that Mexican civil society should take on is analysis and investigation of the context of the crime

Vijay Prashad: Despair and Unrest

The statistics explain the anger. Seven women are killed every day in Mexico. Over the past three decades, over 45,000 women have been killed

Tamara Pearson: Mexico Already Has a Giant Wall, and a Mining Company Helped to Build It

Some walls are made of concrete and razor wire. Others are made of soldiers, violence, bureaucracy and misinformation. While Grupo Mexico has built a long wall to stop migrants from getting on or off its long distance train, “The Beast,” the Mexican government’s Southern Border Plan is also making it much harder for Central American Read more…

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