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Jérôme Roos: Why does Argentina not simply default again?

Constructing authentic economic sovereignty will require a number of sacrifices that — despite a flurry of public statements to the contrary — Argentina’s current government does not appear to be willing or able to make

Ewan Robertson: OAS, Venezuela Declare Solidarity with Argentina in U.S. Hedge Fund Dispute

The Organization of American States (OAS) has declared its solidarity with Argentina in its debt repayment dispute with a U.S.-based hedge fund

Ezequiel Adamovsky: Vulture Funds Against Argentina

The law of predatory capitalism

Danny Byrne: Return to Turmoil

Debt crisis is back – the class struggle and tasks for the Left

Lauren McCauley: Argentina President Blasts US Bank ‘Extortion’

Supreme Court refusal to hear appeal spells ‘terrible news for all of the developing world’

Andrew Gavin Marshall: Assassins of Argentina

The role played by former Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan in creating the conditions that led to the 2008 global financial meltdown is known to many. What is less known is that Greenspan is a former member of the Group of Thirty.

Michael Albert: The Return of the Coordinator Class

Building up an economic alternative creates necessarily a set of problems. That could be seen in Argentina

Zoe Brent: Land Conflict in Argentina

Resistance and a systemic transformation

David Corn: New Memo: Kissinger Gave the “Green Light” for Argentina’s Dirty War

A new memo has emerged that provides clear evidence that in 1976 Kissinger gave Argentina’s neo-fascist military junta the “green light” for the dirty war it was conducting

Tomás Astelarra: Piqueteros: The Revolution Without Face or Time

Inspired by the Zapatistas, the piqueteros of Argentina have been developing their own project of autonomy through cooperatives and mutual aid networks

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