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Marina Sitrin: Argentina: Societies in Movement or Politics as Usual?

Another reality of Argentina is one of social movements that are creating alternatives from below with a horizontalist model of organizing

Jérôme Roos: What Happens in Greece can transform Europe

If we do not take this struggle to the European level, if we confine ourselves to local communities or nation states, we ultimately leave this crucial terrain to the bankers and the bureaucrats

Marina Sitrin: Accountability for Murder When the State Fails

How HIJOS organized to break a social silence and hold the murderers of the Argentinean military dictatorship accountable

Ezequiel Adamovsky: Mining Corporations vs. Democracy

Anti-mining movements in the province are strong and determined

Marina Sitrin: Beyond Cops, Courts and Jails

People around the world have been trying to resolve issues without the courts, police or jails

Laura Beratti: National Women’s Meeting in Argentina

Thousands marching for their rights

Ezequiel Adamovsky: Andrés Carrasco vs Monsanto (or the Importance of Dignity in Science)

As a leading scientist, he had a strong sense of ethical responsibility before society. In his opinion, the scientist’s role is to work for the general welfare

Joyce Hormon: Quest for Justice

During the military coup that overthrew Salvador Allende in Chile, US journalist Charles Hormon was captured, tortured, and killed. Imaginary Lines speaks with his widow, Joyce Hormon on her quest for justice

Ezequiel Adamovsky: Argentina since the 2001 Crisis

This is an excerpt from the Afterword Ezequiel Adamovsky wrote for the book Argentina Since the 2001 Crisis: Recovering the Past, Reclaiming the Future

Greg Palast: Obama Can End Argentina’s Debt Crisis with a Pen

The “vulture” financier now threatening to devour Argentina can be stopped dead by a simple note to the courts from Barack Obama

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