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Ezequiel Adamovsky: The Covering Up of the AMIA Bombing: An Opportunity for Truth?

A new trial for the cover-up of the 1994 attack on Argentina’s Jewish community center offers opportunities for justice, but also for more impunity

Federico Fuentes: Argentina: Voters Reaffirm Support for Change

Yet while millions may not be on the street demanding “All of them must go!”, it is evident that the yearning for a break with the past that those protests represented still lingers

Nick MacWilliam: How the US Backed Pinochet’s Henchman Manuel Contreras

Contreras was U.S trained and U.S. approved

Ezequiel Adamovsky: Sovereign Debt Restructuring Processes as a Geopolitical Dispute

The UN is moving forward in a regulation of debt restructuring processes that threatens to affect the power of the US and its allies

Marina Sitrin: Barter Networks – Lessons from Argentina for Greece

Millions of people in Argentina survived by exchanging what they already had, could do or could make

Ezequiel Adamovsky: “Ni una menos”: Feminism and Politics in Argentina

A historical national-wide demonstration in Argentina marks a turning point in the development of a feminist movement and is likely to affect local politics

Danica Jorden: In Argentina and Mexico, “Not One Less” Means Every Woman’s Life Matters

Women’s rights activists in Argentina have revived the slogan that began in Mexico in response to the mass killings of young women in Ciudad Juárez

Marina Sitrin: With and Beyond Left Governments

Is there a way to think about left governments, autonomy, self organization, power from below, confederation and the forces of the State all together – in the same conversation?

Jérôme Roos: The IMF in Argentina: A Bondholder’s Best Friend?

It was actually Argentina’s private and official creditors who made the world’s largest ever national bankruptcy basically inevitable

Ezequiel Adamovsky: The Nisman Case: Deflating Rapidly

Right-wing media in Argentina sought to exploit the death for political purposes, with wild and unsubstantiated claims, but they haven’t been successful

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