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Ben Dangl: Photo Essay: Thousands March in El Alto, Bolivia Demanding Justice for 2003 Gas War Massacre

Photo essay of the October 17th march, including the vast participation of the neighborhood councils and family members of Gas War victims

Federico Fuentes: Evo Morales’ Victory Demonstrates How Much Bolivia Has Changed

Bolivians have once again overwhelmingly chosen to push forward with their process of change

Joe Emersberger: Bolivia-Venezuela Comparisons Should be Very Helpful to Radical Chavistas

The Morales government has been more defiant of economic orthodoxy (i.e. more radical) than Venezuela’s in some important ways

Atilio Boron: Why Did Evo Win?

The landslide victory of Evo Morales has a very simple explanation: he won because his government has been, without a doubt, the best in the troubled history of Bolivia

Ben Dangl: Beyond Evo Morales’ Electoral Victory: A View from La Paz

On the car-less, sunny streets of La Paz on election day, the enthusiasm for the government was palpable

Ben Dangl: Why Evo Morales Will Likely Win Upcoming Elections in Bolivia

Overall, it is the success of Morales’ party in bringing about positive change that will lead to electoral victory

Richard Fidler: How Bolivia is leading the global fight against climate disaster

We are “ecosocialists” because the climate crisis now bearing down on us is the major issue facing the world’s peoples

Malavika Krishnan: Advancing Backwards: Bolivia’s Child Labor Law

In the midst of a global fight against child labor and poverty, Bolivia stands alone on an empty street

Joe Turnball: Bolivia Shows Us That Another World Is Possible

After centuries of subjugation, Bolivia’s indigenous peoples are leading the way on sustainability and equality

Federico Fuentes: Bolivia: Beyond (neo)extractivism?

A central challenge facing progressive governments and social movements in South America today is breaking the region’s dependency on raw material exports

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