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Robert Hunziker: Chile’s Plantation Economy

Neoliberalism is an economy theory that works extremely well, if you are already rich

Sebastian Rosemont: Chilean Activists Change the Rules of the Game

Although many of the protests of 2011 — the year of Occupy Wall Street — have faded, Chilean students and workers managed to win many of their demands

Emily Achtenberg: Fuerza Valpo! Solidarity, Resistance, and Recovery In the Wake of Valparaíso Fires

Similar to the links forged between Occupy activists and communities decimated by Hurricane Sandy, these alliances have now given rise to a nascent community-based reconstruction planning initiative

Ben Dangl: Chile’s Student Movement Leads the Way

Progressive Prospects for Michelle Bachelet’s Second Term

Samuel Grove: Another Chile is Possible

As a new documentary revisits Chile’s student uprisings of 2011, one of its producers, Samuel Grove, provides the context and background behind the film

Alberto Mayol: Alberto Mayol On Chile’s 2013 Presidential Elections: “It Is More Useful To Vote, Despite Everything”

As a journalist and academic at the University of Chile in Santiago Alberto Mayol has been active in the student movement and written widely on topics such as inequality in Chile, the education system and the moral structures of Chilean society. He is the author of the books “The Collapse of the Model. The crisis Read more…

Andre Vltchek: Chilean Socialism 1: Indonesian Fascism 0

Several years ago, I spoke to two members of Allende’s government. Two who managed to survive. One of them recalled: “They used to threaten us, before the coup, before that terrible September 11, 1973: ‘Watch out, comrades, Jakarta is coming!’” “We did not know much about Jakarta then,” he confessed. “Only that it was the Read more…

Francisco Dominguez: The Shadow of Chile Falls on Venezuela

Mayoral elections are to be held in Venezuela on December 8. Every mayoralty will be contested and, as is the case in Venezuela's vibrant democracy, both the right-wing coalition and Chavista candidates are busily campaigning up and down the country. These municipal elections take place in a very different context to recent elections in Venezuela Read more…

Jacob Chamberlain: ‘We Have Nothing to Celebrate': Columbus Day Protesters Fill Streets of Santiago

Over 15,000 protesters gathered in Santiago, Chile on Saturday in an anti-Columbus Day demonstration to demand improved indigenous rights and a return of ancestral lands—521 years after Columbus began the European invasion of the Western Hemisphere. The protest was organized by the country’s largest indigenous group, Organización Mapuche Meli Wixan Mapu, "who have been in Read more…

Roberto Navarrete: Chile’s Student Uprising

Chile's Student Uprising tells the story of the student protests taking place in Chile today demanding a free and state-funded education system and radical change in society.  The film puts the protests in their historical context of widespread dissatisfaction with the economic model put in place under the Pinochet dictatorship (1973-1990) that still remains largely Read more…

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