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Steve Early: Richmond’s Ecuador Connection

The California City With A “Sister Country” And Its Own Lawsuit against Chevron

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Can Rafael Correa deliver his citizens’ revolution for Ecuador?

The president still faces tough challenges in modernising the economy and overcoming an intractable colonial legacy

Christian Tym: Why There Is A Progressive Case To “Drill Baby, Drill!” In Ecuador

It’s easy being an ecologist when you live in comfort

Robin Llewellyn: Facing the New Conquistador: Indigenous Rights and Repression in Rafael Correa’s Ecuador

The indigenous federations that have often led powerful social mobilizations are clearly in the sights of the government

Carina Vance: A Constitutional Aim

Ecuador’s new constitution, approved by referendum in 2008, gives an important place to public health

Sally Burch: Ecuador’s Campaign: “The Dirty Hand of Chevron”

Ecuador’s campaign titled, "The dirty hand of Chevron," was presented by President Rafael Correa on September 17, in a visit to a contaminated pit near the Aguarico 4 oil well, operated decades ago by Texaco. The company, which merged with Chevron in 2001, left behind almost one thousand of these pits over three decades of oil Read more…

Patrick Bond: Big Oil Gets Green Light to Explore Ecuadorian Amazon

On August 15, the Ecuadorian president, Rafael Correa, announced that he is abandoning plans for an internationally funded conservation program for the Yasuni National Park. The park, which is located in the Ecuadorian Amazonian rain forest, is recognized as a UNESCO biosphere reserve and is said to contain more species in just one hectare than all Read more…

Eduardo Gudynas: Ecuador: The Rights Of Nature Following The End Of The Petroleum Moratorium In Amazonia

One of the most original environmental initiatives in recent years, coming from Ecuador, sought to leave oil in the ground to preserve the Amazonia and its indigenous peoples. It was an idea emerging from civil society that took on concrete form in 2007, under the first government of Rafael Correa, and was centred on protecting Read more…

Christian Tym: Ecuador: Media Lies About Correa’s Free-Speech Record

When Ecuador granted asylum to Assange in mid-2012, Sydney Morning Herald’s Peter Hartcher accused Assange of “hypocrisy” for accepting asylum from President Rafael Correa, “one of the world’s leading oppressors of free speech”. Annabel Crabb joined in, writing in the SMH: “A gazillion Assange Twitter fans [hailed] Ecuador and its president, Rafael Correa, as a Read more…

Tamara Pearson: Venezuelan Government: “Serious Abuse” Barring Evo Morales Flight over Snowden Suspicion

“It’s an abuse to have put Evo Morales life in danger,” said Venezuela’s foreign minister, Elias Jaua, after the Bolivian president’s flight was forced to perform an emergency landing in Austria. Morales had been in Russia with Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro, attending the second summit of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF). Maduro and Jaua Read more…

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