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Richard Falk: Alliance Blackmail: Israel’s Opposition to the Iran Nuclear Agreement

Left out of consideration altogether was the nuclear weapons arsenal of Israel acquired with Western complicity and by covert means, as well as through operations outside the Nonproliferation Treaty regime

Gareth Porter: Obama’s Line on the Iran Nuclear Deal: A Second False Narrative

A big part of the problem is that the Obama administration is not going to do anything to refute the extremist view of Iran as determined to get nuclear weapons

Noam Chomsky: ‘What exactly is the threat of Iran?’

Interview on why there was no need for a nuclear deal.

Ramzy Baroud: A Chance for Arab-Iranian Reconciliation: An Opportunity in the Iran Nuclear Deal

US regional policies have not changed in the least, and it is up to the region itself to confront the US militaristic and conflict-driven policies

William o. Beeman: Iran Won the Vienna Accords By Agreeing to Stop What It Never Was Doing

The Bush-era sanctions against Iran created a false crisis and an utterly unnecessary sanctions regime

Vijay Prashad: Iran gets a deal, Israel remains nuclear

While the Iran deal should be celebrated, a totally nuclear-free Middle East must be the goal for lovers of peace and democracy

John Feffer: Iran Deal: Is Obama Channeling Nixon?

With the Iran deal, we have stepped away from the precipice of war. But it’s only a few steps

Juan Cole: No, Mr. Netanyahu, Iran isn’t trying to Take over the world & it isn’t ISIL

Netanyahu’s country illegally occupies Gaza and the West Bank, refused to sign the Nouclear non-Proliferation treaty, has several hundred nuclear warheads, and launched wars in 1956, 1967, 1982, 2009 and 2014

Rachelle Marshall: Why Exactly Is the U.S. at War in Yemen?

Supporting Saudi attacks on Yemen is a way for the U.S. to show the Saudis that Iran is still a mutual adversary

Glenn Greenwald: Iranians’ View of the Nuclear Deal: Optimistic, With Significant Caveats

American journalists, who pride themselves on “neutrality” and “balance,” should spend some time considering how much of a platform they give to Israelis and how little they give to Iranians

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