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Immanuel Wallerstein: Saudi-Iranian Collaboration: A Forgotten Story

On January 2, 2016, the Sunni government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) executed the leading imam of the Shia community in KSA. The Shiite government of Iran denounced this execution, as did governments throughout the world, and avowed there would be consequences. Since that time, the rhetoric has continued to escalate, and the Read more…

Stephen Kinzer: The United States Shouldn’t Choose Saudi Arabia Over Iran

Saudi Arabia’s decision to provoke this crisis was aimed at least in part at forcing the United States to take sides

Patrick Cockburn: Syria crisis: Let’s welcome Russia’s entry into this war

The Russians and Iranians should be integrated as far as possible into any talks about the future of Syria

Juan Cole: Syria: Is there a Russian-Iranian Dispute over Fate of al-Assad?

Russia and Iran don’t see eye to eye about the future of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad after their military intervention in the civil war, according to correspondent Basil Muhammad of the Kuwaiti dailiy al-Siyasah (“Politics”). Mr. Muhammad says he interviewed a member of the Iraqi parliament who declined to speak on the record. This individual Read more…

Gareth Porter: Rouhani’s dual messages and Iran’s security strategy

Rouhani’s UN message has opened the door on engagement with the US but insists that cooperation on resisting IS is the priority in Syria

Nima Shirazi: PolitiFact Is Right That Ted Cruz Is Wrong, But Still Botches Iran Deal Facts

Iran can’t “cease” doing something it’s not–and never has been–doing

Milan Rai: Iraq war questions Chilcot won’t ask, let alone answer

The untold story of the UN weapons inspectors’ crucial ‘work plan’, and how it was undermined and finally buried by Bush and Blair

Medea Benjamin: Ten Reasons to Oppose the Saudi Monarchy

It has been strange to hear US politicians fiercely condemn Iranian human rights abuses while remaining silent about worse abuses by US ally Saudi Arabia

Noam Chomsky: Rogue states and diplomacy

Interview on the nuclear deal with Iran

Medea Benjamin: Iranian economic boom will be a bust for US businesses

There’s a lot of money to be made doing business with Iran, and the global business community, minus U.S. companies, is ready to roll

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