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Paul Rogers: A World War in Iraq?

Iran, Russia, Syria, US Scramble against ‘Islamic State’

Gareth Porter: U.S. Demand for Deep Centrifuge Cut Is a Diplomatic Ploy

With only a few weeks remaining before the Jul. 20 deadline, the Barack Obama administration issued a warning to Iran that it must accept deep cuts in the number of its centrifuges

Phyllis Bennis: Like Nixon to China, Obama to Tehran?

What’s needed is not more troops, weapons and threats of U.S. bombing, but diplomacy

Gareth Porter: Zarif Reveals Iran’s Proposal for Ensuring Against “Breakout”

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has revealed for the first time that Iran has made a detailed proposal to the P5+1 group of states aimed at ensuring that no stockpile of low-enriched uranium would be available for “breakout”

Patrick Cockburn: Why the New Iraq War Could be More Savage Than the Last

The sectarian denunciations of the Shia are important because they imply that Iraq will be plunged into a renewed sectarian war between Sunni and Shia

Juan Cole: The Second Iran-Iraq War and the American Switch

Iran has decided to intervene directly in Iraq and has already sent fighters to the front

Gareth Porter: How US Policy on Iran Came to Be Based on Fabricated Documents

The key “evidence” of an Iranian nuclear weapons program comes via the MEK, a cult-like terrorist group—and was likely produced by Israel

Gareth Porter: Russian Manipulation of Reactor Fuel Belies U.S. Iran Argument

In the stalemated talks between the six powers and Iran over the future of the latter’s nuclear programme, the central issue is the history of the Middle Eastern country’s relations with foreign suppliers – and especially with the Russians

Gareth Porter: Demonising Nuclear Iran

How did a false Iran nuclear narrative come to dominate global politics?

Saeed Kamali Dehghan: ‘Vengeance has left my heart’

The idea she might pardon her son’s killer first came to Samereh Alinejad in a dream. It was a message she didn’t want to hear

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