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Jérôme Roos: What “Unimaginable Restraint” Looks Like For Israel

Apparently, for leading Israeli officials, dropping over 1,500 tons of explosives on an “open-air prison camp” half the size of New York City in two weeks’ time constitutes “unimaginable restraint”

Bruno Jäntti: Catastrophic state of the Israeli Jewish political milieu

Before the Israeli army began the ground assault in Gaza, over 90 % of Israelis were supportive of aerial bombings that killed scores of civilians

Sarah Woznick: Gaza: “40 percent of cases are children under five”

The most difficult dressings to do are those for small children – they do not understand what is going on and they look at you wondering what you’re going to do to them

Ellen Cantarow: Letter from Gaza

In a world in which the world’s superpower remains willfully blind to Israel’s crimes, while France’s prime minister François Hollande forbids demonstrations on Gaza’s behalf, Mads Gilbert’s voice needs to be heard, as he bears witness to the agony of Gaza’s stricken population

Norman Finkelstein: HRW Whitewashes Israel, The Law Supports Hamas

One might legitimately question the political prudence of Hamas’s strategy. But the law is not unambiguously against it, while the scales of morality weigh in its favor

Laurie Penny: As Israel’s assault on Gaza intensifies, it is not anti-Semitic to say: not in my name

In the end, it is about blood

Richard Falk: “Blood on American Hands”: Richard Falk on Palestine

, Israel always claims that its attacks against Palestinians are provoked by the Palestinians themselves

Ken Klippenstein: US Provides Israel the Weapons Used on Gaza

The United States exported to Israel a substantial amount of the same types of weapons Israel is using to kill Gazans, a new analysis of US Census Bureau export data reveals

Norman Pollack: Political Bestiality

The Israeli Pogrom of Gaza

Richard Falk: When BBC Calls, Don’t Answer

That is, don’t answer, if you are a certified critic of Israeli policies and practices

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