Category: Palestinian Resistance

James North: Jewish West Bank settlers are as smug as white South Africans in 1980

The settlers are absolutely certain the Israeli government will never uproot them, and behind that is the unspoken conviction that the United States will never put significant pressure on Israel

Ramzy Baroud: The Logic of Hunger Striking Palestinians: When Starvation Is a Weapon

What all of these former hunger strikers seem to have in common is their concern with the freedom of an entire group of desperate, oppressed and outraged people

Alon Ben-Meir: The Dire Consequences Of Revenge And Retribution

What is unfathomable is how revenge and retribution could presumably reduce the vicious cycle of violence

Uri Avnery: The Pied Piper of Zion

For outside pressure to be effective, they must be able to connect with the fight inside, publicize it and gain support for it. They can give new hope to those who are despairing. Nothing is more vital

Richard Falk: The Complex Problematics of Palestinian Representation

The issue of representation has been rendered acute partly due to Israeli policies of fragmenting the Palestinian people, and then complaining that they have no partner with whom to make peace

Cassandra Dixon: Nonviolent Resistance in the South Hebron Hills

No child’s walk to school should routinely involve armed soldiers and fear of sometimes being chased and assaulted by angry adults

Michael Lesher: Where’s the real Jewish hate site? (Hint: It’s pro-Israel)

In May 2015, Washington Post columnist David Bernstein, after years of snarky comments about Jews who criticize Israel, named the Mondoweiss blog a “hate site.” For those of you unfamiliar with Mondoweiss, the blog is subtitled “the War of Ideas in the Middle East” and includes a wealth of progressive reporting and commentary on Middle Read more…

Amy Maguire: Israel’s land grab undermines Palestinian statehood – and violates international law

Israel is preparing to make its largest land seizure in the West Bank since August 2014

Richard Falk: On Ghada Ageel’s edited Israeil Apartheid in Palestine

I commend Ghada Ageel for so bravely sharing her own story while guiding us on a comprehensive journey that takes us up to the present historical moment

Jonathan Cook: Welcome to Israel’s version of apartheid

A small scene from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict unfolded last week on a Greek airport runway. Moments before an Aegean Airlines flight was due to take off, three Israeli passengers took security into their own hands and demanded that two fellow passengers, from Israel’s Palestinian minority, be removed from the plane. By the end of a Read more…

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