Category: Palestinian Resistance

Sarah Lazare: How US Colleges Have Become Ground Zero for Suppression of Palestine Solidarity

Two new reports highlight the systematic intimidation, harassment, and censorship that is silencing free speech critical of Israel

Ramzy Baroud: Subduing al-Quds: Israel’s High-stake Game in al-Aqsa and Why Netanyahu May Prevail

The fact that plans to conquer even the remaining symbols of Palestinian nationhood and spirituality have finally reached al-Aqsa is particularly alarming

Saree Makdisi: Cowardly brutality exposed: The viral video that should change the Israel/Palestine debate forever

A stun grenade flipped into faces of a child and his family. We should never discuss this debate the same way again

Norman Finkelstein: Amnesty’s Report on Gaza’s Offensive 2014

Interview with Norman G. Finkelstein

Ali Abunimah: Are Israel and Hamas really talking about ending Gaza siege?

More than 2,200 Palestinians, including 551 children, were killed in Gaza last summer and more than 100,000 people remain in need of permanent shelter due to the lack of reconstruction since then

Irene Gendzier: A Tale of Two Beaches: Tel Aviv and Gaza

No more than 44 miles apart, the beaches described by Booth and Omer are world apart, yet they are inseparably and perversely linked

Ehab Zahriyeh: Force-feeding Palestinian prisoners pits Israeli doctors against lawmakers

New law requiring physicians to force-feed hunger striking inmates shunned by medical community as ‘torture’

Charlie Hoyle: Designed to Fail: Gaza’s Reconstruction Plan

“Most of the 100,000 Palestinians displaced by the [2014] war continue to live in makeshift shelters, often in the rubble of their former homes”

Bruno Jäntti: Struggle by Turkey’s Kurds will succeed but what about Palestine?

Parallels between Turkey and Israel are hard to miss

Alex Doherty: Israel’s Fundamentalist Alliance

As support for Israel in the Jewish diaspora erodes Israel’s alliance with Christian Zionism is likely to intensify

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