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Max Blumenthal: Fired MSNBC Contributor Speaks Out

As Gaza body toll mounts, NBC executives crack down on criticism of Israel with increasingly draconian measures

Noam Chomsky: BDS and Beyond

Michael Albert interviews Noam Chomsky for teleSUR English, which will launch on July 24 1. Broadly, what is BDS – its aims, its means? As far as I can reconstruct the history, the first organized call for boycott of products of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories was in 1997 by the Israeli peace organization Gush Shalom, whose Read more…

Noam Chomsky: On Israel-Palestine and BDS: Chomsky Replies

Noam Chomsky responds to Yousef Munayyer, MJ Rosenberg, Nadia Ben-Youssef, Ran Greenstein and the Organizing Collective of the US Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel

Justin Podur: Q/A on Palestine

Israel is a part of the West. Its economy and politics are fully integrated with the West. It simply cannot do this without support from the US, Canada, and Europe

Deepa Kumar: Telegenic Dead: Israel’s Crumbling Media War

As the world watches in horror the massacre of Palestinians, Israel’s propaganda war is being challenged not only on social media but by some establishment journalists as well

Tariq Ali: Blinded by Israel, Visionless in Gaza

The US Senate votes unanimously to defend Israel including Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont

Jonathan Cook: US Plays Decisive Role in Israel’s Attack On Gaza

There can be no hope of a peaceful solution ever gaining traction – or these bouts of blood-letting in Gaza coming to end – unless Washington is finally unmasked as Israel’s abettor-in-chief

Angela Davis: On Palestine and the Prison Industrial Complex

to Davis makes the connections between the violence in Gaza and the struggle for racial justice

Ola al-Tamimi: How the West Bank was domesticated

While the massacres continue in Palestinian neighborhoods and refugee camps and more than 153,000 people have fled their homes in Gaza, popular anger is exploding in the Strip but Gazans are wondering why the uprising in the West Bank, which sparked the escalation in this last round, has died down

Ramzy Baroud: Gaza’s Resistance Will Not be Crushed

The resistance movement in Gaza is often misrepresented intentionally at times, and at other times innocuously. In the heat of the information battle that has ensued since Israel unleashed its latest war many facts and essential context have gone missing

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