Category: Palestinian Struggle

Ronnie Kasrils: Gaza and the ‘Crime Of Crimes’

Russell Tribunal on Palestine finds that Gaza is on the brink of a genocidal apartheid

Marjorie Cohn: I’m Just a Kid”: Tariq’s Ordeal

Do those shared values include slaughtering civilians, torturing children, and holding people in custody indefinitely without charges?

Pam Bailey: Gaza: Inspiring new forms of resistance?

Gaza’s ‘war artists’ adapt to occupation by using technology to create and share

Meredith Tax: Ten Points Towards a Two-State Solution

The parameters of a two-state solution have been clear for many years

Noam Sheizaf: How to talk occupation at a Rosh Hashanah dinner and make it out alive

The Rosh Hashanah holiday dinner is a dangerous event for Israeli leftists — especially after this past summer

Jonathan Cook: Israeli Refuseniks

Occupation’s dark underbelly exposed

Jean-Pierre Filiu: Gaza: A History

Daniel Whittal spoke with former diplomat and historian Jean-Pierre Filiu about his new book on Gaza, and the history and future of the region

Richard Falk: After ‘Protective Edge’: What Future for Palestine and Israel

The flow of history since the end of World War II suggests a hopeful future for the Palestinians

Norman Finkelstein: Gaza after Operation Protective Edge

“International law is crazy”

Nicola Nasser: Donors Will Fail Gaza Again

On 12 October, Cairo is due to host a conference, sponsored and chaired by Egypt and Norway, of international and Arab donors for the reconstruction of Gaza

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