Category: Palestinian Struggle

Annie Robbins: Protesters stage citizen’s arrest of Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely

Palestinian activists expressed outrage about the invitation to Hotovely and about the conference more broadly.

Ken Jones: Palestine Resists the Occupation

What we are seeing now on the West Bank is not so much a unique intifada as yet another courageous expression of resistance to the occupation

Amira Hass: Were All Palestinians Killed in Hebron Recently Really a Threat to Soldiers?

IDF says Palestinians attacked them with knives and were shot, while Palestinians question whether the people even had knives at all

A. W. Gaffney: Will Obama Give Israel even more American Weapons and Dollars to Kill Palestinians?

President Obama met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on November 9 in the White House and is considering the Israeli request to give a 50% increase of nearly $1.5 billion in U.S. military funding bringing the U.S. donation to the killing of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza to $4.5 billion a year. As Read more…

Michael Lesher: Grieving for Kristallnacht, past and present

In the West Bank and Gaza today, the destruction of homes, mosques, schools, buildings, olive orchards – just about everything owned by the indigenous population – is a constant reality

Jonathan Cook: Smart Resistance: a Palestinian Call for ‘Unarmed Warfare’

It is precisely by demonstrating an irrepressible humanity that Palestinians can again discover hope, reclaim their dignity and win freedom

Yvonne Ridley: To France’s motto of “liberty, equality, fraternity” must now be added “hypocrisy”

The cries of “liberty, equality, fraternity” are now beginning to ring hollow in France where the powerful Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement has been criminalised by a French court

Michael Lesher: With friends like Israel, who needs enemies?

Just when you thought Israeli propaganda could sink no lower, along comes a top American official and actually manages to dig a deeper hole for it

Richard Falk: Edward Said’s Humanism versus the U.S. State Department’s Anti-Semitism

The Israeli tactics have retaliated with an all out effort to demonize as anti-Semitism these new forms of non-violent resistance

Norman Finkelstein: The Right to Torture a People

It’s a conflict that could be solved tomorrow, or this very minute, if only the powerful and the accountable had the willingness to implement the lawful rights of all those embroiled within its toxic hold

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