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Ramzy Baroud: Plan B: Dividing the Arabs

Oddly, the Arabism of the Arab Spring was almost as if a result of convenience. It was politically convenient for western governments to stereotype Arab nations as if they are exact duplicates of one another, and that national sentiments, identities, expectations and popular revolts are all rooted in the same past and correspond with a precise reality in the present.

Ardeshir Ommani: The Great Heist

U.S. is a colossal thief! Just as in the 2003 disaster that President George W. Bush under cover of a blatant falsification – Iraq's possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) – ordered a massive pre-emptive bombardment of Iraq and began a 10-year war and mayhem against the people of that country, on May 15, Read more…

Richard Falk: On the Palestinian Statehood Bid

This post consists of my responses to questions put to me by a Greek journalist, C.J Polychroniou, who long followed intellectual thought in the West, and is a keen analyst of the current European economic crisis.   1. What prompted the Palestinian Authority to seek UN recognition for Palestine at this historical juncture in the Read more…

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