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Ramzy Baroud: The ‘Stable’ West Bank Dilemma

As long as the West Bank is ‘stable’, Palestinians will never achieve their freedom, for submission achieves no rights; only resistance does

Ramzy Baroud: Gaza is Flooded with Sewage and Conspiracies

The latest punishment of Gaza may seem like another familiar plot to humiliate the strip to the satisfaction of Israel, Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority, and the military-controlled Egyptian government. But something far more sinister is brewing. This time, the collective punishment of Gaza arrives in the form of raw sewage that is flooding many neighborhoods Read more…

Amira Hass: Little Joy In West Bank As 26 Palestinian Prisoners Return Home

The noise in recent days from the Israeli lobby against the release of Palestinian prisoners was the opposite of the limited interest the Palestinian public was showing before the release early Wednesday. But the media in the Palestinian Authority was trying to create an atmosphere of excitement and joy – they’re laying on the nationalist songs, interviews Read more…

Amira Hass: West Bank Village Inhabited for 3,000 Years Faces Eviction

His mother gave birth to him “under the sheep,” says Ribhi Al Battat, 60, hence his unique ability to translate the animal’s every bleating and gesture. I forgot to ask him at the end of my visit if this was a metaphor. However, one thing is certain – his mother gave birth to him in Read more…

Jeff Cohen: My Surprisingly Inspiring Trip to the West Bank: Echoes of Our Civil Rights Movement

As I prepared for a grueling fact-finding trip to Israel and the Palestinian West Bank (occupied for 46 years), Secretary of State Kerry announced that Israel and the Palestinian Authority had agreed to resume peace talks without preconditions.        On the day my delegation flew to the region, Israel announced that it had approved still Read more…

Justin Podur: The Ossington Circle: Episode 3, Suzy Harris-Brandts on Architecture, Occupation, and Resistance

The Ossington Circle is an internet talk show hosted by Justin Podur in Toronto. This week we have architectural researcher Suzy Harris-Brandts, who studied and worked with the Decolonizing Architecture group in the West Bank. We discuss the limitations of negotiations, design tactics under occupation, and the responsibility of architects.  

Amira Hass: Israel’s West Bank Railway Plan Will Face Hundreds Of Objections

The grandiose West Bank railway project that defense officials approved this week is tailored for Jewish settlers now and in the future, not the Palestinians of the West Bank. The plan, which pretends to offer a regional railway network, is being pushed by Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz. This is the minister who recently said on Read more…

Robin D. G. Kelley: Letter from a West Bank Refugee Camp

[Moderator's Note: The original Portside post that prompted this submission was Alice Walker Open Letter to Alicia Keys – Don't Perform in Israel; Roger Waters Also Appeals to Keys [1] (May 30) . The Portside reader responses were 1) Tidbits – June 6, 2013 [2], and 2) Tidbits – June 13, 2013 [3] – From Read more…

Amira Hass: It’s Not Just Settlers Who Oppose Israel’s Plan To Relocate Bedouin In West Bank

A Civil Administration plan to settle West Bank Bedouin in a new community north of Jericho has met with opposition not only from settlers but from the Bedouin themselves. The Bedouin say the project is part of plan to evict thousands of Bedouin from their tents, that they were not consulted, and that the plan Read more…

Sarah Lazare: Mobilization in Al Ma’sarah: “We Will Keep Coming Back”

“You must refuse to be in the army. Look into my eyes, we are all human,” declared Mahmoud Zwahre, popular committee leader in the West Bank Bethlehem district village of Al Ma’sarah, addressing dozens of M4 toting Israeli soldiers. “We are here to condemn what the Israeli government does against the Palestinian people. You must Read more…

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