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Janet Biehl: Liberated learning in Rojava

The new women’s science of jineolojî and the revolutionary transformation of education in Rojava, western Kurdistan

T. Deniz Erkmen: Fighting at Funerals: Turkey plunges back into Conflict

It has been a month since the government of Turkey has ended the tenuous peace process with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), by bombing Qandil mountains in Iraq and rounding up Kurdish activists

Joris Leverink: US shows its real face in choosing Turkey over the Kurds

In its choice of allies in the battle against IS, the US is showing that defeating the jihadists might in fact not be its number one priority

Dilar Dirik: From Genocide to Resistance: Yazidi Women Fight Back

Having suffered a traumatic genocide, Yazidi women on Mount Sinjar mobilize their autonomous armed and political resistance with the PKK’s philosophy

Mehmet Ali Dogan: Communes, Counter-Hegemony, and the Kurdish Fight for the Middle Eastern Patria Grande

Interview on a variety of topics including the relation between the Venezuelan “communal state” and the democratic confederalist model being constructed in the autonomous region of northern Syria known as Rojava

Joris Leverink: Murray Bookchin and the Kurdish resistance

Bookchin’s municipalist ideas, once rejected by communists and anarchists alike, have now come to inspire the Kurdish quest for democratic autonomy

Lucas Koerner: Hundreds Attend Caracas Forum on Kurdish Revolution in Rojava

The Kurdish experience has deeply influenced libertarian militants in Latin America

Conn Hallinan: Behind Washington’s ‘Crackpot’ Deal with Turkey to Fight ISIS

Under the guise of fighting ISIS, Turkey’s president is re-igniting a bloody war with the Kurds for his own political purposes

Shamus Cooke: Obama’s “Safe Zone” in Syria will Inflame the War Zone

This “safe zone” is a major escalation of war, but it was described in soft tones by the media

John Feffer: The Kurdish Elephant

In their latest deal to fight ISIS, Washington and Turkey are treating the Middle East’s largest stateless minority like pawns. That’s a huge mistake

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