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Ramzy Baroud: Dear Syria: From One Refugee to Another

Don’t let the refugee become who you are, as you are so much more

Vijay Prashad: Good Islamists, bad Islamists and the playthings of power

People in power are playing very treacherous games. Consideration of the chaos that they spin does not bother them. The cost is borne elsewhere than in the halls of power

Joris Leverink: Kobani liberated! Kurdish forces push ISIS out of town

After 134 days of resistance, the Kurdish forces of the YPG/YPJ have finally pushed IS out of Kobani

Özgür Amed: Unfolding Revolution in Rojava

The differences that this system presents is more clearly understood when one understands the reasons behind the revolution’s emergence and why it was necessary

Various Contributors: Joint statement of the academic delegation to Rojava

Last December, an international delegation of scholars visited Rojava to learn about the revolution, gender liberation and democratic self-government

Danny Schechter: Washington vs Daesh

Bottom line: It is as much about money as anything else

Errol Babacan: The False Friends of Kobanê

The significance of the struggle in Kobanê cannot be overstated. But real international solidarity won’t come in the form of military intervention

Vijay Prashad: Looming shadows

Nothing less than a regional compact is necessary to deal with the I.S., but the politics between the states in the region block any such development

Nicola Nasser: Fighting ‘Islamic State’ is not the Israeli priority

The Israeli top priority is to dictate its terms to Syria to sign a peace treaty with Israel before withdrawing its forces from the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, Palestinian territories and Lebanese southern lands

David Graeber: “No. This is a Genuine Revolution”

The autonomous region of Rojava declared with a “social contract” in 2011 as three anti-state, anti-capitalist cantons, was a remarkable democratic experiment

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