Category: Syria

Bruno Jäntti: Black Flag Rises in the Middle East

When drastic developments and changes take place in the Middle East, the mainstream media renders itself even more useless as a source for analysis

Danny Schechter: Just What We Need: Another War

And so it goes, as once again, around and around, we become more and more like the enemy we warn against

David Swanson: What to Do About ISIS

Start by recognizing where ISIS came from

Shamus Cooke: Obama’s No-Win War on ISIS

Obama is again considering a bombing campaign in Syria after infamously not bombing the country last year

Glenn Greenwald: The Fun of Empire

Fighting on All Sides of a War in Syria

Taylan Tosun: Non-Muslim Minorities in Iraq and Syria Are Being Cleansed and Massacred by Murderous “Islamic State”

If the necessary steps are not taken, there will be no more Christians, Yezidis, ShiiteTurkemen, Shabak or any other minority in the predominantly Sunnite regions of Iraq and Syria

Jérôme Roos: The Islamic State

A Monster Empire Created

Hassan Hassan: Isis: a portrait of the menace that is sweeping my homeland

The factors that led to the rise of Isis are still unaddressed

Dave Holmes: Kurds mobilise to fight ‘Islamic State’ over vast front

Across a vast swathe of northern Syria and Iraq, the region’s Kurds are locked in a desperate and heroic struggle with the genocidal forces of the so-called Islamic State

Patrick Cockburn: Isis Consolidates

The frontiers of the new Caliphate declared by Isis on 29 June are expanding by the day

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