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Tareq Ramadan: The Syrian Maelstrom

How Repression, Drought & Climate Change Drove the Civil War

Patrick Cockburn: The Absurdity of US Policy in Syria

US policy has an Alice in Wonderland absurdity about it, everything being the opposite of what it appears to be

Glenn Greenwald: Bombing Syria

The U.S. today began bombing targets inside Syria, in concert with its lovely and inspiring group of five allied regimes: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Jordan. That means that Syria becomes the 7th predominantly Muslim country bombed by the 2009 Nobel Peace Laureate – after Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya and Iraq. Read more…

David Swanson: ISIS: Bush Was Right

Finally, somebody commenting on the state of Iraq thinks George W. Bush got something right

Robert Fisk: Assad’s Letter to the US

How Syria is Luring President Obama into its Web

Danny Postel: The War on ISIS

Views From Syrian Activists and Intellectuals

Seumas Milne: Another Western War Won’t End Terror In Iraq Or Syria. It Will Only Spread It

Bombing and more intervention can’t destroy Isis. The US is at the heart of the crisis in the Middle East

Richard Falk: ISIS, Militarism, and the Violent Imagination

Militarist geopolitics seems destined to lead to yet another Western catastrophe in the tormented Middle East

Nauman Sadiq: Syrian Jihad Spawned the Islamic State

Aside from Israel’s regional security another factor that always plays in the Western strategists’ mind is their “vital interests” in the Middle Eastern region which is a euphemism for oil

Vijay Prashad: Obama’s Syrian Dilemma

No easy political agreement can come in Syria

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